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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Zynga Cares.....High End Loot Adjustment

Today many of use received the above pop-up when we logged into Mafia Wars. It seems that in order to keep the playing field "level", Zynga has decided to roll back accounts that may have directly or inadvertently benefited from the family properties loot glitch exploit fiasco. To read the official release from Zynga go here: . [THERE IS A NEW UPDATE FROM ZYNGA:] There is also a survey that can be linked to from there.

I have checked my own account thoroughly, and nothing is missing and my loot scores have not changed, but many others are seeing changes. Many may see this as being too little too late or as being unfair. I find it laughable. According to Zynga, they do not want to punish players, but they decided to adjust loot scores of players affected by this glitch, "in order to maintain a level playing field for everyone". We all kmow how deeply Zynga feels about keeping the playing field level. It is so very important to them. I'm sure they lose sleep over it.

My guess is that the impact of this rollback will be minimal. They have probably waited so long to do anything that the only thing they CAN do is change item counts that are obviously impossible (i.e., having several of an item that is only possible to have 1 or 2 of such item). It would be impossible to have 20 Machete Dance Props, so that item would be brought back to 1.

That's all for now. Enjoi - {ℳ} ßrµ†µ§


  1. Please DO NOT get bent out of shape for having items rolled back that, like {ℳ} ßrµ†µ§ has explained, you know that you should only have 1 of. We ALL want Zynga to fix the game. That means they need to fix the glitches too. At least it is something even if it isn't enough.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. I agree with you, no one should be whining about items being removed that should not be there, but I am aware of several instances already in which items that actually were earned have been removed. One example being this: someone defeated the Assassin 6 times and was awarded 6 Assassin's Jackets, but all 6 were removed. They had not been obtained unduly. I have a transcript of her encounter with CS. She was told this matter would be forwarded to a higher level of support....i.e., nothing is going to happen anytime soon. I also find zynga's concern about the level playing field to be shallow, frothy, and simply untrue.

  2. A major issue is that one item that was rolled back was a loot item for killing the Assassin. Some users are reporting they no longer have the full amount earned in their inventories. Anytime Zynga does a blanket rollback stuff like this happens and players that did get the loot honestly get screwed.

  3. they took my deathstalkers away, those were items that were part of a marketplace promotion, where you buy 15 of a single item and zynga gives you the promotional item for free.