Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, January 18, 2013

2x Global Property Builds 9:30-10am Pacific Time 1/18

2x Global Property Builds 9:30-10 am Pacific Time. I don't *see* anything about this costing 50 Reward Points but I won't be shocked if it does. 2x Global Property 50RP rip off

Observatory Limited Time Property 1/18

Let the begging begin! 15 Levels of parts to beg for:

New Begging Part: White Cement

Beg for this along with Galvanized Steel and Cordless Drill to build these items!

Space Scientist, henchmen [varies] (1-3)
Sputnik, vehicle [varies] +3 energy (4-6)

Astrophysicist, henchmen [varies] +4 stamina (7-10)
Laser Telescope, armor [varies] +5 defense (11-14)

* Best Item: Laser Telescope, armor [178/135] +6 Defense

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Arena Loot Items 1/17

Trapeze Artist, henchmen [162/112]

If you go to the Arena and then click on the (Rewards) question mark on the far right side like this:

The you get this pop-up:

Trapeze Artist, henchmen [162/112]
Core Skinner, weapon [162/111]
Kaze Vigilante, vehicle [162/113]
Footnote, armor [112/162]
Fire-Bellied Toad, animal [111/162]
Warming Up, armor [117/165]
Yakuza Kick, vehicle [165/118]
Maitre D, henchmen [117/165]

In With The New Sale Event 1/17

Stroberry, armor [244/144] Ruby Level

A New Sale Event with a new Loot Item:
"Offer Ends 23rd January at 11:59 PST. Only items selling in the marketplace are eligible for this reward. However, items selling for less than 5RP, Treasure chest items and skill point Reallocation do not count towards the prize."

Previous similar sale events:

Coasterville Cross Promotion 1/17

The Hydrobike, vehicle [vaies] (not yet in my inventory)

When I logged in this morning I got this lovely pop-up advertising the latest cross-promotion.

Play Coasterville to level 15 to get a Ruby Level Hydrobike, vehicle [154/217]

Family Inheritance Arena Event 1/17

Family Inheritance Arena Event
(or Another way to get you to think you will gain more Reward Points than you will spend.)

(Notice that the top rewards look great on this banner) 
I have not liked the Arena since it first came out. I still don't like it. It reminds me of the very first game of  Space Invaders they had at my local Shakey's Pizza parlor. It was an exciting new game in 1979. In 2013, not so much.

I click on the cute little question mark on this banner and get this enormous pop-up. It really makes me wish I enjoyed this even a little tiny bit, but I don't. Anyway, the Diamondback Terrapin is a lovely piece of loot, and look at all the Reward Points one *might* receive!

(Notice that the rewards drop off a *lot* from the top five rewards versus the bottom five rewards.)
Oh there are those cute little Crests again. I have one.
It appears that if you are able to gain or get to (again, Zynga is not clear at all on this) 6500 Crests, you will get the Ruby level Diamondback Terrapin, and so on down the line.
As far as those Reward Points, is that the Family Leaderboard? It *looks* like it's the Family Leaderboard to me. Another very vague, unclear information from Zynga, as per the usual.

Here is a peek at a Family Leaderboard: My Family is 494th place.

Global Leaderboard:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Arena Happy Hour 9-10 AM Pacific Time 1/16

Another Arena Event that I will not be participating in.

"Fight in Arena between 9 & 10 AM PST Fight without fear of losing respect."

In the words of a fellow player whom I admire a great deal; "I won't be doing this the Arena sucks for ices."

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Miracle has occured! 1/15

Zynga games are back online! (At least they are here in Southern California as of 8:45 pm)
Sadly, for some players, the games are still not up. I sure hope Zynga gets their collective *items* together before morning!

White Screen of Death  post from 4 hours ago.

White Screen of Death all Games all Zynga'd 1/15

If you have tried to play *any* of Zynga's games in the last 25-30 minutes you're probably getting the white screen of death, or a game loaded, but it won't play, or it is skipping and jumping and acting like a "nutter".
Zynga is aware of the issue. Here is their giant explanation:

It's hard to read, so here is what it says:

"Zynga games are currently unavailable for some players due to technical difficulties. We are working hard to resolve the issue and hope to have things back up and running very soon! Thank you for your patience!"

That's it. On the support page, on "known issues" up at the top, no discussion is allowed, as it is not a "topic". 

Nothing on the Official Mafia Wars Blog since December 24th.

Okay, be back later then.

Blockbuster Blitz Mission Event 1/15

Blockbuster Blitz Mission Event

Mission #1: Lights On The Lady With Tights

Part 1: Rob 30 times in Chicago. Very simple & easy.

Tracing Wheel, weapon [158/94]
Part 2: Loot 7 Tracing Wheel from job "Approach the Police with leads" Clicking "Go Now" will take you directly to London, District 3. At Ruby Level this job will cost 702 Energy per click. Tracing Wheel will probably drop every other click, so 14 clicks x 702 energy = 9828 energy to complete this part.

Part 3: Ask your mafia for a Tip Toe: Posts a beg to your wall for the item.
Reward for Completing: One Arms Length, armor [136/197] (experience will vary)

Mission #2: The Clown with Falling Pants

Part 1: Build 2 Weapons in the weapons Depot. This part will take me 36 hours since I already built my weapon this morning or I can pay 8RP now (Unless I feel like blowing 50+RP's on the 2x Global Property Build RIP OFF which I don't)
Part 2: Acquire 5 weapons. Clicking "Go Now" will take us to the Brazil City Store where we can purchase 5 weapons. Easy peasy.

Part 3: Loot 10 Thyrax from Robbing. Clicking "Go Now" will take us to the London Robbing Boards.
Reward for completing: One Spirit of Racing, vehicle [197/135] (experience will vary)

Mission #3: Oedipus Vexxed

Part 1: Get support from your mafia. Send out some mission crew requests.
Part 2: Collect from your Sports Stadium 2 times. This will take at least 8 hours, collect London Properties.
Part 3: Rob 10 Royal Banks. Very easy.
Rewards for completing: 1 Tasmanian Tiger, animal [136/197] (experience will vary)

Mission #4: Mystical Winning Hand

Part 1: Job "Secure hooch to sell in your joint" Clicking "Go Now" takes us to Chicago District 2. At Ruby level this job will cost 324 energy per click.
Part 2: Help in a war 3 times. Simple.
Part 3: Fight 50 opponents in Brazil, also very simple!
Rewards for completing: Two Gauge Shotguns, weapon [197/135] (experience will vary)

Mission #5: The Plot is Hot

Part 1: Declare a war 2 times. This will take me another 16 hour since I just declared a war.
Part 2: Win 60 fights in London. Easy peasy.
Part 3: Clear two robbing boards. Clicking "Go Now' takes us to Chicago robbing boards.
Rewards for completing: one Spirit of Racing, vehicle [197/135] one Arm's Length, armor [136/197] (experience will vary)

Mission #6: Off-Screen Action

Part 1: Loot 20 Mister Brown from job "Steal Confidential Medical Records" Clicking "Go Now" takes us to Brazil, District 5. At Ruby level, this job costs 648 Energy per click.

Mister Brown, vehicle [93/158]

Part 2:  Acquire 10 weapons. Buy them in the city store or get them as loot items. Mine was completed when I started this part of the mission (?)
Part 3: Loot 20 Florists, henchmen [94/157] from fights in London

Rewards for completing:  Two Tasmanian Tigers (experience will vary)

Mission #7: Lots of Less Bother

Part 1: Fight 75 Opponents in Chicago. Easy peasy.
Part 2: Build 2 vehicles in Chop Shop. This one will take me 36 hours to complete without spending RP
Part 3: Ask for 6 Tip Toe from Mafia. Posts a beg to your feed..
Rewards for completing: 1 Gauge Shotgun and 1 Spirit of Racing (experience will vary)

Mission #8: The Villian's Last Stand

Part 1: Get 3 Crew Members.
Part 2: Clear 3 Robbing Boards. Clicking "Go Now" takes us to Brazil Robbing. Very easy.
Part 3: Ice 30 Opponents in Chicago: Also very easy.
Rewards for Completing: 1 Arm's Length, 1 Gauge Shotgun (experience will vary)

Mission #9: That's Entertainment!

Part 1: Win 90 fights in London. Easy.
Part 2: Rob 10 Truck Shops in Chicago. Also easy.
Part 3: Ask for 8 Tip Toe from mafia: Another beg post.
Reward for completing: 1 Actor, henchmen [153/227] (experience will vary)

Mission #10: Bonus Mission: The World Is A Stage

Part 1: Collect from your headquarters 4 times: This will take 36 hours unless you want to spend the Reward Points to hurry it along.
Part 2: Ice 50 Opponents in London. Simple.
Part 3: Job "Order a Hit on Disloyal Associates" clicking "Go Now" takes us to Chicago district 3. At Ruby level this job costs me 864 energy per click.
Reward for Completing: One Actor, henchmen [153/227] (experience will vary)

2x Global Property Build RIP OFF 1/15

For the low low price of 50 Reward Points Zynga is offering us the option of doing a 2x Build which will still (yes, even after you just paid 50 RP) cost MORE RP to build items. No thanks.

*Unlock this offer for 50RP. Builds will require you to spend additional RP.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Lighthouse Lobbying (again) 27 RP 1/14

The Lighthouse Lobbying Secret District is open again (for a price). If you have not played this district yet, there are a lot of skill points up for grabs!

The Original "How-To" post from June Lighthouse Lobbying

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fragile Crate Bundle 1/13

In Tune, weapon [225/163] assured to get this item with purchase.

At 120 RP per bundle, this works out to 12 RP per item.
We just had a very similar crate bundle with the Coffin Crate Bundle Jan 11 and since that loot had been out as far back as Coffin Crates Dec 11 I am not sure how excellent a deal this is. We literally *just* had the new Showbiz Crates 1/12 yesterday.

So pay attention to what's inside! If you get mostlly Uncommon and Rare loot items, this is probably better for your stats than the Gearhead Sale Event 1/13 though all items in that event will have one number at 208 (and cost 11.25 RP per item)  whereas the highest common items here are at 195.

Common Items

Glass Moulder, henchmen [195/148]
Cut-lery, weapon [148/195]
Cut-Me-Off, vehicle [195/149]

Uncommon Items

Glass Harp Player, henchmen [210/154]
Mirror Image, weapon [154/210]
Rich Taste, armor [210/153]

Rare Items

See-Through, vehicle [164/225]
In Tune, weapon [225/163]