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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Zynga won't let you request Special Parts unless you speed build

If you've ever wondered why it seems like you never have the option to request Special Parts, you're not alone. The problem seemed to begin when we started getting these new limited time properties, and it was perhaps for that reason that many eventually stopped wondering about it. After all, we were requesting New York property parts constantly for whatever the new property was, so maybe that's why the option to request Special Parts wasn't there.

It was around that time, however, that the property build screen was given a facelift, and there simply IS no option to request for Special Parts on that new property layout.

All of my properties are fully upgraded, so I've requested no build parts lately. Yesterday, when I went to build from my properties, it was within an hour of my free build, so I went ahead and paid RP to speed up the build option. Once I paid the RP, the screen flipped, and I found myself looking at the OLD property build layout--and there was the Ask for Special Parts button!

I was in a hurry, so it warranted no more than a HMMM from me at that time. But later yesterday, a Family member of mine asked the now-familiar question: Why can't I request Special Parts? That finally prompted some testing on my part, and the results were the same as what I'd noticed yesterday morning: the option to request Special Parts wasn't on the normal build screen, but after paying reward points to speed up a build, the build screen reverts to the old layout, and you could then request Special Parts.

So in other words, you have to spend RP in order to request Special Parts through the game. MAYBE this was an oversight on Zynga's part, maybe not.

It seems your best bet is to SEND special parts from the free gift page; people are more likely to return whatever gifts you send to them.

For a quick fix, I recommend the FBMWAddon, specifically its "Gifts Page (Short Links)" feature.

Using that will generate a pretty graphical post to your news feed. Frankly, I've found that people respond to posts with graphics and icons faster than they respond to plain gift links.

Within minutes, you'll already have a few Special Parts in your ZMC (Zynga Message Center). Collect those first.

Then go to your Facebook requests page and collect them again :0)

You can find FBMWAddon HERE.

Alternatively, you can also use Spockholm's Linkanator to generate and post free gift links.


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Friday, November 4, 2011

Zynga flips players the bird

As Ann told you earlier, we've got a new Family boss fight to deal with...oh boy! Zynga is flipping us off! (c'mon, I can't be the only one to notice that!)

The Mafia Wars blog says "If your family is currently engaged in a Family Boss Fight with Silverio Fallaci, you'll have to complete that fight in order for Jimmy Lechon to become available." *coughnottrue* Our Family currently has 3 active boss fights, so clearly Jimmy Lechon didn't wait for us to finish off Silverio Fallaci. Although it appears Jimmy Lechon will supplant Silverio Fallaci, so I assume that after we finish him off, he's gone.

Anyone remember the Raven? WTF happened to him? 

Silverio Fallaci is being pushed out* by Jimmy Lechon, the new Family Boss who thinks there's not enough room for the both of 'em. Use the collaborative strength of your family to show him that he's not as dangerous as he thinks he is, and be among the top contributors to the fight for a chance to recieve the Death Card (200/200) when your family beats him!
Family Boss Fights pit your entire family against an epic boss. In the case of Jimmy Lechon, you'll have 7 days to reduce his 1,125,000 health to zero. (You may have more or less time to take out future Family Bosses.) Whenever the timer runs out on a Family Boss Fight, the boss' health resets and you will have another chance to prove your family is in charge.
*Note: If your family is currently engaged in a Family Boss Fight with Silverio Fallaci, you'll have to complete that fight in order for Jimmy Lechon to become available.
 I'm sure we won't see Jimmy's grand prize item, the Death Card, any more frequently than we've seen the grand prizes from other boss fights.

Here's a little trivia for you. As indicated by the Mafia Wars Death Card stats, the Death Card is not necessarily a bad thing to have turn up. I've been known to read a few tarot cards in my lifetime. It does not herald death, but rather, transformation, rebirth, closure, conclusion, etc. Not that tarot cards hold much water :0)

New Family Boss Fight: JIMMY LECHON

A new boss to battle in family boss fight.  This one comes with pretty tarot cards in the pic.  Don't miss out on this exciting new (like 8th, I think) thing ~Z~ is releasing this week for us.  An~isty

City of Traverse: the ratios don't get any better

Previous Secret Districts have come with some better than average ratios, even after the initial nerfing of Smuggler's Haven. That is NOT the case with this Chicago Secret District, City of Traverse. When the district first opened, I saw that the ratios were crap, but kept plugging away at it in hopes that new mastery levels would bring better ratios. Not so. As you can see above, the best ratio on ruby-level City of Traverse is the job Prepare Alternate Telegraph Offices, with a sorry-a$s ratio of 1.99.

AND it requires a consumable. 

I don't know why Zynga does this. I certainly won't be bothering with future secret districts if that's the case. They're costly, always require a new consumable, and now offer less than average ratios. The only allure to the district now is just the additional skill points to be had from completing jobs. But at those ratios, it's kind of a wash.

P*ss off, Zynga.

new Chicago and Brazil districts?

There's been a pile of new loot added into our Mafia Wars inventories, among them what appear to be 4 new consumables.

The Lexington Room Key, shown above, says it comes from Chicago. But I don't recall this dropping from or being required for any current jobs available in Chicago, including the City of Traverse secret district.

And the Tipster just says that it comes from "jobs", but it looks very Chicago.

Antivenom may come from Brazil, according to inventory.

 The Canistern also says it comes from jobs.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

can't do Stamina Jobs

...say what?
Could not find any other users in your experience range to fight.
That is the message I get when looking for stamina jobs to do in Las Vegas or Italy at the moment. I didn't realize it was based on 'experience range', so that's interesting.
My fight list does not have the same affliction.


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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Botanical Garden to return in December

It seems Zynga jumped the gun and accidentally released the Botanical Garden property for a brief time today. According to the official blog, the Botanical Garden is due out the beginning of December, although it sounds like you'll get to retain any building progress you made before the property was pulled. Although it sounds like there will be other properties, at least at some point. 
In the course of preparing future limited-time-to-request-upgrade-parts New York City properties, we accidentally turned on the Botanical Garden this afternoon. We have since disabled the property, as it is not due for release until the beginning of December. When it is officially released, you will be able to request upgrade parts for 14 full days and any progress you may have made in the approximately 2 hours it was available today will already be in place. We apologize for the mix-up. Stay tuned for a different limited-time-to-request-upgrade-parts New York City property releasing next week!
- The Mafia Wars Team

return of Gold Mystery Bags

Gold Mystery Bags are back on your Mafia Wars home page. Begging the question: what did Zynga screw up now? It seems that we only see these as consolation prizes for some major boink-fest on Zynga's part.


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Wanna send horseracing stubs?

Want to get horseracing stubs for the new secret district in Chicago? Don't worry send it by clicking here. Send these and get one in return from your mafia. But I have to say too much of stuff is going at this time and I really don't know how those are working (or better say I didn't care to read!) .