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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Skill Point Reallocation!!!

Skill Point Reallocation is on now in the marketplace. Log in to Mafia Wars and click on the Marketplace tab, then look under Stat Items > Skill points.

HOW TO: build your limited time property faster with Mission Crew Link

EDIT...Zynga has now broken this script, and we are relegated back to waiting on timers or the multi-tab method.

Go to Spockholm's experimental page, and install the Mission Crew Link bookmarklet. To run this bookmarklet, you'll need to unframe your game first. If you don't know how to do this already, then you'll need to go HERE and install their Unframe bookmarklet. I'm assuming that you'll already know how to install Mafia Wars scripts to your browser, toolbar, or add-on; if you are not, ask a friend or ask me.

When the script is loaded, click the button for "Any Part".

Now this box will load on your screen. You can either copy the short link and share that on your Facebook wall, or you can click on "Post to wall".

"Post to wall" will generate the actual post, which you can then publish to your news feed as you normally would. Then you can close the script and go on about your game.

Bear in mind that 6 people can click on each post. After that, you can simply generate another one. No more waiting 8 hours, and no more multiple tabs!
Reposted for general clarification. You can't upgrade old limited time properties without spending reward points, this is intended for whatever the current limited time property. My original post is here but it mentions a previous limited-time property, the Cemetery, which confused a few peeps.

Coming Next Week, 12-3

I guess the Tattoo Crates got rescheduled...fine by me. We will see the return of mission events this coming week, with the Conspiracy mission event. Another limited time item to build (NOT a limited time property); meh. The Don's Gift, I guess we'll have to wait and see what they have in mind for us. Of most interest to me is the Family Properties mentioned. 

Coming Next Week*
*As far as currently scheduled, but things can change.

Mission Event: Conspiracy
The Don's Gift
Tattoo Crates
Family Properties
New Limited Time Homepage Buildable Item


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3 Free Spins

Friday, December 2, 2011

inactive property build timer issue

Someone in my family mentioned a discrepancy with the timers and cost to build, between his active properties versus his inactive properties. I checked my properties just now and I observed the same thing. As you can see, my Biker Clubhouse has just over 10 hours before it can build again for free, or I can speed build for 7 reward points. It was an active property. I switched it out with the Ciderhouse, which was previously inactive, and the Ciderhouse shows the same amount of time before it can build again for free, but shows that it requires 12 reward points to speed build.

This is likely intentional, and more of a timer misunderstanding on the inactive property than a reward point cost issue. Remember that we're only able to build from 5 properties per day; after that, we have to pay to build from additional properties or again from the same active properties. The build timers should be respective to each property, and since I built from my Biker Clubhouse earlier, that build timer reset. Since I did not build from my Ciderhouse and it counts as building from an additional property, it makes sense that it would still be 12 reward points.

I went ahead and did a build from my Ciderhouse out of curiosity. Afterwards the timer resets to show the correct amount of time until the next available build. Likely now the reward point cost will go down as the hours pass, if I keep the property active.

Speed building from my Biker Clubhouse now looks the same--the build timer is back to 18 hours and the cost to build is back to 12.

So, I could be wrong, but I think this is as it should be, only the build timers are look confusing on the inactive properties. The timer shown would be the amount of time before you could build again if the property were active. But if you've otherwise already built from 5 properties, you would still have to pay the initial 12 reward points to build from a sixth unique property.

Steel Crescent: another poor-performance for Collector's Edition items

Today's Collector's Edition item, the Steel Crescent, looks cool, doesn't it? That is, until you realize it costs 46 reward points.

Steel Crescent
91 Attack 146 Defense
+ 6 Energy

Even with stats like that and +6 energy, 46 reward points just seems so high. And not in the good way!

Zynga only just pulled the item from your Mafia Wars home page banner, but I checked a few minutes ago and saw that in the 8 hours the item was available there, they barely sold 1500 out of the available 5000. Seems like Zynga would wise up and lower prices. They might sell more, were they to do that.

boss cooldown timers = true

If you've been hearing that both of the active Family Boss Fights, Dr. Sarah Swift and Jimmy Lechon, now come with cool down timers, unfortunately this seems to be the case. I'm told that this is intentional. This is really going to tick off a lot of players, but the excuse I was given was that the no cool down thing was "just for a limited time".

I think it's pretty crappy that both bosses have cool down timers, and it seems Zynga is trying to force players to pay. As I saw this person comment, it's too bad that some Families will pay to reset the timers. I agree with him; everyone should be furious.

I also heard from someone that the 5 buffs you have to give your Family members no longer regenerate after 30 minutes. I still see a half hour buff timer in my boss fights, so this is either not true or is not the case for all. I think I did notice that the timer didn't start immediately after I sent the first buff, that may be what people are noticing.

Clyde Axworthy to bite the bullet, replaced by Dr. Sarah Swift family boss fight

This probably won't surprise anyone at all, but soon we'll be back down to 2 boss fights. As stated on the Mafia Wars blog, Clyde Axworthy is being replaced by Dr. Sarah Swift. Again they say you may not see the Dr. Sarah Swift family boss fight until your family has defeated Clyde Axworthy for the last time, but most families already have the new boss fight irregardless of being done with Clyde or not. 
Clyde Axworthy is being pushed out* by Dr. Sarah Swift, the new Family Boss who thinks there's not enough room for the both of 'em. Use the collaborative strength of your family to show her that she's not as dangerous as she thinks she is, and be among the top contributors to the fight for a chance to recieve the Supercharged Death Ray (201/201) when your family beats her!
 Family Boss Fights pit your entire family against an epic boss. In the case of Dr. Sarah Swift, you'll have 7 days to reduce her 1,250,000 health to zero. (You may have more or less time to take out future Family Bosses.) Whenever the timer runs out on a Family Boss Fight, the boss' health resets and you will have another chance to prove your family is in charge.
 *Note: If your family is currently engaged in a Family Boss Fight with Clyde Axworthy, you may have to complete that fight in order for Dr. Sarah Swift to become available.

Contest Winner Extravaganza!

I forgot about these! From the official Mafia Wars blog:

We've held a number of contests over the last few months. Thank you for waiting patiently to learn who won. Without further ado, below are the winners!

Winners of The Mafia Wars "Sweetest Halloween Treat" Contest
WinnerSweetest Treat
A-Mark A.Chemist (Ruby Level)
Billy B.Coulrophobia
Diane S.Voodoo Woman
Emil K.Wolfman
Enrico P.Perentie (Ruby Level)
Gabriel T.Surge Bike
Greg "Don G"Voodoo Woman
Jai J.Voodoo Woman
Jean C.Voodoo Woman
Jörg N.Voodoo Woman
Joseph T.Blind Tiger
Kat B.Chemist (Ruby Level)
Kouznetsov M.Voodoo Woman
Lisa B.Sabertooth Tiger
Maksim G.Coulrophobia
Manea D.Arsonist
Max L.Voodoo Woman
Rod B.Gunsmith
Rubén F.Deathbringer Xiii
Thomas D.,
Aka Fatboy Tommy
Voodoo Woman

Winning Taunts from The Mafia Wars Family Boss Fight Taunt Contest
Taunts Used For Silverio Fallaci
Silverio Fallaci The only thing sweeter than the sound of my guitar, is your screams of agony. - James A.
Slicing you up into a million pieces, will be sweet music to my ears. - bellockny
Don't push me man or the next musical instrument u will hear is a angel's harp. - Ronald B.
Taunts Used For Clyde Axworthy
Clyde Axworthy You can't whack death on the head, but I'm gonna whack your head to death. - Sam JB.
Time is not on your side because I'm about to clean your clock. - Lorrie R.

Winning Entry from the "Think Outside Of The Box" Crate Design Contest
Retro Gaming Crates Retro Gaming Crates by Michael S.
Congratulations to all the winners!
- The Mafia Wars Team


There's a new Family Boss Fight out, Dr. Sarah Swift.

Increase your chances of winning the best loot by placing higher on the Leaderboard!

  • 82





The "grand prize" for this family boss fight is the Supercharged Death Ray, with stats of 201 attack and defense, respectively. I would love to get my hands on one of those, but chances are, they'll be as much of an urban myth as all the other family boss fight grand prizes.

Use the correct order of ammos to activate four-move combos. Special combos do greater damage to the Boss. Ka-pow!
Rifle Round
Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch
Adds +90 to +110 damage to your attack

Crowbar Swing
Rifle Round
Sucker Punch
Adds +100 to +140 damage to your attack

Crowbar Swing
Crowbar Swing
Adds +130 to +180 damage to your attack

Rifle Round
Rifle Round
Sucker Punch
Adds +150 to +200 damage to your attack