Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Crate Carnival Spending Reward Poins Event 3/27

Brindle Horse, animal [189/258]  (gain +30 Skill Points)

How to shop/play: Buy Crates.

The Small Print at the bottom:
"Note: Any purchases made through exclusive discount packs such as Crate Bundles, Starter Packs, Booster Packs or Mega Packs will not be counted for in Crate Carnival."

The Collection Board:

As you scroll over these boxes, it will show you which crate these items are in. They are in 

Suffocation Crates 3/27

Three Suffocation Crates for 35 Reward Points.

New Suffocation Crates in the Marketplace now!

One Suffocation Crate for 12 Reward Points.

What's inside
Common Items:
Pillowed To Death, weapon [208/158]
Eco-Death, animal [158/208]
Chokoholic, armor [208/158]

Uncommon Items:
Asphyxiation, henchmen [164/223]
Claustro, vehicle [223/164]
Go To Sleep,  weapon [223/164]

Rare Items:
Tear-nade, weapon [174/238]
Death Fang, animal [238/175]

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Job Board event (more mafia chores) 3/26

 Toothy Walkers, armor [145/220]

Because we don't already have too many Mafia Chores to do each day, Job Board event!

Family Job Board Leader gets the Toothy Walkers!

Global Job Board Leaders get the Graveller, vehicle [varies]

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Daily Fix Loot 3/25

NK Night Crawler, vehicle [125/175]

For the first time since it began, the Daily Fix: More Mafia Chores is giving out new loot items today!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Arena Event Winners Announced 3/24

Winners from the latest Arena Event Family Inheritance #3 were announced earlier on the Official Mafia Wars Blog: Arena Event Winners 

Congratulations from everyone here at Mistyfied!

SVR Showroom Limited Time Property 3/24

Let the Begging Begin!

We will be begging for parts every 8 hours, a new part is added for this one, the Gorilla Glass Sheet.

What we're building:
Automotive Mechanic, henchmen [varies] (no bonus) Levels 1-3
SVR Nimbus, vehicle [varies] (+3 attack) Levels 4-6

Cornermaster, armor [varies] (+4 energy) Levels 7-10
SVR Thundera, vehicle [varies] (+5 stamina) Levels 11-12

SVR Thunderra, vehicle [varies] (+5 stamina) Levels 13-14

SVR Thunderra, vehicle [145/188] (+6 stamina) Level 15 only

Limited Time Green Mystery Bags 3\/24

Limited Time Green Mystery Bags 
Other Recent Specialty Mystery Bags are  Blood Mystery Bags  Holly Day Mystery Bags and Pirate's Mystery Bag

Send as many as you like out to your mafia, but collect only up to 20 per day.

Carbage, vehicle [192/145]
Collect up to three per day.
Other Items in these bags include but are not limited to:
+1 Skill Point
+1 Reward Point
+5 Energy Points
+5 Attack Points
Decontamination Masks
Berlin Wall Section
Political Favor
Bullet Stopper
Carpenter Nails
Wishlist Item