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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yep, 5x loot drops in Brazil are back for me too!

Shortly after the Brazil loot drop fix was announced, I noted that it appeared that I was still only receiving 1x loot drops. I did try clearing caches and cookies, but the fight results screen in the new fight system apparently doesn't display a quantity. That would be a small change that I'd suggest - just for the sake of accuracy.

After getting a little more stamina, I did another stamina run in Brazil manually just now. I recorded the results using Spockholm's very handy Inventory History spocklet. As you can see for yourself, +5 loot quantity per item is a theme, so I'd say it's working.

So -- make a note. Once you get rolled into the new fight system and do any fighting in Brazil, you may want to double-check your inventory if you think you're not getting the 5x loot drop. You might be getting it and just not seeing it. But hopefully they can add in the quantity for loot on the fight results screen soon.

An actual update re: Brazil loot drops FIXED

 According to a post made on the forums a few minutes ago, the Brazil loot drops should be fixed within the hour. I'm told the fix is already actually in place. You may want to try clearing your caches if you're not getting the correct drop rate in Brazil yet. Now we're getting somewhere!

The Team Is

I'm getting really sick of getting no answer but "we're working on it" about why in the h3ll the loot drops in Brazil have not be restored to their correct drop rates.

This thread on has an official post from yesterday that the issue would be fixed soon. A few hours ago, that got downgraded to "the team is working to fix the error". O RLY?

Last Wednesday, June 1st, CM stated that he would have someone looking into the issue about the Brazil loot drops in this forum thread.

A couple of days later, nothing had changed, so I asked for an update.

A short while later we were told that a fix would be released shortly.

Another day and a half later, I asked again for an update.

A little while later came the same response: "The team is aware of this issue."

I'm not trying to pick a fight with CM here, he's just the unlucky messenger who happens to be the only source of information/communication about the topic right now. But why's it so hard to get an answer from Zynga about this? That's what I'm wanting to know at this point. I'm just tired of the same non-answer. Not getting 5x loot drops in Brazil for 5x the stamina cost is a big deal to some players. So why is it not working 4 days after the team became aware of the issue? Did everyone just go home for the weekend, or something? Just give us an update. Or better yet, fix it.

This Non Update was brought to you by someone with far too much time on her hands :0)

Zynga acknowledges gift request issues

This was recently posted on the Zynga Customer Support site, acknowledging the gifting issues. They state they are "working towards resolving the matter". I'm not sure what that means, exactly, but hopefully they can work a little faster to resolve it!

Hello Players,

We have received reports from players that when accepting gifts through the Facebook Request page that the gift is still being shown on the request list.  We are aware of this issue and are currently working towards resolving the matter.  We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion that this may have caused, and in the interim we recommend using the Zynga Message Center to keep track of your gifting requests.

We appreciate your patience while we are working through this process!

Mafia Wars Customer Support

what to do until Brawler is updated

A lot of us who have been rolled into the new fighting system are beginning to have Brawler withdrawals. At least, I know I am!

There are some other things that you can spend your stamina on in the meantime. The job Eliminate A Hill Supplier in District 6 of Vegas gives an XP ratio of over 2.25.

Robbing is another way to burn through stamina fairly quickly, and there are several robbing achievements in the game. 

In fact, that's probably what I should be working on... :-/ 

Spockholm has a very nice spocklet for robbing, too, Robber BG v1.03 beta.

Meanwhile, I do see signs of life in Brawler, and Arun has said that he is looking at what needs to be changed in Brawler to work with the new fight system.

I noticed that Brawler was spending stamina and I was gaining XP, but I wouldn't recommend using it to spend stamina until Arun has announced a fix. 

You can check the Mafia Task Force forum for any new updates.

 There's also the UnlockedMW toolbar, whose built-in stamina helper was already updated for the fight changes a couple of days ago. When enabled, it can help by completing attacks that you initiate. You can read my post about it here.

still no update to Brazil loot drops

Yesterday a few players began reporting that the 5x loot drop was showing again in their game. This morning I still see only 1x loot drops in Brazil in my game, and many of the players who are seeing the 5x loot drop say that it actually still isn't working and that they are only actually getting 1x loot drops. The customer support document on the subject hasn't been updated since 6/2, and there's been no recent moderator activity in the forum thread about the issue.

I'm starting to feel that Zynga has dropped the ball on this. Spending 5x the amount of stamina and not getting corresponding loot drops is really a rip-off, and is a huge reason to avoid playing in Brazil right now. Zynga has been aware of this issue since long before the weekend, so why isn't anyone working on this?

I posted in the forum thread asking for an update. Hopefully we will hear something soon.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Brazil loot back to 5x..or not?

I'm starting to see a few players reporting that the loot drops in Brazil have been restored to 5x. Others say it only says 5x loot but you're still only getting 1x loot. For me I'm still just getting 1x loot. I don't see that the customer support document has been updated yet either. It may be something on its way though, so stay tuned.

rewatching Mafia Wars Live...

I finally sat down and took the the time to rewatch this past Wednesday's third broadcast of Mafia Wars Live. The broadcast is just under 40 minutes long, and if you didn't want to rewatch it in its entirety, feel free to read along for the highlights. These are just my notes, impressions, interpretations, and paraphrasing. If you have a question or want clarification on something you read here, I'd encourage you to watch the portion of the broadcast that I commented on.

With Nate this week was Jeff AKA Month. Cole was MIA this week - missed ya, Crazy Dragon! Jeff is part of the team that worked (and is still working) on the fight changes that are currently being rolled out.

He reminded me a lot of the character Spencer Reid from the TV Criminal Minds. He even kinda sounded like him!

This was the most widely-viewed broadcast so far, I believe. I noticed there were around 4,000 viewers at one point. It had been rumored that upcoming fight changes would be discussed during the broadcast, I'm sure that accounts for some of it.

The fight changes were in fact the first thing announced, as most of you now know. Jeff told us it would take about a week for the fight changes to roll out to everyone. To that, I said "BOOO SLOW ROLLOUTS!" and Jeff replied with "Who doesn't love the slow roll outs?" He was being facetious, of course :D

The upcoming Worldwide Meetup Day on June 25th was talked about. Another Worldwide Meetup Day is already in the works, planned for sometime in early October to celebrate the three year anniversary of Mafia Wars. October 8th was a date that was mentioned, but nothing is set in stone yet.

It was mentioned that the X-Men event had been well-received by players. I'm not sure that's entirely the case, though. Having to decipher a code was a neat twist, and the 7 item loot drops and mastery item were fine too. What I really didn't like about it was all the freakin' confusion, and the big annoying blingies on my homepage. I'm really ready for it to go away at this point.

But I digress - Nate indicated that they would look to make future codes harder to break. It took me several minutes to break the code, I actually liked that part, but I dunno if I want it to be harder. Maybe there should be more steps to take in which codes need to be cracked, instead.

 One of the questions from the forum inevitably had to do with scripts. "Which scripts are allowed? Referring to the sanction for the mock war that happened this past weekend?"

Nate's gotta be sick of being questioned about scripts and I wouldn't blame him. His response was brief. He said that there has been a lot of internal discussion about scripts, and to refer to what he said about scripts during the 2nd Mafia Wars Live broadcast. He said scripts are not sanctioned, however Zynga likes to promote positive community events.

Some people didn't like this and referred to it as double speak. Personally, I feel that Zynga acknowledging that there are scripts which are useful and beneficial to players is a step in the right direction. And so is promoting community events like mock wars, despite the involvement of war scripts. 

Nestor got a shoutout for his newly-acquired tattoo which mentions Mafia Wars and the clan/family he belongs to. I think he deserves Reward Points for that!

Jeff told us that there are no plans to expand fight mastery levels. In fact, they are looking at completely revamping that system in ways that complement the fighting update.

Stamina refills came up more than once during the broadcast. Jeff said "Words have been spoken of stamina refills as potential rewards." In no way has this been decided, but it is currently under discussion. Late in the broadcast, he said again that it's being looked at as far as how it could be implemented into the game, and hinted that there could even be 'multiple instances' of stamina refills showing up in the game.

"Best water in the whole office"

 Other topics that were covered:
  • Why so many events have been released at one time recently. Nate says it's due to schedule crunching and also that they're testing out different types of events on us that happen during normal gameplay, and that they are trying to find a good balance of how to release the events.
  • My note: There is no balance! It's been one thing after another on top of another right after another event lately. It needs to slow down again.
  • There are no plans currently for improvements to the mobile system.
  • We can expect to see an expansion to Brazil and probably a new city after that.
  • No new non-event missions anytime soon. "Maybe in the next few months."
  • More loot items will be made giftable in the near future.
  • The hitlist has not been a high priority for an update.--I don't think they understood this question. The question was, "can the hitlist be revamped to make the monetary achievements attainable?"
  • No plans to exclude players from being attacking while in a boss fight, due to the potential for abuse. Jeff mentioned an idea of a separate health bar for boss fights. I like that idea a lot, actually.
  • War wins and losses are not determined the same way as fight list wins. There is a set percentage chance that you will win or lose, similar to robbing.
  • It was asked when the next generation of FHEL would be out. Zynga is currently looking at updating other areas of loot (such as robbing rewards, etc).
  • I think we might have gotten the point across that we don't like Mystery Animals on the Free Gifts page :) Hopefully those wastes of a click will go away soon.
  • It was asked "Why are there limits on helping people per day?" I wasn't happy with the explanation that it's so they can make rewards better. I'm not sure they really understood the question. It is a royal pain in the ass being limited to getting helped by only 5 people per day per property, and only being able to help out 5 other people in return. Yes, the limits on helping in jobs sucks too, but I believe the question was geared at building help requests.
  • Next broadcast in two weeks on June 15th, time TBD.

I wanted to know why the icing event wasn't extended, as was asked for by many players. Jeff explained that it was actually an early roll-out, all those people that got the event 4 days ahead of the rest of us. The icing event was 'a bit of research'. To see if people liked it, and how many ices we could actually get. It was really supposed to be a 7 day event, he said.

Ok, I get that it was an experiment, so allow me to tell you exactly how pissed off I was at having to wait FOUR DAYS after a lot of players got the event and some had even finished it!

At the very end of the broadcast, Mistyfied FC Rebecca Read asked a very good question: when will fight secret stashes be fixed? In fact, I think that was quite possibly the best question of the broadcast. "What does that mean?" Nate asked. It seems they were somehow unaware there was an issue there. After some explanatory comments from users in the Ustream chatroom, Nate and Jeff said they would follow up on the issue.

And I will personally follow up with them about the issue. The controversy and conflicts over "stolen" secret stashes has been going on for over a year now, and I'm flat-out sick of it.

And of course I had to have a little fun with photo editing. Nate just makes such a good subject, with his mannerisms's his version of the Vogue :P

strike a pose, there's nothing to it!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Zynga's words re: 5x Brazil loot not working

I went to Zynga's Customer Support site looking for a FAQ on the new "Challenge Mission" -- which isn't there yet, by the way. I did however find a post I hadn't seen yet about the incorrect drop rates in Brazil. This is a commonly-known issue at this point, and has been officially addressed on the forums already.

The support document addresses that the drop rates are "incorrect", putting to rest some rumors I heard that it was intentional on Zynga's part.

The Zyngons say that this will be fixed and we need to check HERE for an update. In the meantime, I suggest you don't fight in Brazil, because you're not getting your stamina's worth.

Once they post that the fix has been "pushed", they suggest clearing cookies and caches if you still have the problem.

New: Staten Island 'Challenge Mission'

 Great, just what we needed, another event. This one will be in the theme of the previous mini-cities that we've seen in the past. These rank pretty low on the list of types of events I like; I doubt if I finished any of them after the first one (Paris, I think). 

So we're going back to New York for this one. Keeping it local. 

You'll be able to collect Ferry Passes every 23 hours, it appears. You will also be able to collect them from fighting. The event will last for a week. 7 days.

There is, of course, that stupid, annoying job heat meter you'll have to deal with again, too. Have fun.


The Mafia Wars blog just made a post. It sounds like a mighty sucker punch, almost :) 200% attack bonus might could come in handy. Although I usually just move on when I lose a fight!

Ever lose a fight and want to wipe that condescending smile off of your victorious opponent’s face? The new Vengeance Pack will allow you to do just that the next time you find yourself on the business end of your opponent’s favorite deadly weapon. For three Reward Points, you’ll be able to GET VENGEANCE on your enemy. One click will net you full health, 10% Stamina, and a one-time 200% attack bonus! Just look for this icon in the rare instance that you lose a fight: Vengeance Pack
What are you waiting for? Jump in and start fighting! Vengeance shall be yours.
*Because we slowly roll out new events and features to ensure stability within the game, this bonus pack may not be immediately available to all players.

Ice Post Timers: Removed!

For those using the new fighting system, you'll be happy to hear that the five minute timer between being able to post your ices has been removed. 

2x ices for everyone?

It appears that kills are already counting as two ices, even for at least some players who do not yet have the new fighting system.

Brazil loot drops to be fixed "shortly"

 A short while ago, I made a post regarding the Brazil loot drop issues that still had not been fixed. Since there had been no official mention of the problem since yesterday, I posted a response to the thread asking for an update on the issue.

About a half an hour later, Cerulean Master finally posted a response that the issue will be fixed shortly.

Hey guys,
The fix is almost complete and we should have it released shortly.