Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Devil's Delight Stranger's Swag 9/15

Today's Stranger's Swag is a Devil's Delight, Vehicle [163/98]

Collect 3 from your post and two more from your friends

Great Fire Repeat 9/15

The Great Fire Secret District (Chicago) is back.

If you have already completed the current secret district, The Decaffeination and/or the Oversoul Winds Mission Event and are looking for some cheap skill points, this is the best way to get them.

Detailed information on  The Great Fire

Friday, September 14, 2012

50% Off Reward Points until Midnight Pacific Time 9/14

Another Popping Pop-up and tiny banner on the game!

Go to Marketplace, click on Buy Reward Points

Wow! 3 1/2 hours to go!

2x Global Build for the price of 1 6-6:30 Pacific Time 9/14

2x Global Builds 6-6:30 PM Pacific Time 14 September

It is 4:30 pm Pacific Time now, so you have 2 hours to get to a computer!

Needle Magic: Today's Stranger's Swag 9/14

Today's Stranger's Swag is a Needle Magic

Weapon [97/164]

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{ℳ} Pepito BAM!!! In Memorium Jose Perez 9/13

It has been one entire year since we lost our dear Jose Perez and to honor his memory, the {ℳ}istyfied family invites you to our day of memorial ices on our fight page {M}istyfied 
From Midnight 0:00 tonight (12 Sept) to Midnight tomorrow night (13 Sept)
Please Join us for a Memorial "BAM!!!" in Jose's honor!

This past year we all saw Jose everywhere, especially in Silverio

Mistyfied Blog In Memorium 

Misty's wonderful Video Memorial Tribute to Jose Youtube Video Tribute to Jose Perez

From Jose's Father Our Jose

New Limited Edition Items 9/12

Seven new Limited Edition Items released today, for the low price of 35 Reward Points Each.
Swirlybird, vehicle [198/126]
Phone Tap, armor [198/126]
Software Developer, henchmen [125/198]
Virus, weapon [125/198]

Zebu, animal [116/198]
Mini Mike, vehicle [126/198]
Twofold, weapon [198/125]

Ice Season 22 9/12

Rotator Shotty, Weapon [varies]

Ice Season 22 is upon us! The race to one thousand ices is on! Let's get icing and get to the Rotator Shotty!

Robbing Spree Season 2 9/12

Robbing Spree Season 2 is here:  for a complete breakdown of how this works, please click this link: 

Last time it was Knob Wrenches, this time it is Ninja Grappling Hooks.
See that cute little ? Question Mark in yellow? To see the detailed Mafia Wars explanation, click there.

How to go on a Robbing Spree

The Loot::
Garbage Picker, Henchmen [varies]
X Ray Glasses, Armor [varies]
Laser Rifle, Weapon [varies]

Double Agent Sale "Event" 9/12

Right before I went to bed last night I saw a new banner on the in game home page

Double Agent Sale Coming Soon! I was so thrilled I nearly peed my pants (sarcasm)

Don't forget about the SMALL PRINT!

What they (most likely) mean by "less than 5 RP" is "5 RP or less" because the last few of these, any item I purchased for 5 RP did not count.

In the interest of keeping it fresh and new, Zynga has used the fill-in-the-bar thing again, just like they did with Spotlight Sale "Event"

The big Loot Item this time is a Spy Tablet,  Armor [varies]

The Decaffeination: New Secret District, Brazil 9/12

Let's begin at the end this time: The Boss Fight: Defeat Carlos Cavalera
After Completing the jobs (or before if you are so inclined) at the bottom of the page of the new Secret District, is the Boss Fight.

As in the past the Boss Fight Combinations will be revealed as soon as you have Carlos down to %50 health.

Don't forget to send out Gold Coffee Beans!

The Loot Collection:
Grinder Blade, Weapon [94/144]
Plantation Hat, Armor [144/93]
Coffee Harvester, Vehicle [93/144]

Collect 10 of each item to get +5 Attack Points
Collect 25 of each item to get +5 Defense Points
Collect 50 of each item to get +5 Skill Points

On to the Jobs:

Bandits,  yes, they're here too!

The Rewards:

Plantation Hoe, Weapon, [varies] for completing Jobs portion.

Golden Shotgun, Weapon [varies] for completing Boss Fight.

Other Loot Items in this District:

Coffee Picker, Henchmen [149/99]

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mob Doctor Power Pack: Fox TV Show promo 9/10

The Mob Doctor Power-pack

Absolutely nothing going on here, outside of a promotion for a new Fox Television Show. If you click on the banner it takes you to Fox Broadcasting Company: The Mob Doctor page, advertising the new show. This is not a Mystery Bag, and has no loot in it. Just taking up space. 

Ontario Hawk Item added to Pick Your Own Bundle 9/10

Ontario Hawk, Animal [207/133]

Another *Exclusive* Item, the Ontario Hawk has been added to the "Pick Your Own Bundle" banner, to entice us to purchase more stuff.