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Monday, September 9, 2013

{ℳ} Pepito BAM!!! Two Year Anniversary In Memorium Jose Perez 9/12 - 9/13

It has been two years since we lost our dear Jose Perez and to honor his memory, the {ℳ}istyfied family invites you to our day of memorial ices on our fight page {M}istyfied 
From Midnight 0:00 Thursday Pacific Time (12 Sept) to Midnight Friday Pacific Time (13 Sept)
Here is a  Time Converter 
Please Join us for a Memorial "BAM!!!" in Jose's honor!

These past two years we all saw Jose everywhere, especially in Silverio

Original post from 2011: Mistyfied Blog In Memorium 

Misty's wonderful Video Memorial Tribute to Jose Youtube Video Tribute to Jose Perez

From Jose's Father Our Jose