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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stranger's Swag: Basilisk 2/23

Today's Stranger's Swag is a Basilisk, animal [115/180]

Collect up to 5

Collect three from your mafia clicking on your post and two more from clicking on their posts.

Friday, February 22, 2013

2nd Family Inheritance Arena Event #9 2/22

Family Inheritance #2

Family Inheritance #1 Jan 17th

I am *still* not a big fan of the Arena. As much as Zynga has been shoving the Arena at us lately, it seems this is the way the game is going. What I mean by shoving it at us is several things are going on at once, almost all of them redirect us towards the Arena. The Daily Point Nerfed into Arena Boosts, then, because that didn't suck *enough* Zynga'd moreso into Daily Point is a Hired Gun .

Click that little Question Mark to see the giant pop up!

Just like Family Inheritance #1 the Rewards drop off dramatically the lower you are on the leaderboard.
Speaking of the leaderboard, I don't have one in-game yet so I have no idea where we rank.
The Loot Item is a Red Barchetta, armor [see table above]
Event Ends March 3rd 11:59 PM PST

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Daily Point returns 2/21

Today's Free Daily Point ( Click Here ) is a Skill Point. 

On February 14th the Daily Point was nerfed to be an Arena Boost  (Kamekazi)

Yesterday it was a Hired Gun point

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rewards Card and Femme Fatale Collectible Stat Cards 2/20

Seems to me that Zynga is pumping out crap for us to purchase at an alarming rate this week. 

Only 4 days and 7 hours plus left to spend more money on this thing, to get some more Skill Points.

I just adore the small print on this one: "Haven't recieved skill points from the punches you earned earlier? Don't worry. Get one more punch on your reward card and you'll receive your unrewarded Skill Points."
I can almost hear some guy saying "Trust me!".

Next up! Femme Fatale Collectible Stat Cards!

If you purchase some of these items you have a chance to loot the Bow, weapon [252/252] 

Meh. This is starting to get a little pricey lately. Where are our fancy schmancy Mafia Wars coffee mugs or T-shirts after we've spent, I dunno, how much time or how many dollar$ you think we should spend before we have some tangible object to hold in our hands to say "Yes! I spend an exorbitant amount of time and/or money on this silly online game!"? 

VIP Skill Point Reallocate get 2 Half Pipers 2/20

Half Piper, vehicle [200/150]

VIP only, get 2 Half Piper when you Reallocate 50 Skill points for 50 Rewards Points.

Research Facility New Limited Time Property 2/20

Nuclear Waste Drum, weapon [183/140] (Emerald Level)
Didn't we just do one of these? 

Research Facility Level 0, beg for parts, beg for parts to build these fun items!

Levels 1-3: Electromagnet, armor [varies]
Levels 4-6: Radioactive Gas Mask, armor [varies] +3 Defense Points!

Level 3 Research Facility

Levels 7-10: Physicist, henchmen [varies] +4 Attack Points!
Levels 11-14: Nuclear Waste Drum, weapon [varies] +5 Energy Points!

Level 15: Nuclear Waste Drum, weapon [183/140] +6 Energy Points!

Survey, Nerfed Daily Point, Updates 2/20

Today's Daily Point nerf is a Hired Gun. Totally useless crap, and here's why: My 2 Cents on +2 Mafia

Tons of things were announced on the Official Mafia Wars Blog including the 'positive feedback' on the Arena.

Other stuff:
To get a Color Commentator, henchmen [235/160] do this survey:
Mobster! We would like your opinion on your game play experience. And because you're an engaged player, we'd love to give you a Color Commentator (235 def/160 att) for taking this survey.
This reward will be credited to your account  Feb 27th  2013.

More mess to come from Mafia Wars Team 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Round and Round new secret district 2/19

Round and Round secret district in London

The small print on the bottom of the banner says "Complete the Ruby Mastery before 3/3/2013 11:59 AM PST and get a chance to reset your progression and master this Secret District again". Cool! I like that!
Even though there is a chance to reset and redo the entire district on this one, I'm going to suggest again to stay in the Bronze level until completing the collections, just to save on the energy expenditure. As in all secret districts now, we have the 2x loot and a consumable, the Punchy, for this one.
I am also pretty sure we will have Bandits and a hidden job or two.

Latched on, weapon [116/167]
Bus Driver, henchmen [117/167]
Cool Down, weapon [167/116]
Collect 10 each for +5 Attack Points.
Collect 25 each for +5 Defense Points.
Collect 50 each for +5 Skill Points.

Clicking on the cute little question mark in the top right corner to get this pop-up. The Loot Item for completing the Jobs portion is the Bustling, vehicle [varies]

The Jobs:
Don't forget to send out those Punchy!
Beware of Bandits!

The Boss Fight: Defeat David Decker

Boss Fight Consumables and Loot Item: Bag-Age, armor [varies]

Boss Fight Combos:

New Loot Items dropping in this district:

Ticket Please, armor [122/175]

Blood Mystery Bags Limited Time 2/19

Limited Time Blood Mystery Bags 
Other Recent Specialty Mystery Bags are Holly Day Mystery Bags and Pirate's Mystery Bag

Send as many as you like out to your mafia, but collect only up to 20 per day.

Injection Gun, weapon [141/188]
Collect up to three per day.
Other Items in these bags include but are not limited to:
+1 Skill Point
+1 Reward Point
+5 Energy Points
+5 Attack Points
Decontamination Masks
Berlin Wall Section
Political Favor
Bullet Stopper
Carpenter Nails
Wishlist Item

Monday, February 18, 2013

2x Global Property Builds 6-6:30 pmPacific Time

2x Global Property Builds 6-6:30 PM  Pacific Time
Here is a Time Converter for you to use

On The Double, 2x Global Property Builds  today, 6-6:30PM Pacific Time

2x Global Property Builds 9:30-10 AM Pacific Time 2/18

2x Global Property Builds 9:30-10 am Pacific Time

On The Double, 2x Global Property Builds  today, 9:30-10 am Pacific Time

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Daily Point Nerfed 2/17

In what is another vain attempt to draw players into the Arena, Zynga has nerfed the Daily Point with an Arena Power Up (this started on Valentine's Day). Today's Power Up is a Kamikaze which will help toward the "God of Death" achievements but that one skill point per achievement won't do much to advance your account if Arena Power Ups are now the norm instead of a Daily Point!

"{ℳ} 'z Wίlɗ Hoᴙsεs =Ʀ²Ƒ=

Arena Frenzy 50RP Temporary Boosts 2/17

Just like the last time they were selling this crap Jan 29 Arena Frenzy I am still not a big fan of the Arena but Zynga really, *really* wants us to like it, a lot, and spend money on it, now.

Here is a closer look at the exact same items.

Surprise! The third Family Property is....

Coming soon...

Stranger's Swag 2/17

Today's Stranger's Swag is an El Cerdo

Vehicle [179/114]