Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pirates Mystery Bag Limited Time 1/12

Pirates Mystery Bags, limited time! Collect up to 20 bags per day!

New Loot Item! Collect up to 3 per day!

Old Hob, weapon [184/137]
Other nice items:
+5 energy
+5 attack
Reward Point
Various Boosts
The last special mystery bag was the Holly-Day Mystery Bag

New Limited Edition and Group Sale items 1/12

Golden Toad, animal [143/215]

Group Sale Item 25 RP: Preying Mantis, animal [varies]

New Limited Edition Items 35 RP:
Sniff-Sniff, armor [216/144]
Golden Toad, animal [143/215]
SS Strato Killer, vehicle [215/143]
Ninja Berserka, weapon [143/215]

Some new LE Items:
Grenadier, henchmen [214/142]
Black Assault Vest, armor [142/214]
Bahamian Raccoon, animal (not new) [214/141]

If you click here Limited Edition and Group Sale Items 12/31 you will see that a few items have dropped from the Limited Edition List:

Juvenile Hawk, Funky Music, Death By Jazz, Poison Pill Necklace those items are not listed any more. 

New Showbiz Crates 1/12

One for 12 RP 

3 for 35 RP

What's inside?

Flashy, weapon [198/150]
Shoe Bite, armor [151/198]
Venomous Accesory, animal [198/150]

Conversion, vehicle [213/156]
Showtime, weapon [156/213]
Starlet, henchmen [213/156]

Jet-Set, vehicle [167/228]
Thank You Speech, weapon [228/166]

Robbing Spree Season 6 1/12

Robbing Spree Season Six has begun! 

I got 15 Jammys when I logged in today

Prepare to send and collect as many Jammys (consumable) as you can!

I suggest collecting up to 100 of the Robbing Spree Consumables before beginning 

How To Play:  Don't forget we use Energy now, not Stamina! 

How to get more Jammys:
Earn up to 50 Jammys per day: 20 from requests, 20 from feeds, 5 from clicking on feeds and 5 from jobs.

The pay out:
Wander Warrior, vehicle [varies]
Door Shower, weapon [varies]
Radio Jockey, henchmen [varies]

Stranger's Swag 1/12

Today's Stranger's Swag is a Core Supernecker, weapon [178/112]

Collect up to five per day!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Coffin Crate Bundle 1/11

Dark Felis, animal [222/162] guaranteed with Coffin Crate Bundle

For 90 Reward Points you will get 9 items and a guaranteed Rare Dark Felis

Other Items are:
Fossor, henchmen [192/147]
Muddy Boots, armor [147/192]
Pruning Hook, weapon [192/147]
Cenotaph, armor [207/152]
Mourning Widow, henchmen [152/207]
Motorcycle Hearse, vehicle [152/207]
Funeral Wreath, weapon [162/222]
Dark Felis, animal [222/162]

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Arena Happy Hour 10-11AM Pacific Time 1/9

Another Arena Event that I will not be participating in.

"Fight in Arena between 10 & 11 AM PST and get Maximum XP to Stamina Ratio in Arena irrespective of your position"

In the words of a fellow player whom I admire a great deal; "I won't be doing this the Arena sucks for ices."

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stranger's Swag 1/6

Today's Stranger's Swag is a Strapped In, armor [111/177]

Collect up to 5 per day!