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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spockholm releases tool for new fight system

Team Spockholm has introduced a new option for fighting tools functional for the new fight system: the Assasin-a-Nator! It can be found right HERE on their beta scripts page. It has a few familiar filters. I'm off to check it out more!

**note, this only works with the NEW fighting system. If you're still on the old one, you won't be able to utilize this script yet.

Zynga's Q&A: #10 War Declared Notifications

Zynga Q & A #10 War Declared Notifications.

It really gets on player's nerves that while they are in the game and playing they get no notification at all when a war has been declared on them.

Topic #10 on Zynga's Q&A list is all about these notifications and they want to know what you suggest.

10. The red "War Declared" flag doesn't always show up. Can Mafia Wars notify me in any other way when war is declared against me?

Notifications are tricky... how would you like to be notified?

Above you can see I declared war against my adversary. They were in the game and playing Mafia Wars. They weren't notified anywhere with any red flag that I declared against them. They even went from Home to Properties and still they were clueless that somebody had declared against them. With how fast wars can be over this doesn't bode well for them at all.

Just by chance they went to their Player Updates and there they saw that I had gone to war with them. So in some way we are notified, but there is a slim chance that somebody would be stalking their own player updates to catch a war being declared on them in time.

Luckily they were able to get to this war and call for help before I had a single person helping me, but only because we were working in conjunction to get these screen shots specifically for this post.

The only time that the red flag appears with either War Declared or War Over is when you completely exit out of the game or refresh the tab. I know I stay in the game until I'm done with what I am doing. Very rarely will I back out and go back in repeatedly. This means no notification for me if I keep Mafia Wars open.

any Tennessee Meet-ups?

Next Saturday is the next Worldwide Meet-up day. You can check HERE for participating groups in your community.

Are any of you in the Middle Tennessee area and going to a meet-up? I know ya'll are out there, the blog gets hits from all around here :0) I can't make next weekend's meet-up personally, so I'm thinking about another meet-up this October. <It has been said that another Worldwide Meet-up Day would be scheduled, probably for sometime in October.> That would be awesome football weather then, too!

Email Me

Friday, June 17, 2011

"One" -by Mr. Wizard - New Bookmarklet

Well, the title may say "new bookmarklet" but this one is far from new. "One" is the bookmarklet of all bookmarklets. It's the "One" and only bookmarklet you need. Today's Mafia wars is a lot different on how it was a few years ago. Today, everything changes so fast. There are new Events, new cities, new loot. It's hard to even keep up. With all the new stuff that gets put out by Zynga, there are also new bookmarklets each day. All these bookmarklets can take up so much space on your toolbar. You also have to keep checking all the bookmarklet makers sites to see if there are any updates to the ones you use daily.

Well, Mr. Wizard has made this a lot easier for everyone. He came up with the "One" bookmarklet. This is basically 1 bookmarklet that has all the top bookmarklets you use on a daily basis. These are the most popular bookmarklets that are used today. One of the reasons why i like this bookmarklet so much is, he pays respect to the creators of these bookmarklets. He is not trying to steal them. He has just created a great shell that houses the most popular bookmarklets that you need each day.

Once you load this bookmarklet, just click it from your toolbar and it will unframe Mafia wars for you. Once Mafia Wars is unframed, then click the bookmarklet again. You will get this nice Menu on the right side of the window.

As you can see from the menu, this thing is amazing. It has all the stuff you need. The really cool thing about this to is, all the bookmarklets tie back to the original creators servers, so, if the creator of the bookmarklet puts out an update, you will automatically have the latest version.

One of the really cool features it has is, you can turn off what you do not use just by clicking the top row icon to the one you want to turn off. It will remove it from the list, and you can click it again to turn it back on.

Now, i am not going to go into how to use each of these bookmarklets at this time. This is just a brief blog about the Mr. Wizards bookmarklet "One". If you have any feedback/suggestions or if there is a bookmarklet that you would like added to "One", Go to Mistyifed Mafia Wars & Pimping Facebook page and let them know. They are real good at listening to peoples comments and trying to help you out.

You can download this bookmarklet by going Here


New Top Lootable Items

Bossy Don over at TopMafia has put together this list of the new top equipment that we can loot in Mafia Wars. I haven't verified this yet myself, but as Bossy points out, she is usually right *cough*

Only the Venomous survived the cut. Everything else we must now figure out how to farm from Brazil.

Friday Update from the Mafia Wars blog

As promised, the Mafia Wars blog has posted its first weekly update! Nate said during the last Mafia Wars Live that they would start doing this, every Friday.
  • The new Mission Event will be called "Blood Money"
  •  New Lucky Stash loot
  • Collector's Edition Items
  • Premium Boosts
  • More Declare War loot and achievements
  • The Big Payout - a high energy Brazil job with good payouts
 These items are as they have currently scheduled and are of course subject to change, but we should be seeing these items this coming week.

consumables needed for Rocinha district

 If you've been wondering how many consumables you need to stock up on in order to complete the new Brazil districts, you are not alone. I found that the Mafia Wars Wiki has an updated list for the Rocinha district. Below are the consumables you'll need, and you can check the Wiki link for info on any other needed items to complete the new districts. 

Item localinformant 01.png Local Informant Consumables 20 20 20 20 80
Item radiophone 01.png Radio Phone Consumables 17 17 17 17 68
Item gascan 01.png Gas Can Consumables 17 17 17 17 68

If anyone has compiled a list of the number of consumables needed for the last two districts, please share the info on our fan page!

Zynga's Q&A: #9 Reduce Property Build Clicks

Zynga's Q&A #9 Reduce Clicks for Building in Properties

Next up from Zynga's big Q&A deals with the amount of clicks it takes to get to the item you want to build in your properties. You can visit this thread to tell them what you think.
9. It takes way too many clicks to navigate over to the Chop Shop & Weapons Depot items I want to build!

This is one of the many items already on our To Do list. It will take quite a bit of development time, though, so we plan to include changes like this in a bigger project in which we reexamine chop shops, weapons depots, and all other properties as a whole. Currently, we do not have this scheduled for the near future, but as one of a number of properties changes coming later.
I can't wait until they finally put this higher on their to-do list. The Chop Shop takes 19 clicks to get to the end, Weapons Depot takes = 16, Armory = 15 and the Private Zoo = 12. Every click scrolls the selection by one item.
By the time I get to the end of all four properties in New York my clicker finger is already needing a rest.

New York properties are not the only properties that could benefit from an update. The Port in Italy also scrolls by one item per click and takes 14 clicks to get to the end. I would hate to think how many clicks this would take if they ever felt like upgrading it like they do to NY properties.

It seems like in Brazil they actually got something right (just don't them that). Both the Black Market and the Workshop scroll by three items and only take 2 clicks to get to the end of the list.

All in all that is a lot of clicks just to build a couple of items. I was astounded when I counted for this article how many clicks it takes, 80 total, if you were to build the very last item in each property.

There are so many options that they could choose in order to improve this. I don't want to keep feeling like my finger is going to fall off or have to replace my mouse because I broke it by over clicking. For a brief period of time, the item view in properties defaulted to start with the last item, but was later changed back to start with the first item. Most of us build items toward the end of the list, and so it takes more clicks to get where we're going. 

That would be a simple enough solution, just reversing the first item shown. What are some other ways to improve property build navigation?

free daily Lucky Stash spins

Free Spins on the Slot Machine
By Feature Contributor Sudesh Kumar Agrawal

Eh...busy fighting and doing operations?
Probably you forgot to spin the slot machine.
Here's the link [for three free slot spins]

You get 3 free spins from this link once every 24 hr (so bookmark this link); you need not play a friend's slot to get it.

You get three free spins to play from the lucky stash and could get up to 3 free spins on your slot machine as a reward. In the screen shot below I have got 2 free spins but in general you always get 1 free spin(the machine has been rigged to do so). So instead of playing the lucky stash use the above link [for more free spins].

And then you have a regular free spin too; making it a total of 4 spins a day.

So please don't fall into believing that you have got more than 3 spins from this link if it shows you 4, it's actually 3.

Absinthe + Jukebox gone from Gift page

In another example of the lack of foresight on the part of the Zyngon developers, they have removed the Absinthe + Jukebox boosts from the Gift page and yet they leave us the option to "Send Boost" in our Fight page. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. In fact looking at the current Gift page below, there are NO boosts to speak of, not even a Hollow Point, which was taken off the page a week or so ago.

*Hint* if you are going to remove something from the Gift page, I would humbly suggest the Mystery Shipment + Mystery Animal and even Satchel of Lira. We all know they are craptacular as far as gifts go.

Brazil New Districts FAQ

The FAQ is up for the new Brazil districts.

Some points of interest:

Jobs in the new districts which drop consumables: 
-District 6:  Convince The Locals of Your Good Intentions—Local Informant
-District 6:  Hijack a Fuel Truck—Gas Can
-District 7:  Take Advantage of a Distracted Crowd—Radio Phone
-District 8:  Destroy the Neo-Imperium's Cover Operations—Button Camera

District Mastery items -- check out the stats and the bonuses each provides!

Bronze:  193/109 and Increase damage dealt to City bosses by 2%
Silver:  211/119 and Increase damage dealt to City bosses by 4%
Gold:  229/129 and Increase damage dealt to City bosses by 7%
Ruby:  247/141 and Increase damage dealt to City bosses by 10%

Machete Dance Prop
Bronze:  115/203 and Increase Brazil property payout by 3%
Silver:  125/218 and Increase Brazil property payout by 7%
Gold:  136/234 and Increase Brazil property payout by 11%
Ruby:  147/251 and Increase Brazil property payout by 15%

Bronze:  205/125 and Increase damage dealt in Brazil Fighting by 1%
Silver:  220/135 and Increase damage dealt in Brazil Fighting by 2%
Gold:  240/145 and Increase damage dealt in Brazil Fighting by 4%
Ruby:  260/155 and Increase damage dealt in Brazil Fighting by 5%

Where to find the new loot drops:

District 6: Rio de Janeiro - Rocinha
Common: Ukari, Mosquito Pinners, Tropical Pith Helmet
Uncommon: Bairds's Tapir, Huecuva
Rare: Amazon River Cruiser

District 7: Rio de Janeiro - Copacabana
Common: Fur Seal, Fire Juggler's Torch, Ye'kuana Basket
Uncommon: Street Party, Smoke Squadron Fighter
Rare: Golden Lion Tamarin

District 8: Sao Paolo - Taubate Prison
Common: Corroded Combat Knife, Atelid Monkey, Sinaaskin
Uncommon: Prison Transporte, Prison Chain Whip
Rare: Three-banded Armadillo

New collections mentioned (which are not yet in my game)

Butterflies (No Revault Bonus): +10 Defense, 15 Energy
Owl Butterfly, Malachite, Blue Morpho, Postman, Cattleheart, Emerald Swallowtail, Zebra Mosiac

Cultural Dishes (No Revault Bonus): +15 Attack, 15 Stamina
Brigadeiro, Pastel, Tapioa, Vatapa, Caruru, Pao de Queijo, Moqueca

Truco Cards (No Revault Bonus): +20 Attack, 20 Defense
Espadilha, Ancho de Basto, Siete Bravo, Sete Ouro, Caballo, Valetes, Sete Copa

Brazil consumables on Free Gifts page

There's also a new home page ad, telling us to send Brazil gifts.

This just takes you to the free gift page, where a couple of Brazil consumables have been added. From what I'm hearing, which gifts are shown on the Free Gift page will vary for each player, and some players are even saying they've got Brazil property build parts on their Free Gifts screen.

New Brazil Achievements

There's a whole mess of new Brazil achievements!

  • River Rider
    In Progress (2/3)
    Earned by looting 3 Dug Out Canoes
  • Brazilian Burglar
    Brazilian Burglar
    In Progress (0/100)
    Earned by robbing 100 times in Brazil
  • Family Gathering
    Family Gathering
    In Progress (0/200)
    Earned by acquiring a total of 200 crew in Brazil
  • Like a Boss
    Like a Boss
    In Progress (0/65)
    Earned by finishing all of the Brazil Missions
  • Fala Serio! Bronze
    Fala Serio! Bronze
    In Progress (5/8)
    Earned by completing the Bronze level Mastery of Districts 1-8 in Brazil
  • Fala Serio! Silver
    Fala Serio! Silver
    In Progress (1/8)
    Earned by completing the Silver level Mastery of Districts 1-8 in Brazil
  • Fala Serio! Gold
    Fala Serio! Gold
    In Progress (1/8)
    Earned by completing the Gold level Mastery of Districts 1-8 in Brazil
  • Fala Serio! Ruby
    Fala Serio! Ruby
    In Progress (0/8)
    Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of Districts 1-8 in Brazil

New Brazil districts now open

Hey guys, as promised, the new Brazil districts are now here in time for the weekend. Get to mastering!

Zynga's Q&A: #8 Turn Boosts On or Off

#8 on the list:
8. Why can’t I save my boosts for when I really want to use them?
The new fighting system introduced the ability to enable and disable the use of boosts in each fight. While this does not let you pick and choose specifically which boosts you use and when, we did want to get the basic functionality out, and we will be making improvements in the future.
Please share your feedback regarding Boosts.

This has been partially addressed already in both the old and new fight systems with the introduction of the on/off option for fight boosts.  Although from what I understand, there have been issues with the boosts.

In the thread about the issue, the suggestion is made to add this functionality to robbing, as well. For that matter, why to energy and cash boosts when doing jobs? Visit the thread and say what you think.

Zynga's Q&A: #7 Health During Boss Fights

Item #7 on Zynga's Q&A list is about how other players can still attack you, even when you're doing a boss fight. During the Mafia Wars Live broadcast before this past one, Jeff AKA Month explained a major reason why Zynga hasn't made it so that we can't be attacked during boss fights. Essentially they don't want a loop hole in the game that would allow a player to "hide" from being on the fight list. Point. I hadn't thought about that, but you know it would happen.

The Zyngons have an idea about how to handle that, and want to know your thoughts on it

At that time Jeff explained this idea, which is also mentioned in item #6:

7. When fighting a boss, my health sometimes decreases because I’m also being attacked by other players. Please make it so that other players can’t attack me while I’m fighting a boss, as it can prevent me from being able to ice the boss.
There are some challenges with this, but we are open to suggestions. The solution we’re currently considering is to essentially give you boss-fight-specific health. You would enter into a boss fight with a full bar of health and be able to fight the boss knowing that only they can reduce it. To reflect the fact that fighting someone in real life would leave you vulnerable to attack by others, you would still be able to be attacked by other players, but any hits you receive outside of the boss fight will only be reflected in your regular health. Because you can still be attacked and even iced while in a boss fight, you’ll still want to give some attention to building good attack and defense stats. The strategic balancing of stats is an important part of Mafia Wars. Please share your feedback regarding Boss Fight Health.

Hmm. A separate health meter for boss fight? That might just work. What do you think?

A load of CRAP-Secret Stash

This is all I ever get "SORRY", you didn't steal anything. Get help from friends and they can steal an item too.

I just don't get it. It was forever until I got this feature, and I had to beg CS to get it. This might be "a Good Thing" if you could actually win something at least once a month and didn't have to spam your friends gift box for requests to help.

THUMBs DOWN on this one.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

FAMILIES, I've Got options, FINALLY

In the new feature "families" I've finally got some options. When this feature first rolled out I had little if any options for my position as "underboss"

Now, when I click on the families tab I am able to invite people to join.

Also, I have this little red "x" beside everyone's name, (except for the God father/mother person). If you click on the red x beside your own name, you can remove yourself from the family. And if you have a soldier who's not doing his duty, then clicking on the "x" beside that soldier's name, you are able to remove them, aka, kick them out.

But as for the chat feature, well I don't have that yet. And with Zynga's slow roll out who know when it will magically appear. I guess I will just have to wait for the Zyngon Gods to flip their little switches. :/