Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, June 29, 2012

They're BAAACK! Pa Barker Mystery Bags 6/29

Because a secret district,  two limited time properties and mafia poker don't have you clicking enough the Pa Barker Mystery Bag has come again to keep us busy gifting like mad!

My previous Pa Barker Bags got me these hot items:

+1 Reward Point (x2)
+1 Pa Barker (x3, possibly a daily limit)
+5 Energy Points
+5 Attack Points
+1,500 Pound (London Cash)
+1 Stamina Boost
+1 Carpenter Nails
+1 Nerve Agent
+1 Reinforced Door
+1 Hobo Lookout
+1 Douglas Fir Beams (x2)
+1 Lath Strips (x2)
+1 Throwing Knives
+1 Wishlist Item 
+1 Berlin Wall Section

Today's Stranger's Swag: Bus Tour Guide 6/29

Today's Stranger's Swag is a Bus Tour Guide
Henchmen, 135 att/82 def

Safe Water Saves Lives 6/29

With and Mafia Wars is selling a Snake Boat to help ensure clean water and sanitation to those struggling with the water crisis. The Safe Water Saves Lives Mafia Wars Official Blog post has more information.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Energy/Stamina City Collection Change 6/28

We can now collect our Cities Energy & Stamina above our current maximum.
Be sure to use it *within one hour* of collecting or it will drop down to your maximum.
The Mafia Wars Official Blog just announced a Change in collection of Energy & Stamina from properties

Stranger's Swag: Hairy Frog 6/28

Today's Stranger's Swag is a Hairy Frog

Animal, 83 ATT/ 136 DEF

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In The Marketplace 6/26

Tuned-In 35 RP

Peanut Group Sale Item

Derby Crates 6 RP

Armed Vest 35 RP

Ex Marine 35 RP

Bootcamp 35 RP

Third Family Property, Not Yet

Boss Fights, none

Knuckle Chuckle Free Gift from Mafia Wars 6/26

Knuckle Chuckle, Armor, 176 ATT/ 111 DEF

Has been added to your inventory!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hellish Hydraulics Property "event" 6/25

Let the begging begin. Poker, DIY Weapons Lab, Lighthouse Lobbying Secret District and now a Hellish Hydraulics Property "event" 

Level 1 requires 1 part to build, on the left, and 10 on the right to upgrade to level 2. Level 2 requires 2 parts to build and so on. Here is the table:

There are several ways to collect parts listed here:

Collect a part when you click on the Parts Needed post and jobs 

Let's see how this goes. In the meantime  and though they have found yet another way to clog the feed with this, we *still* do not have our third Family Property 

or our Boss Fights back.

Way to go Zynga

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mafia Poker Season 6 is here 6/24

Prepare for a flood of inbox gifts and send them out as fast as you can!

The prize this time is a Bohemian, Henchmen (various ATT/DEF)

Earlier Blog Posts about Mafia Poker (and issues we've all had)

Because this is really annoying me now, the third family property is *still* not open.

How long until "soon" happens?