Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Grifter: Attack Aces Angotti 5/11

Secret District Boss Fight

Once you have knocked "Aces" Angotti's health down to %50 you can see the boss fight combos
1st Combo

2nd Combo

3rd Combo

And in case you don't want to or can't get to the %50 damage to uncover the combinations, Zynga will gladly take 3 Reward Points to sell you one set!

When you beat Aces for the Bronze you see this

And you will receive one of the "Call His Bluff"

Earlier post on The Grifter 

London Missions Missing? 5/11

Zynga is *working on it*
Check this Forum Post by Melissa Y
Don't forget to click the survey link on the Forum Post!


VIP work-around by Mr. Wizard 5/11

If you do *not* have access to purchase the VIP program yet
Mr. Wizard has created a work-around for you! Get VIP (Yes, you *still* have to pay)

Toolbar before injector is used

Toolbar after injector is used

Clicking VIP link takes you here:

Clicking Join Now takes you here:

This injects the code to allow users to sign up for the VIP program. You *still* have to pay for it. Some accounts still do not have the option to purchase: with this now you have the option.

Newest Script VIP Injector can be found at:

MW Addon Link:

Spockholm Toolbar:

MW Addon Import Option:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New London Mission Event 5/10-28

Part 1: Object of the Game

Part 2: Umpires Decision

Part 3: Eye on the Prize 

Part 4: Bent Rules (Big EXP payout, watch for level)
(I was able to buy 2nd war for 3rp)

Part 5: Feed the Craving

Part 6: Full Yet Empty
This can take a day and a half because of the collect from your Olympic Stadium 4 times

Part 7:  Hidden Agenda
Mostly pretty easy and quick, except declare a war 3 times.

Part 8:  Fire in the Belly

Part 9: Put the Kettle On

Part 10: Bring it to a Boil

Part 11:  Lower the Flame

Part 12: Leave to Brew

Part 13: The Table has been Laid

Part 14: Chew Don't Swallow

Mission 15: Tip Over

Mission 16: Pour Out

More to come...

The Grifter: New Secret Chicago District 5/10

New Secret District:: The Grifter (Chicago)

Another collecting, gifting, 2x Loot Boost, event. Make sure to send you mafia a Deck of Cards 

Do these exciting Jobs

Loot from Grifter Jobs

After completing these jobs we get this new, exciting, Boss fight!
Defeat "Aces" Angotti

For beating the Boss we get this cool new item

Complete the Grifter to Ruby to get the Grifter!

Mafia Poker Season 5 has begun 5/10

Poker Season 5 has begun, so be prepared for a flood of gifts in the ZMC 

Send, send, send!

There are nine days left to play and win this lovely Night Brawler 

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Get your FREE cheerleader

Mafia Wars is giving all players a new Henchmen Item called Cheerleader. This item can be found in your Game Requests on Facebook.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Look for your Mafia Wars Requests.

Step 3: If you don't see a request from Mafia Wars click below those few where it says "See requests from others" (may have names).

Step 4: If you clicked to see more requests then use the Find (Control+F) feature in your browser. Find "Free! We're giving you a Cheerleader to claim what's rightfully yours " with the find feature to find the request faster.

Once you click into the request you will see this as a pop up (Please note you will see all the other pop ups also, so pay attention to which ones you are closing).

Click "Claim Your Reward" and it will show up in your inventory. It does not have any pop ups or anything to say you have claimed it. Just go check your inventory using the Search feature to speed things up. You should see this: