Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

New VIP Loot Dropping 7/7

I just noticed a couple of new VIP loot items dropping in fighting: 
Gladiator and Quagga

In The Marketplace 7/7

Today's Group Sale Item is the Samurai Mempo

Only a little over 1000 to go before the item is Silver (higher stats)

Another Mega Pack for the low, low price of $99

A few not-so-new Limited Edition Items


Bicycle Helmet

Street Thunder  

Lots of things to spend money on, but still no third Family Property

Still no Boss Fights

The Wine Cellar (Facepalm)

Surprise, surprise.....Zynga has dumped another limited time property on us.  Ok, it's not really surprise.  We knew it was on the way.  The continued release of the @#*!%^$ properties is obviously never going to stop until the end of the game, and with the DAU slipping away that may be sooner than we think (1). Well surprise, surprise Zynga: I am not doing this stupid property, just like I did not do the one before this one. I have enough stress in my life thank you very much, and I am here to preach te same message I preached about the DIY Weapons Lab (2) - DON'T BUILD IT.

Do not reward Zynga's idiotic behavior by even touching these damn properties!!! Zynga needs to listen to its player base, but why should they when so many players give in and build these stupid things? Zynga has proven in the past that they do hear what we say, and sometimes they comply. They are simply ignoring the player base on this limited time property bullcrap.

People quit playing over the continued release of these properties. And many, like myself, feel like quitting and get one step closer to waking away. I love this game. I love the friendships that have come from it. I love the social and "political" nature of the game. The game truly is a phenomenon, and Zynga's greed and stupidity is suffocating it all. Mark Pincus the Dingus and his minions are destroying not only the game, but the culture of mafia wars. Don't help them do this to the game.

Yours truly,
{ℳ} Қetąmῗиe Қῗd =Ʀ²Ƒ=, formally known as: {ℳ} ßrµ†µ§ =Ʀ²Ƒ=

Friday, July 6, 2012

Update on Power Attacks 7/6

The Official Mafia Wars Blog posted this morning about changes to Power Attacks.
Power attacks will be worth 15 attacks per click for 12 hours starting 0:00 today (so I guess that means until noon pacific time today) They may or may not make it permanent depending on feedback ( or not)
It's *lovely* that they are doing stuff, busy, busy, busy! Seriously though, Where is our 3rd Family Property?
Please share your feelings at the link below!

Pick Your Own Bundle 7/6

Pick Your Own Bundle Limited Time Offer

Prices Vary depending on items you select

20% off

Collect Your Free Mad Professor 7/6

Free Mad Professor, Henchmen, 110 attack, 176 defense

Welcome Back to the Family

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Notification Changes 7/5

This morning on the Official Mafia Wars Blog, Notification Changes were announced.
Notifications are to be simplified, now one notification regardless of type of attack (regular or power attack) and batched power attacks will be reported as a single attack.

Today's Stranger's Swag: Neck Brace 7/5

Neck Brace, Armor, 136 attack, 83 defense

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Casino Crates July 4th

In the Marketplace Now, Casino Crates 3 for 35 RP

Single Crate, 12 RP

Common Loot Items

Uncommon Loot Items

Rare Loot Items

Still Waiting: Family Property #3: Event Fatigue July 4th

"Dear Zynga..." I have written that a number of times to customer service over the past couple of months. In *every* contact I have had with CS I asked about our Third Family Property. I got the same reply every single time. The CS agent has no information regarding that.


Since June 6th we have had more than a dozen different "events" from Land Ahoy, Midsummer Manic, Few and Proud, we have had new Limited Properties, DIY Weapons Lab, Hellish Hydraulics, we have had secret districts,  the Slammer and Lighthouse Lobbying. We have had collection events and Reward Point spend-a-thons. 

Yes, Zynga has had their design team *very* busy creating a bunch of short term events and properties and *sale* events that seemed to need us to spend Reward Points (cash cash cash to Zynga) so that we can get to the next hot loot item. Some of the loot in these "new" *events* isn't even new loot. I honestly don't know how many ways we can communicate to Zynga that we, the players, would like the Third Family Property to open. To me, this simply explains why so many players have left the game. I'm sure even more will leave, as it is becoming a *pay to play* if you want to play at the higher levels, if you want the best loot.

Just my two cents worth

American BBQ Gifting Event July 4th

Happy Independence Day

Get ready to have your Zynga Message Center even *more* filled with gift requests because this is a send and receive gifts kind of event.
Today and tomorrow it will be all Wood Chunks, followed by Skewers and Saucy Hot.

If you are going out of town for the holiday, Zynga has again given us the option to purchase completion of parts of this event for a few Reward Points

The loot looks pretty good once you get to Gold level:

BBQ Grill (Bronze level) 127 attack/65 defense

Scissor Tongs (Bronze level) 131 attack/66 defense

Medium Rare (Bronze level) 67 attack/135 defense)

The Grand Prize is this Star Spangled Cooler. 
If this gifting & collecting event is like the previous similar events, you should be able to complete it up to three times.
Good luck & Happy 4th of July

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New VIP Loot Dropping 7/3

X-Ray Tetra, Animal, 94 attack, 137 defense

Skull Suit, Armor, 137 attack, 93 defense

911, Vehicle, 138 attack, 95 defense

Steam Bus, Vehicle, 95 attack, 138 defense

Dibble, weapon, 94 attack, 138 defense

Chemical Engineer, Henchmen, 137 attack, 94 defense

Oriental Retribution Mission Event 7/3

Oriental Retribution

Mission #1: Fresh Off The Boat
Easy peasy

Mission #2:  Swimming with the Big Fish

Mission #3:  A Night on the Underground

Mission #4:  Taking Their Leave

Mission #5: What a Beautiful Ring

Mission #6: New Friends

Mission #7:  Profiting from your Loss

Mission #8: Winner's Circle

Mission #9: Disoriented

New loot item from this Mission: Judo Expert

When you click "Defeat Kasumi Leonovich" you go to the fight page, spend 100 stamina

What's next?