Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is it fun or a gaming addiction?

So the Question is: Is it fun or a gaming addiction?

Well, that's complicated.  If you spend more of your personal time playing than living, I think it's safe to say that's an addiction.  Everyone that plays has some form of a real life, no matter what their circumstances.  So if you are neglecting your real life, the real people in your life, your relationships, your job or family and not practicing some type of moderation then it's time to re-evaluate where you stand.  There are lots of players looking at the game and wondering where their time went and whether zynga really cares that they are driving players off in droves because of the excessive everything.

A simple thought is this: If Mafia Wars causes you stress in any way, it might be time to think about if you are playing a GAME or addicted.

For the addicted who know they are addicted and still enjoy it, I'm offering an anti-stress kit below.  For those that are still not sure, see the list after the anti-stress kit so that you can contemplate where you fit in on the addiction scale for Mafia Wars.

In the past jokes have been passed around as status posts on fb that are similar to the list below.  In this instance, these were created by me (in humor) so that you can see how many you identify with to determine if you might just be an addicted Mafia Wars player. 
  • It’s safe to say you are probably at least mildly addicted to playing mafia wars if you can identify or relate to more than say, 5 of the following:
  • You have logged into the game more than twice a day to make sure you have built from your properties
  • You know what speed building is and have tried it more than once
  • You have “Mastered” a Spam Event all 3 times
  • You have or have had more than 3 tabs open with all tabs running a different script/bookmarklet in the game
  • You know what Chucker is and the first thing you think of is not a tv show about catapulting pumpkins
  • You *care* what your “worst item” Attack/Defense stat is
  • You know what a Mock War is
  • You have completed/collected all the items for every collection
  • You have completed all of the jobs in every available City
  • You have maxed out your property upgrade on every property in every available City
  • You have contemplated whether to use battlefield, assassinator or slayer
  • You know what a Secret District is
  • The Don’s Gift doesn’t sound like a present from your friend named Don
  • You have seen more guns on your computer screen than in a movie
  • You know what the maximum gift collecting limit is and don’t like it
  • You can only help 25 friends in this City per day means something to you
  • 5 part property max is an all too familiar message and you think it bites
  • Beg for parts
  • A farm account has nothing to do with playing Farmville
  • Boss fight can can be individual or as a family and does not mean you might get fired
  • Arson buff is not someone who is good at committing arson
  • You see another “new” property and think :sigh: then check to see if any of the items you can build will come with more than 6 skill points
  • You suffer from Event Fatigue
  • You have a list of things that you try to accomplish every day within a GAME
  • You like friends that return special parts more than ones that send Mystery Shipments
  • You have over 10,000 animal feeds
  • You know what re-vaulting means
  • You know the difference between a Leader’s Reward and a Helper’s Reward
  • Congratulations!  For being a loyal player you have been rewarded with…is a message you try to remember to receive every day
  • 3 free spins means something to you
  • A mission is something you try to complete not something you read about a military doing in the newspaper
  • You can only help in 5 wars = annoying
  • You have ever had RGB or PFR on your wishlist and know what those letters stand for
  • GC = a trading commodity and you have traded for something
  • Stolen Ice means something other than an ice machine getting robbed and you are annoyed by that message
  • When you hear “The beast” you in no way think of a Disney movie
  • Tediously checking your player updates and posting capos on group walls is something you have done
  • You have bought, with real actual money, RP
  • You have more than 2 accounts for the sole purpose of anything related to mafia wars
  • You have had a bad experience with zynga customer service more than once
  • Unframe has nothing to do with paintings hung on your wall

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just say NO to excessive Mafia Wars stress!

Mafia Chores. This should be the name of the game these days. There is simply tooooooo much going on in this game. But you know what? I am no longer going to stress out about it. I have determined that there is just no way I am going to be able to do it all. So I am actively avoiding the functions in this game that I personally find most annoying.

It started with deciding to not put any effort whatsoever into any of the missions. I am simply not going to do them. Next I decided to not participate in the last new property. It has still not been built. Then I decided not to play even one single hand of the new poker season. I have not even collected one single card. I am in no hurry to make warlord 10. I am gonna get my ass kicked in fights. I am not gonna beat every player I attack. Blah blah blah. Simply put? I have decided that some of this stuff in this crazy game is just simply not going to matter to me. And everything will be just fine.

I love this game, but it has begun to consume way too much of my life. Moderation - I need it, and letting some of this crap go is the first step. I hear there is another new property on the way. Meh. No biggie. I could care less. I want to enjoy Mafia Wars not be a slave to it. I doubt Zynga is ever gonna stop overloading the game with "activities", but I do not have to encourage them by desperately trying to complete every little task. Moderation - I need it. {ℳ} Қetąmῗиe Қῗd =Ʀ²Ƒ=

MAFIA WARS Ice Season 17 ending soon!

Those of you still trying to complete Ice Season 17 for Mafia Wars are now fast running out of time: you have less than 90 minutes!! Or hopefully, you're already done. I didn't touch this ice season. I've been dealing with a family crisis on top of my normal class work, and I've been lucky to be able to check the game a few times a day! Better luck next time, I guess--we'll see Ice Season 18 before too long.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


{K}  A while ago we were asked what we would change in the game if we hurry, whenever we get "rountoit".  (that was a couple months ago <blush>)

This brings me to the biggest thing I would change...THE NUMBER OF MISIONS AND EVENTS MAKE THE DAM GAME INTO A JOB AND NOT A GAME ANYMORE!  We could use more breaks from missions and events.  Remember the days when "Special Event" meant something...I can still remember everyone waiting anxiously for them!  They were a rare treat, that generated they just generate frustration for how fast they come.


  I would change how the profile pages of other players are loaded.  Don't see a reason that loading a game profile page should almost hang up a browswer.  A simple ghost image of the profile below the information we look at would let the page load a lot faster! reason for it to have to get all the information from the server all the time when looking at other players..gets annoying when targeting someone...

Third...I would get rid of the slap in the face reward from vaulting the stones collection in Brazil! me that 20 000 after all that time and effort in trying to complete the collection is the same as being told  F%$&$  &*& (in my opinion).

Another thing to nuke is the constant reminder to check your mission progress every time you change in game tabs!


Another thing..I would like a definite number of "extra loot" that comes from wars when your family has level 8 in family progress...or maybe it's just me still getting "you have already recieved 5 rewards...."

There are a few other things I would like to change..when I get "rountoit" ;)

All I will say is.."It is a game, so treat it like a game...enjoy".


Picture 060 Timothy Payne                                Owner/Author Of Mafia Spirit Blog  GreenSpotlight2



I Would Like To Thank Misty For Inviting Me As A Guest Writer. It Is A Great Honor To Write This Post For Mistyfied Mafia Wars.

Green Arrow FB MAFIA WARS ADDON Multi-Gifter

With the decline in the number of daily users it is becoming more important for the veteran players of Mafia Wars to help our newer and lower level brethren. The players who are just beginning to play the game are playing the game from scratch, just as we once did. These players need our assistance to help them grow and become stronger players. One way that we can help these new players advance in the game is the FB Mafia Wars Addon’s multi-gifter.


If you use the Chrome browser and need to install the addon then follow this link FB Mafia Wars Addon. You may also need to install MWAddon Chromium Extended v1.0.6 for all the features in the addon to work properly.


If you use the Firefox browser you likely will need to install Greasemonkey before you can install the addon.


If you have the FB Mafia Wars Addon already installed then you should be familiar with the ‘green arrow’ and the slide out list of features. .

Multi gifter Just hover your cursor over the ‘Multi-Gifter’ link and click to open the Multi-Gifter page.

Multi gifter 2

*note: You can only send up to 10,000 gifts per day

You now have several options that depend upon what you wish to send to your friends. On the left side you have 2 drop down menus. The top drop down menu allows you to choose from Collection, Loot, Boosts, Favorite, and to search for an item. Just note that for items to show in any list they do need to be in your inventory and the item ‘must’ be giftable.

Multi gifter 3 Collection I chose the collection option from the list on the left and now have 2 more drop down menus located on the right. I can choose from the location of the collection or I can choose a collection by name of the collection.

Multi gifter 4 Collection Multi gifter 5 Collection

Since it’s Valentine’s Day (Old collection) I chose special and Valentine’s Day from the 2 drop down boxes on the right. As you can see the items I have in my inventory for this collection are now populating the left column.

Multi gifter 6 CollectionSimply click on the name of the item in the left column you wish to gift to your friend and it now appears in the right column. 

Multi gifter 7 Collection

The second drop down menu (in the left column) allows you to find the friend you wish to send the giftable items to. The default is set to All MW Friends and is in alphabetical order. You can search for specific friends if you know their name. In the example above I searched for our dear friend Magnolia and clicked on the check box which now adds our friends name to the right column.


In the bottom row (the green numbered buttons, etc) we select how many of the item we wish to send.

Multi gifter 8 Collection Our friend is now loaded in the send queue and all we need to do is click the yellow ‘START’ button and our gift is on it’s way.

Multi gifter 9 CollectionYou will be informed that your gift has been sent. You can publish that you sent a gift to facebook or you can click the yellow ‘FINISH’ button and you are done.


Sending loot and boosts work very similarly in the FB Mafia Wars Addon multi-gifter. Explore the tools features and have fun and help out your friends.

Collector's Edition Item ~ Trucker

Step right up, spend 46 RP and get yourself a Collector's Edition Trucker.  

This one does come with a decent Attack/Defense ratio of 165/95 +4 Defense Points.  Is it worth that 46 RP, well, that depends on your perspective and whether you are a collector or not.  For me, I believe I'll spend my RP elsewhere.

50% is better with Gamecards

As most of you probably know, 50% is the name of the game today. 50% on RPs bought in game, redeemed with Facebook Credits or 50% off Game Card redemptions. If you spend money on this game then you should know that the better deal is with the Game Cards. And FYI, $25 Game Cards offer the best ratio (even without the 50% sale). Let me lay it out for ya: one $25 dollar game card offers 310 RPs today, but $25 will only get you 215 RPs if you buy them in the game with a credit card or FB credits. A $50 Game Card will net you 6 RPs LESS than two $25 Game Cards (614 VS. 620). $10 cards normally net 60 RPs, so today they should net 120 RPs. There are also $15 Game Cards available (i have seen them at Wal-Mart), but I have never purchased one before so I cannot speak to them. I went with two $25 cards for 620 RPs :) So, as Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation would say, "Treat yourself!!!" (Cards can be bought online here: Buy Online; but be aware there is sometimes a delay)- {ℳ} Қetąmῗиe Қῗd =Ʀ²Ƒ=

MAFIA WARS Tough Love: Yay, another Marketplace "event"

Happy Valentine's Day ya'll! There's a new Mafia Wars Marketplace "sale event" going on. I'm not a big fan of events that push buying, but this variety is at least the best of the bunch. Make 15 qualifying purchases to receive the Rogue FBI Agent loot item. I won't be making 15 purchases, but the good thing about these types of sales is that there are several items that rotate at reduced prices--for instance, Reward Points are 50% off today. We'll also see things like reduced costs of stamina refills and the like. We may even see some skill point reallocation, as it's been a few days.

I figured we'd see this Tough Love sale today; it was mentioned in conjunction with the Valentine's Day Massacre a few days back.

MAFIA WARS Love and War: Cupid's Arrow

Just a quick note--Mafia Wars players, get your spam fingers ready! The third object in the Love and War boost mastery event is now unlocked so you can go get collecting & gain yourself the grand prize: 

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

MAFIA WARS Special Guest blogger coming soon!

Mafia Wars players! I'm pleased to announce that we'll be having a special guest blogger in the next few days. Timothy, the author of the Mafia Spirit blog dedicated to Mafia Wars, will be stopping by to share some information about the game with us! I have followed his blog for some time now, and we got to talking on Facebook today and thought would be a great idea to lend a new perspective to our respective blogs. Be watching for his post, and please make him feel welcome :)

MAFIA WARS Love Kills Slowly mock war

 Mafia Wars players, heads up, there's a mock war going on over at the Love Kills Slowly Mock War page! AND, it's for a good cause. Head over to their page and check out the action, and read how you can help their cause for the Westview Boys Home. There's a $50 Mafia Wars gift card up for grabs, and also some Mafia Wars swag.
Massive Mafia Wars Mock War Charity Event - Feb 12th - Feb 14th Rain or Shine! Check out info for setting up toolbar for scoring!!

You don't want to miss this!

Save the date: Feb 12th - Feb 14th Rain or Shine!

The Love Kills Slowly Mafia Wars Mock War is a charity event to benefit Westview Boys Home in Hollis,OK. The event will take place Feb 12th – 14th on the event page on Facebook. The Mock War is free for anyone to play, however in order to be eligible to win prizes including a $50 Mafia Wars Gift Card, exclusive Mafia Wars Swag (Cigarette Case, Playing Cards, Poster, T-Shirt) or in-game loot items such as PFR, RGB, Weapon parts you need to make a small donation of $20. If you aren’t currently an UnlockedMW member, this donation also gets you a free 2 week trial to UnlockedMW so that you will be able to use UnlockedMW for the Event! The donations page is UP!!!

Wall Photos
How to play in the mock war....just set the Mock War Scoring app to auto run... and reload Mafia Wars. Important Links to here, your targets, and the donation page will be displayed on the scoring pane.
By: Love Kills Slowly Mock War

Come join our Skype Room for banter and fun during the war!

to setup the BUCKET MWLIST
you have the scoring thing loaded

if so click targets

in the link on the new page copy whats after the =

then goto the home in MW click the devil it will popup

then paste that in the hopper

hit start

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