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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, November 26, 2011


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Friday, November 25, 2011

Mafia Wars: Coming Next Week

From the official Mafia Wars blog:
Coming Next Week*
*As far as currently scheduled, but things can change.

Ice Season 12
Gift Mastery Event: Incognito
Tattoo Crates
Secret District: Snake Island
So it doesn't look like we're going to get a break between the current ice season and the next one :-/  And oh boy! Another cost-prohibitive secret district! I hope to hell this one has better ratios than the last one; I was almost sorry I bothered to finish the last secret district.

Collector's Edition loot item Ethiopian Wolf not faring well on Black Friday

I could only laugh when I just saw that there were so many Ethiopian Wolfs available still, 8 hours after the second round came available. These Mafia Wars Collector's Edition items haven't been doing so well, and I've said many times that Zynga is crazy for charging what they do for these items. Certainly I'll never buy a loot item at a ridiculous cost like that. But c'mon, why bother releasing it with the same usual crap price on Black Friday, when there are other 'deals' to be had?

Think, Zynga. I know you can do it.

Family Gatherings mission event: That Was Nice Of You

This 8th mission in the Family Gatherings mission event, That Was Nice Of You, is easy to complete...provided you remember to declare wars every 8 hours. This took me longer than it should have because I always forget that part of the game.

That Was Nice Of You

Auria Wilson

You've broken in on a nice dinner, now earn your meal ticket by keeping the Dons safe.


  • 0/3 WIN 3 WARS.

    The assassins are already here, this means war.
  • 0/100 WIN 100 FIGHTS IN ITALY.


New Limited-Time-To-Request-Upgrade Parts NYC Property: Botanical Garden

From the Official Mafia Wars blog, nothing we didn't already know:
The Botanical Garden is our newest limited-time-to-request-upgrade-parts New York City property! You have until 9:00 AM (Pacific Time) on Friday 12/9 to upgrade it to its maximum potential through feeds/requests. The Botanical Garden will retain the level to which you are able to upgrade it by the time the countdown timer reaches 0:00:00, after which the only way to upgrade the property will be by purchasing the remaining parts you need with RP.

The Botanical Garden will allow you to craft some green-thumb loot, including the Botanist (63/101 +4 Defense at ruby level) as you upgrade the property with the help of your Mafia sending you upgrade parts!
By the way, I've been forwarded "Zynga blog posts" by a couple of people lately. You should be aware that some sites attempt to misrepresent themselves by selecting names that appear to be "official". THIS LINK is the only official Mafia Wars blog, written by Zynga.

more on the Botanical Garden and requesting parts

If you get the message "This feed has expired", chances are it's not necessarily cause for alarm this time around.

It seems that Zynga had to go and mess with crap again (I really wish they would stop pissing off players like that). The good news is that the Mission Crew Links script workaround still works to help you continue collecting parts for your Botanical Garden. What has changed is that extra clicks on your parts requests posts will no longer carryover past the current level of upgrade you're working on.

For instance, you need 3 parts for the first level, and 6 people can click on the help posts to send parts. Before, what occurred was that players clicking to help would receive the message that "this user has received all the parts needed for this level" --until the player upgraded the property, then 3 more people could click through on the original post for help. Now, after the upgrade, helpers will get the message that the feed has expired.

Botanical Garden

You probably live under a rock if you aren't already aware that the Botanical Garden has made its appearance--the news feed is jammed with spam :0) This was initially said to be due out in early December, so I guess they decided that sooner is better than later.

The Botanical Garden can be found on your New York properties page or your Mafia Wars home page. If you're a stamina builder, you'll be interested in building this one. If you build for skills, you'll also want to build this one, as the Botanist offers +4 defense.

Save Don's Dinner going cold...

I have to admit, I haven't been excited or motivated by this Save Don's Dinner thing. I always have zero turkeys, and it seems like a pain in the @ss to be scrambling for "turkey protection" when there's always a limit on how many turkeys you can get. I've seem some similar comments in my news feed and in my Family group. I am pretty much ignoring the event and just playing as I normally would. I hope they can come up with something different for the Christmas event this year.

How are you doing with this event?

Black Friday Revenge sale

One Black Friday sale that you won't have to get trampled for is Zynga's! Zynga has turned Black Friday into a weekend-long event, with a sale that ends at midnight Pacific time on Sunday night (November 27th).

There's the usual gimmick of 'buy 15 items and get a piece of loot', that's where the Deathstalker comes in, along with a few other limited-time items. This offer applies only to Marketplace purchases costing 5 or more reward points.

* Loyalty Program, Fight Club, Pawnshop, Treasure Chest keys, and items selling for less than 5RP do not qualify for prize.
A quick glance at the Marketplace page this morning didn't reveal any really awesome sales, except for this one: reward points at 60% off. Man I wish I had some dollars to spend! If you normally buy items in this game, this is where to put your money.

I saw a stamina refill, but it was only for 20% off...I guess that's good if you use them regularly, but I think they'd probably have enticed more of us to spend RPs there with a better deal. Hopefully they will offer stamina and energy refills at reduced prices regularly throughout this sale. It'd be nice to see more skill point reallocation, too!


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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Family Gatherings mission event: Well That Seems Rude

This 7th mission in the Family Gatherings mission event, "Well That Seems Rude", was fairly easy. Winning 25 fights in Italy was easy to accomplish.

The job "Deal With The Don's Guards" is a fight job using stamina in Region 3 - Venezia, in Italy.

Well That Seems Rude

Auria Wilson

If you want something done right you have to do it yourself. In this case break in on the Dons' dinner and stop the attack.


  • 0/25 WIN 25 FIGHTS IN ITALY.

    More Hitmen!

    Find this job in the Fight Path of this District 3 in Italy.

Family Gatherings mission event: You Should Have Known Better

I hemmed and hawed a moment over the last objective of this 6th mission in the Family Gatherings mission event, Collect From Your Football Stadium 3 Times. Up til now, I hadn't built my football stadium in Italy on the basis that you were able to collect cash instead of fans when sending fans to others, if your stadium wasn't built. It was only 9 reward points to complete that portion of the mission event, so I was tempted....but nah. I went ahead and finally built it, since the cash bonuses are negligible and not really needed. But I forgot you could only collect from the stadium every 18 hours...doh! But having built the stadium, I decided to stick with it, even though it would take 3 days to finish that objective. And no, I didn't think about upgrading it.

When you get to this mission, the "Assassins" will show up as NPCs in your fight list. Those, and icing in Italy are easily accomplished.

    Assassins are after you. To be expected when interfering too much.

    Take 'em down!

    Nothing like a chaotic crowd to cover your trail.


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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cider House buildtime extended

Good news from the Official Mafia Wars blog!
We just wanted to let everyone know that the Ciderhouse expired feed issue has been resolved and that we've extended the timer by 20 hours to make up for the time lost to the error. You now have until 8am (Pacific Time) on Friday 11/25 to upgrade the property with the help of your Mafia sending you upgrade parts!
Thank you Zynga! I'm happy to see this was extended, because I know many players are still working to get these things built.

Cider House parts requests working again

From what I can tell, the posts requesting parts to build the Cider House are working again. I've been able to help on several posts to send parts, without getting the "This feed has expired" message. I guess kudos to Zynga--usually it takes them a lot longer to fix things like this!

Don't forget you can post for parts help without the limit of timers by using the Mission Crew Links script.

Issues with feeds and Cider House - 11/23/11

Dear Mafia players,

We are aware that there is an issue with the feeds and in particular with the ones related to the Cider House when requesting parts. Our development team has been notified and is currently working to resolve this issue.

Please check the game periodically for updates on its availability. We apologize for this inconvenience.
It seems to me like Zynga is trying to force people into spending reward points to complete their Cider Houses. Talk about the spirit of the season.

All Feeds requesting parts for the Cider House will just tell you "this feed has expired", so these players who are trying to finish upgrading the property before time runs out are getting shafted, and naturally Zynga isn't lifting a finger to do anything about it.

I strongly recommend you contact Customer Support and complain about this egregious slap in the face.

Save Don's Dinner!

From the official Mafia Wars blog. All I hear is limits on this, limits on that:

The Don is nostalgic for those big family gatherings and his mama’s roast turkey, so he’s invited you to Thanksgiving, but he needs more birds. Collect enough (25) turkeys - steal them from opponents' ice-cold hands if you have to - and he’ll reward you with a powerful item: his right-hand man, the Butler (155/95 at Ruby level). You start with 5 turkeys. After that, additional turkeys can be acquired by:

Requesting from your Mafia: You can receive up to 20 turkeys per day from requests to your friends; each request makes 5 turkeys available to be claimed by friends.

Earning from Jobs: You can earn up to 20 turkeys per day as loot dropped from doing jobs.

Stealing in Fights: If you can steal turkeys in fights, you can also lose turkeys in fights. (Keep reading to learn about the offensive tools and defensive measures you can take.) The fowl goes to the winner. You can steal up to 20 turkeys a day from others by winning battles and the sky’s the limit on turkeys won through icing.

Purchasing from the Marketplace: 10 turkeys for 10RP!
Turkey Protection: Protecting Your Birds
Turkey Protection guards your turkeys against theft for a limited time (5 minutes). You can gain them from your Mafia (max of 20 Turkey Protections received via requests per day) or purchased in quantities of 5 for 5RP or 10 for 8RP. Automatically depleted when you are attacked or iced.

Turkey Vision: Finding Birds Of An Unprotected Feather
While players with turkeys are visible without it, Turkey Vision can be used to see which players have turkeys that can be stolen – those that are unprotected or have low protection. 15 minutes of Turkey Vision can be purchased in the marketplace for 10RP.

The Save Don’s Dinner event has already begun and ends at 11:59pm (Pacific Time) on Wednesday, November 30th. You will be able to continue to purchase and redeem turkeys through December 7th. Good luck in your attempt to Save Don’s Dinner!


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