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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stranger's Swag returns 8/25

In case you missed the flood of posts in your home feed, the Stranger's Swag is back. Today's Stranger's Swag is a 21 Gun Salute

Weapon [92/157]
Very nice stats!

2x Builds....where the HELL are you?

If you're like me you have a job.  I work construction/remodel, and computers just aren't really part of my work day, so when the bastages at Zynga SCHEDULE a two FREAKING hour BLOCK of time to do these elusive 2x builds while I am working, it sort of chaps my ass a bit.

I have BLASTED customer support about these damn things numerous times, because I always seem to miss the 30 minute blocks, but the whole 2 hour block in the middle of the damn work day really tore it wide open for me.

I have been sitting on several hundred RPs since then, AND have had 3 days in a row off work.....and there have been no more 2x builds....YES, I have now reached the appropriate level of anger to blog about it.  A friend in my white tag family said it quite well:

It's as if Zynga KNOWS when I am gone (facepalm).  I spend a stupid amount of money on this game only to get shafted by these type of "events" that i can't participate in when I am gone from the computer.  Zynga has set the game up to make it  hard to stay competitive without living by the computer.  Hmmmmm.....I think we should all collectively hire an attorney and SUE the pants off of them for all sorts of punitive damages.

Lately my desire to continue this addiction has been waning.  As more and more people quit, it's easier to run across the egotistical and maniacal players that take the fun out of the game for us who chose not to spend $20k a year on RPs or buy injected accounts.  I have had had people defriend me and remove me from mafia over the pettiest of bullshit. And then Zynga adds fuel to the fire with these 2x builds.

The only real reason I continue to play is because of the decent people and good friends I have met and made.  At this point I still find it too difficult to say goodbye.  But every day and with each damned bi-weekly fire sale and all the special events and CRAP, zynga makes it easier and easier.  The bullies and the ego monsters make it easier and easier.  I am holding out longer than most, and if you are reading this, then you are too. But one day all that will be left will be the monsters.

Wow kinda went to a dark place their :P  In closing, let me say I hate you Zynga, from the heart of my bottom I hate you and what you have done to Mafia Wars.  Now please set up a private 2 hour block of unlimited 2x builds personally for me :D

{ℳ} ɤ ßrµ†µ§ =Ʀ²Ƒ=

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Free Collectible Card in your app center 8/23

Free Collectible Card in your App Center 8/23

Go to the App Center, And Select "Request" from the lower left margin.

Find the requests for Mafia Wars, and look for the request sent by the game.

 Click on "Accept" and the game will load.

The screen stating that I had received the card blinked real fast, and disappeared. I went to my inventory, and sure enough, the card was there.

Slaughterhouse Secret District Chicago 8/23

Slaughterhouse Secret District

Free Gift needed to send is a Tender Hook

There are ten new jobs to do and don't forget to keep your city crew full, there will be bandits!

We will be able to gain 5 attack points, 5 defense points and 5 skill points by completing the collection portion at the top of the Secret District page, as well as asking for 2x Loot drops. As you can see we will need the Tender Hook for some of these jobs.

The Abattoir Knife, Longhorn Steer and Floor Worker all have decent stats for now!
The Jobs! Generally on these Secret Districts I do *not* complete the Bronze level until I have completed the above collections and received all of the skill points available from them.

Defeat Frank Carver, the Boss Fight

The Boss fight Combos are shown once you get his health down to %50
Combo 1

Combo 2

Combo 3

The Rewards for Completing this Secret District are

Butcher, henchmen, [various]

Cleft, weapon [various]

Other loot dropping in the Slaughterhouse

Refrigerator Car, vehicle [95/145]

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let the Ices Begin Family winners announced 8/22

Announced earlier on the Official Mafia Wars Blog, Winners of the Family Icing Event were posted along with some of the nice rewards they will get for their achievement.

Here are the winners, who will receive their rewards by the end of  8/22/2012
Congratulations from everyone here at {M}istyfied!

This table shows the rewards for each of the top ten icers!

Glass Blower, Gold level, [185/185]

On The Double 2x Global Property Build 8/22

Get Two Builds on Global Properties for the price of one! One hour only!

Offer ends in 59 minutes

On the Double

I clicked through to see what the deal is for me right now.

Since these items have stat rewards for me, this is an excellent deal. I purchased this for 5 Reward Points, it did *not* count for me towards the Edge Of Triumph Sale Event

Spotlight Sale *event* 8/22

Another Sale "event". Reward Points are %50 off again.

Which will probably work just like the last Sale Event which asked us to buy 25 items  Edge of Triumph Sale *event* The Grand Prize for buying all those items is one Comedian, nice stats.

Here is the cute little bar we are supposed to fill up with the 25 purchases. I clicked the cute little question mark and got the fun pop-up which says in the small print at the bottom

Items purchased for less than 5 Reward points, Treasure Chest and Skill Point Reallocation do not count towards the prize. Well, last time items that sold *at* 5 RP did not count, so it *should* say, items selling for 5 RP or less don't count, but *whatever*. I am staying on my Mafia Wars Spending Diet. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Welcome Back free 10 Mag Energizers 8/21

Mafia Wars is giving all players 10 free Mag Energizers. This item can be found in your Game Requests on Facebook.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Look for your Mafia Wars Requests.

Step 3: If you don't see a request from Mafia Wars click below those few where it says "See requests from others" (may have names).

Step 4: If you clicked to see more requests then use the Find (Control+F) feature in your browser. Find "Here's 10 Mag Energizers..."  with the find feature to find the request faster.

Once you click into the request you will see this as a pop up (Please note you will see all the other pop ups also, so pay attention to which ones you are closing).
Welcome Back to the Family!

 It does not have any pop ups or anything to say you have claimed it.  Check your Repelled Poles on the home page to see that they have been added to your inventory.

Chefville Cross Promotion 8/21

Confectioner, henchmen [various]
Another fun cross promotion where many of us will play the game until we get the maximum rewards and then block the other game!

I played this morning to level 3, this is just a faster version of many earlier Zynga games. The timers are very quick so far, but we'll see how it goes. With all the problems I have had with the Ville, I doubt that I will play past the promotional period.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Mafia Wars Gift from Zynga

To help with the burn, here is today's free gift, a tube of KY Jelly.  

In order to make sure you are satisfied with your gaming experience, Zynga is also offering this option (I recommend this option for the big spenders and those who somehow still play for free - since you are taking it up the bum harder than others):
Follow this link to collect your free gift from Zynga for your loyalty:

much love :)
{ℳ} Қetąmῗиe Қῗd =Ʀ²Ƒ=

Repelled Poles Limited Time Beg-a-thon 8/20

You have 7 (seven) days to build and level up this property as much as you can. 

There will be lots of begging

For Mag Energizers. If you click the little yellow question mark this pop-up shows a detailed explanation.

If my math is right, we can collect up to 45 parts (Mag Energizers) per day to use to build and/or upgrade.

Magitude, vehicle [various] and Black Jack, armor [various] are the items we will be building.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Zynga is on CRAAACK HAHAHA 8/19

To restart the Family Icing Event


Skill Point Reallocation on NOW 8/18-19

Skill Point Reallocation is available right now for all players, even non-VIP players so go get it. If you are VIP you can get it now and again later today or whenever your normally time resets.