Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October VIP Loot 10/3

Workman, henchmen [105/153]
Announced earlier on the Official Mafia Wars Blog the new October VIP loot is dropping now.

There She Blue, vehicle [151/103]
Golden Shoulder Guards, armor [103/151]
Killer Five, weapon [151/103]

Humboldt Squid, animal [153/105]

Silver Pigeon, animal [104/152]

Glide A Knot, vehicle [104/152]

Matron, henchmen [152/104]

The Hit-List Mission Event 10/03

Chance to win a Blue Wasp, vehicle [213/142]
We have 15 days 16 hours to complete this event!

Mission #1:  Blow Your Mind

Part One: Ask for 10 Bad Omen from mafia . Posts a beg to your wall so your mafia can click away. Very easy.
Part Two: Build 2 Weapons in the Weapons Depot. Very easy, can take up to 16 hours, or you can buy completion (as usual)
Part Three: Rob 20 Barracks in Brazil. Also very easy.
The Reward! 

Motocross Helmet, armor [122/183]  Experience will vary

Mission #2: Supersonic

Part One: Take out 10 Sam Hadwick. Click "Go Now" to be taken directly to the London fight list where you will see this:
Pretty simple and easy, kill ten of this guy, spend 150 stamina.
Part Two: Collect from your Headquarters 3 times. Easy, but will take a little time, unless you want to spend the RP to complete. Takes up to 24 hours.
Part 3: Clear 5 robbing boards:  Clicking "Go Now" takes you to London to clear the 5 robbing boards, pretty easy!
The Reward for completing is one Chemical Cannon, weapon [183/122] and experience will vary

Mission #3: Drifting Along

Part 1: Loot 20 Bad Omen from Robbing in Chicago. Simple & easy, click "Go Now" travel to Chicago robbing boards and rob away!
Part 2: Job: Meet the Land Mafia to collect your take. Click "Go Now" to be taken to London District 2, "East End Story" and it is the 2nd job down the list. At ruby level this one will cost me 270 energy per click. Easy, but it's going to take some time to do this 35 times.
Part 3: Ask for 12 Bad Omen from Mafia. Easy as it posts a beg for these again.
The Reward for completing this one is a Malayan Porcupine, animal [183/122] ( experience will vary)

Mission #4: Destitute Illusions

Part 1: Get 2 Crew Members. Mission Crew Begging. (Zynga put that there?)
Part 2: Loot 25 Bad Omen from fights in London. Should be very easy.
Part 3: Collect from Truck Shop 3 times. Can take up to 24 hours if you just collected that.
The Reward for this one is an Ornate Wolf, animal [122/183] (experience will vary)

Mission #5: Hard Line

Part 1: Loot 22 Long Shot from job "Pursuade 'The Kid' to throw the Championship fight" Click "Go Now" to be taken to London District one jobs. Ruby level costs 270 energy per job, so this will be pretty easy.
Part 2: Rob 40 times in Brazil. Easy peasy.
Part 3: Help in a war 5 times. Also pretty easy if you can find 5 to get in to!
The Reward: A Motocross Helmet and a Chemical Cannon (repeat loot items/ Experience will vary)

Mission #6: Stillness In Time

Part 1: Clear 5 Robbing boards. Clicking "Go Now" will take you to the Brazil Robbing Board. Pretty easy with a little stamina.
Part 2: Win 2 Wars. This is easy, but will take 8-16 hours to complete (if you have just had a war)
Part 3: Fight 120 Opponents in London.  Easy with some stamina.
The Rewards: One Malayan Porcupine and one Ornate Wolf (experience will vary)

Mission #7: Feels Just Like It Should

 Part 1: Get Support from your Mafia. Send out 20 Mission Crew Requests.
Part 2: Ice 30 Opponents in London. Very easy.
Part 3: Declare a War 2 times. Can take up to 16 hours if you just declared a war.
The Rewards: One Ornate Wolf and One Motocross Helmet (experience will vary)

Mission #8: Time Won't Wait

Part 1: Job, "Collect Income from your establishments" clicking "Go Now"  will take you to Chicago, district 3, The Old Warehouse. Ruby level will cost me 702 energy each click, but this one will be pretty easy.
Part 2:  Acquire 20 Vehicles. This one takes us to the City Store, where we can buy 20 vehicles (Chicago) I bought 20 Decoy Vehicles (cheapest) and that was all that was needed.
Part 3:  Loot 30 Bad Omen from fights in London. Another easy one.
The Reward: One Chemical Cannon and one Malayan Porcupine (experience will vary)

Mission #9: The Final Song

Part 1: Ice 30 Opponents in London. Simple!
Part 2: Loot 25 Bad Omen from Robbing in London. Simple too!
Part 3: Loot 15 Weezle Waster from job "stuff Local Cops Pockets with Greens. Clicking "Go Now" will take you to Chicago District 3, the Old Warehouse. Ruby level this job is 756 Energy per click.
Weezle Waster, weapon [102/67]
The Rewards for completing this mission are

 one Blue Wasp,  vehicle [213/142] (experience will vary)

Mission #10 Cloud Cowboy (Bonus Mission)

Part 1: Win 150 fights in London. Pretty easy.
Part 2: Get 2 Crew members. Two mission crew, very easy.
Part 3: Build 3 vehicles in Chop Shop. Can take up to 3 days if you have already built there today.
The Reward: One Blue Wasp, vehicle [213/142] (experience will vary)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trippy Trailer Limited Time Property 10/2

Let the Begging Begin!
We have 10 days and 9 hours left to get to level 15

This is my beg list for level 2 to level 3. We will need a new item called "Seeds Of Peace"

Level 1, 2 & 3 of this property offers us a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, weapon [stats vary]
Level 4, 5 & 6 offer us the Tropic Storm, armor [stats vary] and also get +3 stamina

Level 7, 8 & 9 offer us the Hippie, henchmen [stats vary] and also get +4 attack
Level 10 through 14 offers the best item of course, the Exotic Chemist, henchmen [stats vary] and also get +5 defense

Level 15 is of course the top item of all, with the +6 defense added!
Good luck!

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Prodigal

Well, it has been a year since I have played Mafia Wars. Not MafiaVille, The real Mafia Wars, you know that game that caused us all to self examine our obsessive compulsive and hoarding disorders? Since then Zynga and Facebook have gone PUBIC..sorry…Public and the world is just not buying it. Why did I return to a game, of which the company that provides it, is on a collision course with Chapter 7? It was two factors, one, life is a lot better when you realize that your social gaming experience is not the be all end all of life and acceptance, two, I like to finish what I started and if the lights go out in San Francisco I want to be here for the wrap party. 
Upon logging into my account for the first time in a year I was pleased to see that I had several hundred friend request. Some people were returning to Mafia Wars and others were fresh meat for the shark tank.  I was genuinely pleased to see the folks over at Spockholms were still in business (THANK THE DIGITAL GODS TO WHICH I NOW PAY HOMAGE, Live Long And Prosper!), Loot Lady still had her blog and both teams were still doing the Informant Podcast, of which, is the only podcast I ever listened to in my whole life.  Mike Nestor took over for Chainsaw over at MIG and the world seemed to be in order. Now, Two weeks into my return Mystified reached out to me and said HEY Mutton-head  get your ass back in here and do some writing and make yourself useful to the new guys and make all the rest of us PONDER shit we wouldn't have had you not GONE THERE. So here I am, ready to ponder?
On August 2nd (forgive me if this is old news to you) The Guardian a UK paper sat down to speak with our friendly neighborhood billionaire Mark Pincus (the article in its entirety is here:, I know this off the subject but as billionaires go I am disappointed with him, all that money and technology at his fingertips and you would think he could be a crime fighting super hero? Anyway, the article is very revealing. It explains how exploitative these social games are, in particular, Zyngas. Now I am not on a bashing tirade here and I do not hate men who can capitalize on opportunity at the expense of others, but it truly does exploit some very serious psychological and relationship dynamics. It does it so well that people return to be bombarded with ads, requests ETC. Case in point; behind a computer we can be anything we want to be.  Mafia Wars touched that wannabe Mafioso in me that grew up in the heart of Brooklyn during the reign of one John Gotti.  There I was a technically savvy person who could use this social platform to virtually inflict my will on others, sign me up! From there I examined the game and all its minutia, downloaded several guides, learned about ratios, scripts, glitches, exploits all in the quest to dominate and be “respected” by my gaming piers. Then I would log off and go back to the exciting life of a father of two who follows the law. 
See what I mean? What I think has happened and why these Social games are in decline is that people have woken up from the Facebook Matrix. Realized they have spent a “shitload” of money on something that they do not own or invested a lot of time and now cannot validate the experience in the real world and have suffered in relationships because of it. Now I am not saying that dedication to a favorite hobby falls under this category but this is what a lot of people have realized.  I know I have. Take a look at the article if you haven’t already. Do you really think giving this company your hard earned money is worth the few hours of digital power you experience? If so more power to you. If you’re thinking, hey Billy has a point, then maybe it is time for a reset, maybe it is time for you to cut away for a bit and experience real world relationships?
Anyway, in the near future I will be writing some posts that will cover the many legit ways you can get stuff for free and still be competitive and  a valuable resource to others within your Mafia Wars social circle, conversely I will also examine the best way to stretch your gaming dollar if this is your style of play. To those out there that do put money into this game I thank you, it keeps my lights on and allows me to enjoy a favorite hobby to which I have returned.

Stay Tuned…

Billy Bonney (m)
Thank You Mystified For Having Me Back!