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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tainted Love Limited Time Beg and Build Event 2/9

Loveshack, armor [179/132] Emerald Level 

Just like in the Current Capacity Beg and Build and the For The People Limited Time Beg and Build Event reading the instructions on how many parts we can collect per day is a challenge. 

We could collect up to 45 parts, if my math is correct, but since this is Zynga logic, the number could also be 35 parts per day. (30 parts from our feed posts, *and?* 10 parts from clicking friends feed posts? and 5 from jobs) Zynga math. 

Scatterheart, consumable part

What to build?
I'm assuming fighters will want to build the Lovebug, weapon [varies] because of those attack points at Ruby and Emerald level and that jobbers will build the Loveshack, armor [varies] because of the energy points at Ruby and Emerald.

As per the usual, I would suggest doing as much upgrading of this property before building. I don't think there is any real advantage to it other than using all your parts up to build before leveling up this property is awfully tempting and then can leave you with a lower stat item than you really wanted.

2x Global Property Builds 10-10:30 AM Pacific Time 2/9

2x Global Property Builds 10_10:30 AM Pacific Time 

On The Double 2x Global Property Builds

Friday, February 8, 2013

In The Marketplace 2/8

Peek-A-Boo, armor [247/236] is a *very* nice loot item, and for $89 you can have one and these other items that come in this bundle: 
Great Bear, vehicle [230/155]
Blood Spatter Analyst, henchmen [155/230]
60 Skill Points
Emerald Boa, animal [230/155]

Classic Crate Bundle, 150 RP, guaranteed to get one Shipped Out, vehicle [166/230]

Collectible Stat Cards: Chance to loot a Kermode Bear, animal [249/249]

Collector's Edition Sound Horn, armor [148/219] plus +6 Stamina for 46 RP

Limited Edition Items: 3 days 20 hours left on these two items
New Vision, armor [219/145]
New Beginning, armor [219/145]

Group Sale Item, Kaze Poison, vehicle [stats and price change]

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heart of Hell Mission Event 2/7

Deep Impact, weapon [231/157]

Heart of Hell Mission Event

Mission #1:  Look at Me

Part 1: Collect from your headquarters 2 times. This part will take me a little over 8 hours to complete. If you just collected from Brazil, this will take 16 more hours.
Part 2: Job: Case Warehouses on the North Side. Clicking "Go Now" takes us to Chicago District 2.  At Ruby Level this job will cost me 378 energy per click x 15 =  5760.
Don't forget, you can always spend Reward Points to finish part of these early.
Reward for Completing: 1 Firescape, armor [139/201] (experience will vary)

Mission #2: Only One I See

Part 1: Loot 20 Newsboy from jobs "Bet on the kid losing the Championship fight" in London. licking "Go Now" takes us to London, district 1. This job, at Ruby level, will cost me 324 Energy per click.

Part 2: Rob 38 Refineries in Brazil. Very simple.
Part 3: Ask for 5 1 Iron from your mafia. Posts a beg to get some of these:

Rewards for completing:  WAC Panic Room, vehicle [139/201] (experience will vary)

Mission #3: Very Extraordinary

Part 1: Declare a War 2 times. Easy, will take 16 hours unless you want to spend the RPs.
Part 2: Ask for 10 Power Cards from your Mafia. Posts a Beg to the feed.
Part 3: Loot 60 HYRAX from Robbing in Chicago.

Rewards for completing: Ankole Watusi, animal [201/139] (experience will vary)

Mission #4:  Everyone that you Adore

Part 1: Get two crew members. Sends Mission Crew requests.
Part 2: Build 2 vehicles in the Chop Shop. This will take about 3 hours unless you want to spend the RPs.
Part 3: Fight in 15 shootout Arenas. Oh goody.
Rewards for completing: Bricklayer, henchmen [201/139] (experience will vary)

Mission #5: All That I Can Give To You

Part 1: Win 13 Fights in London. Very simple.
Part 2: Loot 20 Needle Magic from fights in shootout Arena. More Arena stuff.
Part 3: Job: Work with the PI at the Crime Scene. Clicking "Go Now" takes us to London, District 3. This job, at Ruby Level, will cost me 756 energy per click x 35 clicks = 26,460 energy for this last part for me.
Rewards for Completing: A Firescape and an Ankole Watusi (experience will vary).

Needle Magic, weapon [97/164]

Mission #6: More Than A Game For Two

Part 1:  Build 3 Arena Power Ups. Clicking "Go Now' takes us to the Arena. Click "Power Ups". I built 3 health refills. You can skip this for 6 RP.
Part 2: Loot 25 Mister Brown from job "Dispose of a Police Chief: in Brazil. Clicking "Go Now" takes us to Brazil, district 2. At Ruby level this job costs me 216 energy per click.

Part 3: Ice 150 opponents in Chicago. Simple.
Rewards for completing: WAC Panic Room, vehicle [139/201]
Bricklayer, henchmen [201/139]
(experience will vary)

Mission #7: Two Can Make It

Part 1: Loot 20 Big Made from fights in London.  Simple.

Part 2: Rob 23 times in Chicago. Easy.
Part 3: Trade 10 Tracing Wheel for 10 Need Knife. Posts a beg
Rewards for Completing: Ankole Watusi, WAC Panic Room (experience varies)

Mission #8: Take My Heart

Part 1: Build 2 weapons in the weapons depot. This part will take up to 18 hours.
Part 2: Help in a war 3 times.
Part 3: Fight 100 opponents in London.
Rewards for completing: Firescape, Bricklayer (experience will vary)

Mission #9: Please Don't Break It

Part 1: Deal 4000 Damage in Shootout Arena. Get into the Arena and deal out that Damage!
Part 2: Win 2 Wars. Can take up to 24 hours if you just declared a war before you start this mission.
Part 3: Win 150 fights in London. Very simple.
Reward for Completing: 1 Deep Impact, weapon [231/157] (experience will vary)

Mission #10: Love is for me and you

Part 1: Collect from your Truck Shop 3 times. Clicking "Go Now" will take us to Chicago properties. This will take up to 24 hours to collect all 3 times. (Or spend 36 RP to skip)
Part 2: Get 30 Arena Ices in Shootout Arena. More Arena stuff yippee. (Or spend 75 RP to skip)
Part 3: Acquire 30 weapons. Clicking "Go Now" will take us to the Brazil City Store where we can buy these 30 weapons for Brazil cash. (Or spend 60 RP to skip)
Rewards for Completing: Deep Impact, weapon [231/157] (experience will vary)

More to come ...

50% off Reward Points 2/7

50% off Reward Points

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Job Board 2/6

Gentoo Penguin, animal [146/219] Gold Level

Job Board, because your Mafia Chores weren't plentiful enough.
The Top Three Global Jobbers will receive the Gentoo Penguin, animal [varies] 

These are the loot items. Only 1st place among family will get the loot item. I really do not know how they are figuring that we have 5 active members in our family? Maybe if you are in an inactive family, this is supposed to get you to make those other players come back to the game? 
If you are the Number One in your Family jobber, you will get the loot item:

Double Up, armor [216/141]

To see where you stand on the Job Boards, click Home and see the Progress/Family/Job Board tabs.

From here, click to Global Ranking to see your standings globally.

Year of the Mafia Sale 2/6

When the Cupid's Dead 7 day sale event started, I was pretty sure Zynga would start another Sale Event, like they did during the  Gearhead Sale Event and a few days later In With The New sale event started.

The fill-in-the-bar sale.
For every 5 (five) items we purchase, we get to a new level on the loot item, Indochinese Tiger

Purchase all 20 (twenty) items to get the Ruby level Indochinese Tiger
Small Print says:
*Offer ends on 11th February at 11:59 PM PST. Only Items selling in the Marketplace are eligible for this reward. However, Items selling for less than 5 RP, Treasure Chest Items and Skill Point Reallocation do not count towards the prize.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cupid's Dead 7 day sale event 2/5

Red-back Spider, animal [151/212] (day 7 item)

This sale is just like the Gearhead Sale Event .
Usually, when they start one of these 7 day sale events, Zynga also starts one of those buy 5 items to get a loot item sales like In With The New sale event during the Gearhead event. I would wait until later tonight or first thing tomorrow before I started buying in to this sale. 

What we're buying here:

How it works:

So, if we purchase all seven days, one time through, we will spend (45 RP per day x 7 days =315 RP)
For the 315 RP we will get 28 loot items and 28 skill points. 315 RP /28 items = 11.25 RP per item (does not count the 28 Skill Points, just the items)

Struck Out, weapon [211/150]
Decaying, weapon [150/211]
Whiffed Away, armor [211/150]
Roadkill, vehicle [151/211]
Blind Date, armor [212/151]
Thorn Apart, weapon [151/212]
Red-Back Spider, animal [151/212]

Arena Event #8 2/5

Envy Machine, vehicle [164/230] Ruby Level  (250 Crests)

The loot items keep getting better in the Arena, but I am still not much of a fan. If you enjoy the Arena you will probably love this event.

Earn Crests, get on the Leaderboard.  The top 10 will get some Reward Points, collect Crests to get the Envy Machine. Ends February 14th, 11:59 PM Pacific Time.