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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

This and Next Week 9/23

Who am I kidding? No one cares what happened this past week. Here's what's ahead....according to the Zyngons, which is in no way a guarantee that this is what will happen, and I guarantee this isn't all that will happen....

Coming Next Week*
*As far as currently scheduled, but things can change.
 Henchmen ConversionHenchmen will truly become a 5th item type in Mafia Wars and will carry new weight in fighting calculations.
Daily Take Extension
You'll soon receive new rewards for playing more than 7 days in a row!
          Expansion Of Giftable Loot
          We'll be increasing the level of giftable loot!
Family Battle Tweaks
Family Battles will receive some improvements.

New NYC Property
We'll be releasing the 4th new time-limited upgradable New York property.

24 September - FAN BLAST - Skill Point

Friday, September 23, 2011

Power Packs For All

Power PacksFrom the Zyngons...

We are pleased to announce that Power Packs are now available to everyone! Power Packs can be considered an upgraded Stamina Pack, so we're excited to have finally figured out the proper balance for this powerful feature.

Here's how they work:
• Power Packs can be used to receive a 125% stamina refill every 8 hours, but they share the same timer as Energy Packs, so you can only use one or the other every 8 hours. This means you'll have to employ that ever-important strategy to deciding which type of pack to use and when to use them.

• Power Packs can also provide a 200% health refill every 10 minutes if one chooses to use them to restore their health.

Battle of the Toolbars

Battle of the Toolbars

For a very long time, I remember going to Bobby Heartrates Mafia Tools, and getting my first bookmarklets. Then I would move on to Vern’s tools and use some of his, then it were on to jMiller, Arun & Spockholm. Very soon, you would find your Bookmark bar Filled up with different bookmarklets from all different sources.  I found a Firefox add-on that gives you multiple bookmark bars but it just got over crowed with different bookmarklets. Then the first Multi-bookmarklet tool was released (at least the one I found and LOVED), made by Mr. Wizard himself called “One” made this one. It was an all in one bookmarklet that had all the most common bookmarklets inside it. So you click one time, and you get all your bookmarklets that you use on a daily basis.

Today, there are a handful of very good bookmarklet Toolbars coming out that has all the bookmarklets you use build into it.  We are going to cover the Top 3 today.

First there is UnLockedMW, I used this one for a long time. I Love all the features this has built into it. Alessandro started UnlockedMW, right after he left Playerscripts (MWAP). He spent a lot of time building this from the ground up and you can tell. It was one of the fastest growing toolbar scripts out there and one of the smallest to install. With only 300 lines of code, it made the footprint very small with a powerful punch. You can check out UnlockedMW at or there Facebook Fanpage

My Review of UnlockedMW can be found here

Then there is GuessX, GuessX has been around for a very long time and has developed some of his own really good scripts. He also has released a toolbar that has the majority of all the bookmarklets you use on a daily basis.  This was my Favorite toolbar. You can check out GuessX’s Toolbar, as well as his other scripts at Website or there Facebook Fan page

Both of the above toolbars use the Bookmarklets from Spockholm. Seeing that Spockholm is the leader in Mafia wars bookmarklets today, it’s only fitting that other people include his scripts in their toolbar.

It was also only a matter of time before the team at Spockholm created their own toolbar. Well, that time is now.  I was lucky enough to get to test this bookmarklet and I have to say that this is the #1 Best Bookmarklets toolbar out there today for Mafia wars.  Once released, you can have your own opinion, but for me, this is it.

Team Spockholm has made a great YouTube video that gives you a sneak peak at what is to come. I have been using this toolbar since it was giving to me and this is the best mafia wars toolbar out today. I love that fact that you can load in any of your favorite bookmarklets that are not made by Spockholm, and also, you can search for any bookmarklet made by Spockholm right from the toolbar.  We will make another post covering all the great features of this toolbar soon. Keep an eye on Spockholm’s Facebook Fan page for updates.


23 September - FAN BLAST : Stamina Point

Thursday, September 22, 2011

In Memorium

I received very sad news this morning. One of our own here at Mistyfied, longtime friend Jose Perez passed away last week in an accident in Ste-Julienne Quebec. Services will be held this Saturday at the Mount Royal Funeral Complex in Outremont.

Jose, shown above with his mother on a recent trip to France, will be greatly missed.  

22 September - FAN BLAST - Energy Point

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

21 September - FAN BLAST - Health Point

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is Your Family Progression "Stuck"?

I have a question, for any Mafia Wars player who may read this: have you been having issues with your Family Progression getting 'stuck'? 

My timer isn't stuck, but my Objectives are; these were completed three days ago, and have not reset. Since my Family got rolled into the daily timer, it seemed like I kept on having issues with being able to complete the daily objectives - because of the 'stuck' objectives, so I started paying attention. 3 of the last 4 days, I have this issue. Gee, I wonder if the Developers are aware of this issue.
Question number 2: have you contacted Customer Support about this? 

This seems to be a widespread problem, now that I have my ear to the ground, and I'm not getting sh*t done with "Customer Support". What else can we do?

If you have this same problem, I ask you to take a couple of minutes to email customer support about the issue, then email ME your incident number (you'll get this in the confirmation email after submitting your ticket).

And then share this with your friends, because something tells me this isn't just me. Let's see what we can get done.

...and it's back

The Ice Season banner is back. Carry on, click monkeys!

the Bird on Ice Season 09's Escape

Per Rinzler, regarding the disappearance of Ice Season 09:

Hi guys,

We are aware of the issue and are working on it, so please be patient.

There will be a 10th season, btw

--and thanks Mark for the heads up about this status.

Missing Ice Season

Hey, lookie there, I actually completed Ice Season 09! But when the timer ran down, the Ice Season simply disappeared - no new Ice Season has been presented, and the Ice Season 09 banner has been pulled. Does this mean we cannot collect our Scop's Owls??

And no, it's not in your inventory, either!

Mafia Wars 2

The rumors are true, and coming to fruition very soon: Mafia Wars 2

Check out the fan page HERE and stay tuned for news!

20 September - FAN BLAST : Defense Point

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dem Chicago Property Parts

Click here to bookmark this page!

Chicago! Oh how I missed ya!

Having brought you fellow mobsters, the Jungle Map first, we now bring you guys+dolls to Chicago Properties.

Just clickity-click on each part pix below to send out to yer Chicago mobsters and if they be respecting yous then they be returning dem gifts.

Union Worker(click on pix)
union worker

Carpenter Nails
carpenter nails

Lathe Strips
lathe strips

Iron Cast
iron cast

Douglas Fir Beams
douglas fir

There is a limit to how many you can send at one time, of course. This is imposed by the ZFeds and dudley-do-rights of FB. Ain't nothin' we can do 'bout that...

Mafia Wars Loading Issues September 19th

Currently Mafia Wars is experiancing a loading issue preventing them from playing the game.  It has primarily occured around the fight page and is associated with the following:
  • Non responsive fight page
  • Spinning revolver in the fight page
  • Error message "The requested URL /mwfb/remote/remote/html_server.php was not found on this server

The Studio is actively working to resolve this issue.  This Article will be updated when there is any new information regarding this error.
---from Zyngon Customer "Support"

19 September - FAN BLAST - Attack Point

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Get Satisfaction = No Satisfaction

If you don't like the forums, you now have one more reason not to bother with Get Satisfaction also, aside from the fact that trying to get anything done there is futile. Read the fine print: Get Satisfaction recently began to be governed by the same Rules Of Conduct as the forums.

I got a warning last week--on the forum. Well, I started raising hel1 because I didn't post anything on the forum that should have been subject to moderation of any sort. Only to find out finally a few days later that the warning was for something I had posted on Get Satisfaction. What the fk?! And no one bothered explaining this to me until I pressed the issue.

I hardly go to the forum because of the trolls that crawl around there, how in the he1l was I supposed to know what the warning was for or that I had even received a warning?! It was only luck that I happened to go to the forum for another reason and found the warning. I call bullsh*t. And that's a pretty crappy way to announce sneaking in that little change about forum rules of conduct - by warning me.

So what's the point? Zynga doesn't listen to anyone on the forum, and Zynga doesn't listen to anyone on Get Satisfaction either. They keep urging and pushing us to use Get Satisfaction, but seriously, it's a waste of time.

Look at this thread for example. My thread about Power Packs has gotten way more likes and comments and +1s than many threads that they have implemented. I slaved over that thread, and you're damn right I'm pissed that nothing was done about it. All this proves to me is that Zynga doesn't give a crap about what we think, unless it happens to jive with their questionable business plan.

Get Satisfaction is as useless as the forums. If you want to make a change in the game, quit. Quit the game. They aren't going to listen. But don't go to Get Satisfaction to tell Zynga you quit, or you'll get a warning on the forum.

18 September - FAN BLAST - Skill Point