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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Current Capacity Limited Time Beg and Build Event 1/5

Charged Up, weapon, Emerald [174/127]
Current Capacity Limited Time Beg and Build Event

Click "ask" to post a beg for a Capacitor!

Current Capacity Build event: Clicking the tiny question mark takes us to this pop up: Here we are again with the Zyngons trying to explain their own stuff. If I am doing Zynga math correctly, it appears we can collect up to 45 parts per day. I could be wrong, of course, it *is* Zynga.

"If you fail to collect the items before the beginning of the next event, items built will automatically be added to your inventory." -NICE!

After collecting as many parts as you can, you then choose what to do next. Do you want to build at the lower levels, or do you want to upgrade as high as you can first? Which item do you want the most of, or which one will help your stats the most? The Ruby and Emerald level Charged Up will gain us Defense Points, while the Ruby and Emerald level Solarized will gain us Stamina  Points. 

Closed this, and clicked "Build Now" and we see the build area: The Charged Up is a weapon, and my weapon numbers are pretty good, but my vehicle numbers are lagging a little bit, so I will probably build Solarized, but only after I level it up to Emerald.

***UPDATED*** Vaudevillians Secret District Chicago 1/5

Vaudevillians Secret District

Post your 2x Loot and send and receive Stage Help to complete the collection section

The collection (my favorite part)

Collect these items up to 50 each to get the attack, defense and skill points! As always, I suggest completing the collections while on the Bronze Tier of the jobs to save on energy.

Boy Scout, weapon [109/160]
Witless Protection, armor [160/109]
Widowbreaker, vehicle [109/160]

Be Prepared for Bandits!

The Jobs: There is probably one or more secret jobs in here, I just haven't seen them yet.

Completing the Jobs will get you a Hat Psycho, armor [varies]

The Boss Fight: Huey Wright

Click "Fight" 

The Boss Fight Combos:

Defeating Huey Wright will get you a Ritz Maker, weapon [varies]

New Loot Item Dropping in Vaudevillians

Follies Showgirl, henchmen [115/168] 

Ice Season 24 is here! 1/5

Ice Season 24 has begun! 

Get the ices, get the rewards! Manatee, animal [varies]

Stranger's Swag 1/5

Today's Stranger's Swag is a Cyclist, henchmen [111/177]

Collect up to 3 from friends clicking on your post, and 2 more for clicking on friends posts for a total of 5 per day.

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Job Board Feature 1/4

Yoko RadX, armor [160/75]

If you play an energy heavy account, this feature is for you!

I assume this is what they mean by "active members in your family"

But I could be wrong. Collect as many Yoko RadX as you can, move up the Job Boards, and get the good loot, the Bresnoff Veter, and the Forest Ranger.

The Boards:
Family Board

Global Board

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New VIP Loot 1/3

Vocalist, henchmen [112/163]

Hunter, henchmen [165/114]

Tufted Capuchin, animal [113/162]

Racka, animal [162/112]

Woodrow Dunelord, vehicle [154/114]

HM Bandit, vehicle [113/164]

Dial Tone, armor [163/112]

Anti-coil, weapon [113/164]

Stat Wise bundle type sale 1/3

Stat Wise non-event more like a bundle sale. Here you get to pick your stats.

I like those stats so I clicked the "Start Now" and here's what it showed me:

I clicked all these items and filled in the spaces:
KSE Devildriver, weapon 
Chest Nut, armor 
Suprringer Classic, vehicle
Maasai Giraffe, animal
Battle Archer, henchmen
The cool part is you can switch the items around and put the stats with the item that you want.
This works out to 22 Reward Points per item.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year from {M}istyfied 12/31

Happy New Year from everyone at {M}istyfied!

Arena Happy Hour 6-7pm Pacific Time 12/31

Another Arena Event that I will not be participating in.

"Fight in Arena between 6 and 7 PM PST and get Maximum XP to Stamina Ratio in Arena irrespective of your position"

In the words of a fellow player whom I admire a great deal; "I won't be doing this the Arena sucks for ices."