Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Skill point Reallocation is on NOW 8/17

Skill Point Reallocation is available right now for all players, even non-VIP players so go get it. If you are VIP you can get it now and again later today or whenever your normally time resets.

Back Alley Business 8/17

Street Warrior, henchmen [85/185]

Another Banner to click through, so I did and got this:

I am just *not* a huge fan of having to pay to get into someplace I have already been.

*updated* Invisible Velocity Mission Event 8/17

Invisible Velocity Mission Event

Mission #1: In Transit

This one can take up to 36 hours because of the "Build 2 Vehicles in your Chop Shop"
The Job "Fake Your Own Death" is in District 4 in London.
Get Support from your Mafia, send out Mission Crew Requests.

Get a Caribou for completing this Mission.


Mission #2: The Right Kind of House

Part 1: Ask for Ten Froes, post the beg to the wall

Part 2: Rob 45 times in Chicago
Part 3: Defeat Don Ramirez
Click the "Go Now" button and it will take you to the fight list

Don Ramirez has to be killed/attacked 12 times

The Reward for completing this mission is:

Boy Toy, weapon [95/154]

Mission #3: Gloss of Speed

Part 1: Job, "Host Happy Hours on Board" is a Chicago District 5 job
Part 2: Collect from your Sports Stadium 3 times, 24 hours to complete
Part 3: Loot 20 Froes from Robbing, I suggest clicking "Go" and the game will auto-direct you to robbing in Chicago
The Loot Item for completing this mission is

Rapper, henchmen [153/94]

Mission #4: Sunset Haze

Part 1: Beg your mafia for more Froes
Part 2: Help in a war 4 times
Part 3 Fight 120 opponents in Chicago
This one should be pretty quick.
For completing this one we get a Skull Skin

Skull Skin, armor [94/154]

Mission #5: Solitude

Part 1: Clear 10 robbing boards, easy peasy
Part 2: beg for more Froes, seriously
Part 3: Build 3 vehicles in your Chop Shop, so this part could take a little while unless you're willing to spend a few Reward Points on it.
Reward for Completing this mission is repeat of earlier loot, one Caribou and one Boy Toy

Mission #6: Scumbag Blues

Part 1: Win 2 wars, could take 8 hours
Part 2: Get Support from your Mafia,  15 Mission Crew needed
Part 3: Sink a Cargo Ship In Port,  District 5 Brazil job, at Ruby this one is costing me 729 energy & a satchel charge every time.
The Rewards for completing this mission is repeat loot of a Rapper and a Skull Skin

Mission #7: Slow on the Uptake

Part 1: Loot 30 Froes from Fights, I suggest *always* click the "Go Now" button as this one took me to London for the fights. It should be pretty easy
Part 2: Loot 20 Hotsy Totsy from job "Organize a Private Party"  Chicago District 3 job, I am at Ruby so  this one will cost me 810 energy per job, yippee
Part 3: Win 120 fights in Brazil, easy peasy
The Reward for completing this mission is a Caribou and a Skull Skin, more repeat loot.

Mission #8: Afterburner

Part 1: Ice 50 opponents in Chicago, easy peasy
Part 2: Rob 20 Royal Bank, also easy
Part 3: collect from your Truck Stop 3 times, could take 24 hours
Reward for completing this mission is a Rapper and a Boy Toy

Mission #9: Planetary (Go!)

Part 1: Activate 5 crew members in Brazil should be easy
Part 2: Declare a war 2 times, can take 8 hours unless you want to spend the RP's
Part 3: Ice 75 opponents in London, easy peasy.

Mission #10: Soul On Display

Part 1: Rob 25 times in London
Part 2: Ice 80 Opponents in London
Part 3: Win 2 Wars, can take 16 hours
The Reward is a SKYRAY, vehicle [196/125]


Thursday, August 16, 2012

On The Double: Get Two Global Builds for the price of one 8/16

I have missed this twice today, but my mafia tells me it has been going on again today!

Get Two Builds on Global Properties for the price of one!

On the Double

I clicked through to see what the deal is for me right now.

Since these items have stat rewards for me, this is an excellent deal.

New in the Marketplace 8/16

Psychology Crate, one for 12 RP or three for 25 RP.

Common Loot items are:
Thorazine Syringe [124/169]
Restraint Bed [169/124]
Psychiatrist Couch [123/169]

Uncommon Loot items are:
Orderly [184/128]
Hidden Blade [128/185]
Hypnotist's Medallion [184/127]

Rare Loot items are:

Laboratory Mouse [205/140]
Psychiatrist [140/205]

Also in the Marketplace this morning!

Ice Slider [119/190]

More Limited Edition Items: 35 Reward Points Each

More LE items, also 35 RP each

I may just break my Mafia Wars Spending Diet to buy a couple Psychology Crates. We'll see.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

*updated* Let The Ices Begin: Family Ice Event #1 8/15

Pointed Threesome,  Weapon [from 98/140 to 128/200] rewarded to each family member as each ice level is completed.

Six days and 12 hours remain for your family to get the ices needed to get these great rewards:

The top Four Families will receive the Glass Blower, henchmen [98/140 to 128/200]
*and* +20 Skill Points!
Good Luck!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Games People Play Sale *event* 8/14

Rodeo Rider, Henchmen [120/180]

Another Sale "event". Yippee. Just like the Midsummer Manic Sale Event this will go on for seven days.

These items all have good numbers and this might be a really good deal for you.
When you click on "Click Here" to view all 7 deals, you get to see this:

If you really want the 7 Ballboys that is the day 7 deal, you have to purchase all 6 of the other deals on the way there.

Fine print. There is always fine print.

Seems to me these purchasing events are breeding and multiplying, and I just don't feel like spending. This is just more Marketplace Mess

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mafia Wars Delayed Reality: Athletes Mystery Bags 8/13

The 2012 Olympic Games officially opened on July 27th, more than two weeks ago, and the Closing Ceremony was on August 12th, yesterday. As with *many* recent events, Zynga has been well behind the times, like back on May 4th, when we finally got April Fool's Foolproof Gift Collection Event (facepalm)
On Saturday morning Mafia Wars seems to have accidentally released the Athletes Mystery Bags You can see on that post that I did not get any of the lovely loot items that we normally get with Limited Time special Mystery Bags, like Pa Barker Mystery Bags had the Pa Barker. This morning these new Athletes Bags were back and with a banner to announce them.

Voila! And I was even able to get two of the new loot item released with this bag:

First Step, Weapon [120/160]
Not bad if you can get a few of these. 
Now that they have released this, and all the bogus purchasing events, maybe, just *maybe*, we can get them to open the third Family Property

I'm not holding my breath, and they're not getting me to purchase anything more for now.  My Mafia Wars spending diet continues.

They're BAACK! Athletes Mystery Bags 8/13

Athletes Mystery Bags are back in free gifts this morning!