Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

*UPDATED* New Event: Robbing Spree 7/18

Robbing Spree involves Robbing Houses, sending and receiving Knob Wrench gifts, use of stamina and wow there's a lot going on here! More *gifting* while we have poker and two secret districts already? Brilliant (facepalm)

I clicked "Go Rob" after I had enough of the Knob Wrenches 

I was about to grab the shot of what it looked like after I robbed but the page evaporated because I had triggered *three* alarms, so pay attention!
This part is what you will see when you click the little Question Mark on the Robbing Spree
(How To)

When you ask for more Knob Wrenches, a beg post will appear in the feed

More How To:

*You can earn a total of 20 Knob Wrenches per day*
This seems to me to be too low considering how many it takes just to get *inside* the robbing.
Earn up to 50 Knob Wrenches per day 
(20 from requests + 20 from feed + 5 from clicking feed  + 5 from jobs)

About the Houses

The Payout Table
Falkland Islands Wolf (animal) Gooey Choco (vehicle) & Lights Out (weapon)
Various attack and defense


What it looked like after I robbed a neighborhood

I robbed *one* more, got a 2nd "alarm" and collected and a new pop-up


I'm tired of all these events, and I'm sure you are too. Yeehaw.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Fight Loot Dropping 7/17

New Fight Loot is dropping now



Knitting Needle

Caramel Crystal

VIP Subscription Migration 7/17

VIP Subscription Migration Begins Today

For all of the horrendous details please read the Mafia Wars official Blog post above.

All VIP accounts will now be billed through Facebook, and to reward us for our patience
 we get the Fishing Cat 

(but not yet, next time we pay)

By The Bookie Secret District (facepalm) 7/17

(Henchmen, 84 att/ 192 def)

The banner just popped up in game.
I clicked "Go Now" of course, and was stopped cold by this

(facepalm) Seriously, Zynga? We already have *one* secret district going on, and you want to open this one up *and* charge me 35 Reward Points for the pleasure? I then clicked the cute little question mark next to the 35 RP deal 

The Bookie has good stats, for now, but still... more crap to send during a poker season?


Stop screwing around with all these secret districts and fix the Third Family Property and the Family Boss fights. 

Collector's Edition Limited Time Bubble Head 7/17

For the low, low price of just 46 Reward Points you can be the proud owner of the Bubble Head
(Vehicle, 186 attack, 114 defense, +10 health points)

It's shiny, it's pretty, it's new, but Zynga, it still is not helping with Missing Family Boss Fights

Or the Third Family Property still not open 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mafia Poker Season 7 is here! 7/16

Poker Season 7 has arrived!

Another flood of Poker Cards sent and received these next 9 days

After winning the correct number of hands you will be rewarded with a  Pronged Lizard
(animal, various attack/defense)

So here we go again, let's get to sending those poker cards! Good luck!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Merde in the Marketplace: Group Sale 7/15

Today's fantabulous item is a Piranha Slice, weapon, (Bronze level is 146 attack, 98 defense)

To get to this item, first click the word "Marketplace" on the toolbar in game. Then, to get past the 

Garage Sale My Ass you will need to click this

Limited Edition Loot *NEW* tab to see the one new item, which is this Piranha Slice, the rest of the Limited Time Limited Edition Loot items are the same as they have been for four days