Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bandit/Bonus Job Loot 9/08

Norwegian Forest Cat, Animal [85/147]

You may have noticed that some newer loot is dropping from Bonus Jobs and after you defeat a Bandit. 

Taped, Weapon [77/136]

Silver Surfer, Vehicle [136/78]

Lake Cat, Animal [135/78]

Razor Sharp, Weapon [146/84]

Neon Flare, Armor [135/77]

As usual, leave it to Zynga to add ZERO Henchmen to new loot. Maybe next week or something? 

Carbon Fiber Arm: Today's Stranger's Swag 9/08

Today's Stranger's Swag is a Carbon Fiber Arm

Armor [156/91]
Collect three from your post and two more from your feed

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fight List Updates: Mini Bosses to be rolled out 9/06

Earlier on the Official Mafia Wars Blog a change to the Fight List was announced. They will be adding Mini Bosses to the Fight List.

Mini Bosses

I guess this is how Zynga is going to acknowledge the ever *shrinking* fight list.

We will not be able to add them to rivals or declare war on them, or see their profile.

Another slow roll out.

Kasumi (was Kasume)

Thomas Chou

Lily O' Valley

Exclusive Item: Power Suit *only* 70 RP 9/06

Power Suit, Armor [134/207]

You may have seen the pop-up ad for this item, briefly in the Marketplace: More Sale Crap Pick Your Own Bundle earlier. It also said "Exclusive Offer"
Only 70 Reward Points. I didn't get one. Did you?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Marketplace: Even more crowded than before 9/06

More Sale Crap or Zynga Fundraiser is about how I feel about all of this stuff too. 

We have the Patchwork Ride, a Collector's Edition vehicle, for 35 RP 

The Yellow Bob Bargain for the entire Family which only has a few hours left, I wonder how I could have missed it earlier? I guess it is the flood of sale pop-ups that keep jumping in my face?

Another big push for Daniela's Deal (not)

Group Sale, Hoody. Look! I own ZERO!

Of course, a plethora of Limited Edition Loot for sale as well.

and some more...

and some more ...

Skill Point Reallocation is on *NOW* 9/06

Skill Point Reallocation is available right now for all players, even non-VIP players so go get it. If you are VIP you can get it now and again later today or whenever your normally time resets.

Graveyard Shift Sale *event* 9/06

I'm with this guy, STOP already! So many ways to spend money on the game, so many fewer players on the fight list. But here it is, another sale "event". This is going to be just like the Games People Play Sale "event" of three weeks ago.

Let's say the items we *really* want is the 4 Barmaids. The *only* way to get that is to buy all three of the previous items, starting with today's Highway Flagger. 

This is a good deal on loot that might be good for a while, especially if you have 280 Reward Points sitting around waiting to be spent. If you purchase one of each day, that is a total of 28 loot items which works out to 10 Reward Points per items. Better than the Marketplace. You *are* allowed to purchase more items of days you have already unlocked without going back to the beginning.

On The Double 2x Global Properties Build 9/06

This morning as I logged in to the game, another exciting banner. 1-2pm Pacific Time September 6th.

I'm guessing Zynga thinks this is a better time for people who have jobs?  *Fail*
If you are in to building property items for stamina/health/energy/defense/attack, this can be a very good deal. If you're at work when it is available, it's just pissing you off.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Go Fetch: Collector's Edition Item 9/04

New Collector's Edition Loot Item:

Go Fetch
Gain +6 Energy Points and get another Weapon to add to your arsenal. If you are so inclined, this is a nice Collector's Edition Weapon. [127/197]

Iceboard Rewards 9/04

Iceboard Rewards announced on the Official Mafia Wars blog will begin "this week onwards". Rewards will be given out on Tuesday, September 11th, 2012.
Golden Shield goes to the #1 icer in your mafia.

The Glove Gun goes to the top three icers Globally

Free VIP Membership Trial 9/04

Free 7 day trial, must have credit card!

Free VIP Membership Trial offer just announced on the Official Mafia Wars Blog.

I suggest reading VIP Membership Purchase Facts as well as the official post.

On The Double 2x Global Properties Build Schedule 9/04

When I logged in to the game this morning, there was this pretty little banner across the top!

I know there are some people that will still not be happy with this. People who have a job during the day time and cannot log in to take advantage of the deal. I wish Zynga would add a couple to the evening hours.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Skill Point Reallocation is on *NOW* 9/03

Skill Point Reallocation is available right now for all players, even non-VIP players so go get it. If you are VIP you can get it now and again later today or whenever your normally time resets.

Marketplace: More Sale Crap or Zynga Fundraiser 9/03

Pop-ups are getting overwhelming again for me, what about you? This is worse than Marketplace Mess (facepalm)

The Rewards Card Sale "Event" is going on for 6 more days, get some skill points as you spend your way to Mafia Wars Oblivion. There is some nice loot in the Limited Edition area, but how long will it be "nice"?

Pick Your Own Bundle popped up on me too, and the best deal I could find was this:

+8 Skill Points x3 for 57 Reward Points.

Spotlight Sale "Event" is still going on, and we can hope if you purchase other sale "event" items that those will count *towards* completing this, but we're dealing with Zynga, so who knows?

Psychology Crates are on sale as well. What's inside Psychology Crates 

And because too much is never enough with Zynga, we also have the Group Sale going on. 
I don't know about you, but I am not going to be buying a whole bunch right now, considering Reward Points are still *not* on sale.