Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, March 1, 2013

In The Marketplace 3/1

Bullet Ant, Limited Edition, animal [150/222]

There is so very much on sale in the Marketplace right now: Super Scarab, Collector's Edition, vehicle [222/151]

This banner does not say how much the item costs. It costs 46 Rewards Points

As I clicked my way through the Marketplace today, I noticed this little item:

There are multiple offers:

These cost a lot of Rewards Points but if you want more Skill Points, Skill King is pretty nice and comes with some Apocalypse Crates.

What's inside an Apocalypse Crate:
Vagabond, henchmen [153/203]
Chain King, weapon [203/154]
Muck Monkey, vehicle [153/203]
Merch-man, henchmen [159/218]
Spineshank, weapon [218/159]
Dust Raider, henchmen [159/2118]
Hemlee Hurricane, vehicle [169/233]
Apocalyptech Mark-XXI, armor [233/170]

Skill King Plus comes with some okay things, and some Classic Crates What's in a Classic Crate but costs 460 Rewards Points
Arena Champion, way to burn Rewards Points on Arena Boosts. (The 9 Stamina Refill makes this an okay deal) at 100 Rewards Points

Loot Lord: 52% off = 200 Rewards Points

Limited Edition Loot Items:
Most of these are 35 Rewards Points each, and there are many more in the Marketplace

Breathe Easy, armor [222/150]
Bullet Ant, animal [150/222]
Death Sphere, weapon [147/222]
Tesla Armor, armor [148/222]
Boomboxer, henchmen [147/222]

Thursday, February 28, 2013

New VIP Loot 2/28

New VIP Loot is dropping in fights this morning.

Hop-Step-Wade, vehicle [122/173]

jackrabbit, animal [173/121]

Headshrinker, armor [172/120]

Waist-Not, armor [120/172]

Paparazzi, henchmen [118/171]

Extra Terra, vehicle [171/119]

MK Black Widow, weapon [119/170]

Irish Deer, animal [170/118]

2x Global Property Builds and 50% off Reward Points and Game Cards 2/28

2x Global Property Builds 9-9:30 AM Pacific Time
Here is a  Time Converter

50% off Rewards Points and Game Card Redemption

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

50% off Reward Points 2/27

50% off Rewards Points is on again

Daily Fix: More Mafia Chores 2/27

Twice Shy, weapon [171/120]

The Daily Fix FAQ Official Mafia Wars Blog is almost as long as their post about the Arena.
This feature is rolling out slowly, and that is making a lot of players unhappy. 

As soon as it showed up in my game, I clicked the "Enlist" option to see what we have.
My first new chore was to collect from a property, which I had already done, so I was unable to complete the first task on our newest chore assignments. Boo hoo. 
See the little red x where I did not achieve my daily fix clip.
This sucks because we need to complete 21 of 28 Daily Tasks to get to Ruby Level, so I suggest that you also check this part of the game right off when you log in to play.

Today when I logged in, this was the first thing I looked for so I wouldn't make the same mistake twice. Today's task/chore was build one item in the Chop Shop. When I completed the task, I was awarded the loot item above, the Twice Shy. I have 9 hours 38 minutes until my next task. 
Click the link below for more detailed explanation of this feature.
Yes, I know their images suggest we can win Rewards Points, no I do not know how or when that will happen.
Here are some examples of Daily Fix tasks/chores you may  be assigned.

Collect from Armory

 Collect from Weapons Depot

Do 5 jobs in London.

Freeze Limited Time Arena Power Up 2/27

Freeze, new Arena Power Up, More Arena Push

In the 9 zillionth attempt to make the Arena more exciting than it is, Zynga has decided it needed a Freeze to help make it more popular.

We get to post a Power Card Beg from this banner, which is nice, because we can build one Freeze for 2 Power Cards (limited time only 12 days 10 hours remain)

Since I had some power cards, I built a few. Here is what they do:

"Block an opponent from attacking you (10s). Cooldown 10s."

When these expire, it appears they will revert to Power Cards. I assume we will not get 2 cards for each Freeze. I *assume* we will only get 1 Power Card per Freeze, but they aren't saying.

Home Away From Home Fund Raiser for Fisher House 2/27

Today's big announcement is a fund raiser for Fisher House  which provides temporary housing for families of military members or veterans receiving medical care at major military hospitals and VA medical centers.

We can purchase a Family Beach, vehicle [223/158] for 32 RP or
a Housing Volunteer, henchmen [163/228] for 40 RP

The highest, biggest spending player on this one will get their image on a new  "Non Playing Character- the Philanthropist".  Event ends 3/6/2013 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Blaze of Glory Sale Event 2/25

To go along with the No Strings Attached 7 Day Sale Event

For every five purchases you will level up your Cubic Turbo, vehicle [varies]

Small Print Says: "Offer ends on 2nd March at 11:59PM PST. Only items selling in the Marketplace are eligible for this reward. However, Items selling for less than 5RP, Treasure Chest Items and Skill Point Reallocation do not count towards the prize."

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Welcome Back 2/24

In Mafia Wars endless push on the Arena, we get another free gift today. 
Welcome Back to the Family
To Welcome you back, 50 Power Card has been added to your account.

No Strings Attached Seven Day Sale Event 2/24

Just like the January Gearhead Sale and the December Nutcracker Sale this goes for 7 days.

Each day the items get better and so do their attached bonus'. 

If you purchase all seven deals, one time through, you will end up with 28 loot items and 28 skill points for 315 Rewards Points. That works out to roughly 11.25 Rewards Points per item, plus you get those skill points. 
These sales are usually followed by another sale where we fill in the blank on the bar. For the Gearhead Sale it was the In With The New sale and for the Nutcracker it was the Guns N Mistletoe  so I suggest, it is *only* a suggestion, to hold of for two or three days before you start buying this, otherwise you're gonna kick yourself for spending before the other sale begins.

Small Print: