Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Ice Season 23 10/12

Ice Season 23

Get the ices, get the rewards! Station Master, henchmen [stats vary]

Bronze tier rewards

Silver tier Rewards

Gold tier Rewards

Ruby tier Rewards

Diamond tier Rewards

A Royal Flush sale event 10/12

A Royal Flush sale event, better than From Dawn to Dusk sale event ?

The price has gone up! This time each day will cost 45 RP instead of 40 RP, but for those extra RP we will be getting skill points.

The second bullet on this explanation of the sale tells us how the skill points will be dealt. If you purchase one of each deal, you will end up with 28 skill points and 28 items for  315 Reward Points. Basically the difference from the Midsummer Manic Sale Event and From Dusk to Dawn sale event to today's sale event is that we end up paying an additional 35 RP to get the 28 skill points *and* the 28 loot items. After doing a little math, and please let me know if you think I am wrong, I believe I can get 39 items from the Bermuda Triangle Crate Sale for the same number of RP and *five* of those items have better stats than these do. I bought three of those crates last night and got one Bon Voyage [vehicle 212/151] so I think I'm going to sit this one out, for now at least.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crate Sale: Bermuda Triangle Crates 10/11

Bermuda Triangle Crates

3 Crates for 24 Reward Points or 1 for 8 RP

What's inside:

Lost Compass, armor [139/182]
Experienced Seaman, henchmen [182/139]
En Route, vehicle [138/182]

Triangular Termination, weapon [197/142]
Sunfish, animal [142/197]
Veteran Pilot [197/141]

Bon Voyage, vehicle [212/151]
Returned Explorer, henchmen [151/212]

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Robbing Spree 3 10/10

Street Dancer, henchmen [stats vary]

Robbing Spree Season 3

We're going to want as many of these as we can get! Collect 20 from free gifts (zmc) and then post to "Ask for more" the beg on your wall to get a few more. I suggest obtaining as many of these as you can *before* you start a robbing spree.  Also, don't start a robbing spree if you are very low on stamina. 

How to play, when you click the tiny question mark, you get this pop up full of great information:

The Rewards are:
Carzilla, vehicle [stats vary]
Trident, weapon [stats vary]
Street Dancer, henchmen [stats vary]

Sunday, October 7, 2012

*** UPDATED*** That's a Wrap Secret District 10/7

*** UPDATE***
I'm going to re-iterate my opinion here real quick, I suggest doing the first level and staying there until you can collect all the items needed to get the skill points. (New Loot Items at bottom of page)
*** UPDATE***

Gun Cam,  weapon (reward for defeating Kurt Reel) [stats vary]
Let's begin at the end, the Boss fight, because I know you want those combo's now!

Today's new Boss is Kurt Reel, you will need the following combo's to defeat him:

And now, on to the top of the page: Travel to "That's a Wrap" in London where you will see this at the top of the page: 

The little question mark at the top right corner shows us another pop up: Here is where we see the loot item (reward) for completing the jobs part of the district. The Film Camera, weapon [stats vary]

We will be sending out lots of Electronic Clapper-boards (consumable needed for jobs) and 2x Loot.
We'll want a lot of the 2x loot so we can complete the collection part and get those awesome skill points!
Watch for these to drop:
 Tripod, weapon [148/97]
Fireproof Suit, armor [97/148]
Electric Cart, vehicle [148/97]

Jobs! [[watch for bandits!]]

And from here, we go back to the boss fight, Defeat Kurt Reel, at the top of the page! Have fun!

*** UPDATE***
Other Loot Items Dropping here are:
Lighting Assistant, henchmen [103/153]

Film Maker, henchmen [157/101]