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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

UnlockedMW toolbar released

Formerly of, Alex has launched a new project:, developer of the UnlockedMW toolbar for Mafia Wars. This toolbar was just released within the past day or two, and I've been tooling around with it much of the day today. I've found a lot to like about it. There are aspects of the toolbar that will be useful to most players, but I think it's going to especially appeal to fighters. And not just the brawlers, but also the more engaged, manual fighters.

The UnlockedMW toolbar can be installed with either Firefox or Chrome from the downloads page. Internet Explorer is not supported.

The Chrome version works best for me, and it's extremely easy to install. 

All you do is click the 'install' button, and then you'll get the above notification in the upper right of your browser, informing you that the tool has been installed. It will be functional as soon as you enter your Mafia Wars game.

For the Firefox version of UnlockedMW, you first need to have the Firefox Add-on called Greasemonkey installed. Many of you will already be familiar with Greasemonkey, as it is used to run widely-used scripts such as Mafia Wars Auto Player and FBMWAddon.

Make sure that Greasmonkey is enabled, and then click the link to install the script. That will bring up the above dialog box. Click Install.

You'll get this notification on the lower right of your screen, just over your date/time display.

Once the add-on is installed to your browser, there is no unframing required. It does work unframed as well though, and will function along with other bookmarklets that you use. There's no loading involved, either. The toolbar will not take up space on your browser display; it is unobtrusively inserted into your Mafia Wars game above the Missions bar.

The quickbank button is denoted by a little cash icon. Clicking on it banks your cash in whatever city you're in without the hassle of a pop-up, an extra click, and then having to close the pop-up. One click versus at least 3. In Vegas, if your vault is already full, nothing happens.

The drop-down Tools menu has some gifting scripts and stamina scripts, as well as Property Manager and Mini-Pack. The Brawler is actually Brawler Lite, which is hosted here at Mistyfied by Mr. Wizard

Under Post Settings, you can choose to direct your ice posts to your personal Facebook wall, or the wall of a Facebook page.

I was able to post one of my ices to the Mistyfied wall using that feature. I do not often post my ices, and I'm quite vocal about my dislike of the habits of players who post every single ice they get, so Feature Contributor Le Trainspotter made sure to tease me about the post :)

 The little Facebook button is your pop-up manager for ices. If you want to publish your ices to your Facebook news feed, enable this option. It will bypass the Iced pop-up (saving you a click) and automatically bring up the Facebook news feed post for you to publish.

If like me, you are very sparing in your posting of ices, you'll probably want to disable this feature. Disabling it provides the additional benefit of blocking pop-ups from fighting altogether, which I find streamlines the manual fighting process for me. I can just keep attacking until the Attack Again button disappears, and immediately move on to my next target without the hassle of closing the pop-up telling me that I iced my opponent.

The health icon does what it implies, when enabled: it heals you. It will auto-heal you without being prompted and without a pop-up.

This handy fight helper won't automate your game, but will save your wrist the pain of getting the ice. Initiate any attack that you win on a live target, and this feature takes over by attacking until the opponent is iced. When the attacks are complete, simply move on and initiate your next attack.

Alex has also posted a brief instructional video tutorial on how you can use the toolbar. 

UnlockedMW website:

UnlockedMW Toolbar download page:

UnlockedMW fan page:  

reminder: upcoming Mafia Wars Live session

The Mafia Wars blog has posted a reminder about the next Mafia Wars Live session.

Mobsters, it's time to ready more questions for the Mafia Wars team! At 3:30 pm PDT on Wednesday, June 1st, "Blue Eyed Nate" and "Crazy Dragon" will be hosting the third LIVE broadcast from the Mafia Wars studio! They'll be talking about new features coming soon and answering some of the questions you post to the forum!
 As always, here's where you'll want to tune in on Wednesday:

finally finished Put Em On Ice

 I finally finished Put Em On Ice - for the first time!

I don't think I'll be trying to repeat it, though. There's too much other stuff going on in the game right now.

Leave it to a Mafia Wars God :)

That's right, that's 5 Talking Stalks, the grand prize for completely mastering the Put Em On Ice event by icing 1,000 players.

I'm just about to finish the event for the first time, so I was duly awed when I saw this photo posted on the Mafia Wars Gods fan page. That's 5,000 ices! My hat's off to you.

lost Operation rewards

What the hell happened to my Mafia Operations that I completed? I had 10, all of which were completed and I just needed to collect the rewards, and now every single one of them says "The leader removed you from this operation!" Well I know that's not the case, and it's pretty crappy that Zynga decided to insert that message. Had I not known that this is a Zynga screw-up, I might've gotten pretty mad at 10 of my mafia members.

And so what about my operation rewards that I hadn't collected? The only option I now have is to close those missions. That's bullcrap, Zynga, complete and utter bullcrap. You can bet I'm going to write customer support a very unhappy message. I spent the time, energy, and stamina to complete those operations, and I'm not going to get screwed out of my rewards.

Taps: Memorial Day "free" item (it's not free)

 Don't be misled by the advertisement, Taps isn't free. With a defense of 100, I was interested in how this item might be obtained, so I clicked.

 It brought up this uber annoying RP "bonus" pop-up, and I see that they've again changed the rewards offered. To get Taps, I'd have to purchase at least 86 reward points. That ain't free, last time I checked. And check out the tier 1 items. Friggin 5 shot gun blasts? I'm insulted.

And when I did check out the current prices on reward points, I shouldn't have been surprised to find there was NO sale going on. You a$sholes think I'm going to spend $40 for Taps? You're out of your mind. And I damn sure am not buying reward points at these prices.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wars Declared frequency

I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting wars declared on me at an absurd frequency. I don't think even I can piss that many people off!

I've seen this being talked about in my news feed, I've experienced it myself, and it's also on the forums. Frankly, at this point, I don't really care what the reason is, but it's getting stupid. Zynga needs to throttle this.

2x loot weekend kicks off

The 2x loot weekend has finally started!

When Mafias Attack

A lot of player skirmishes occur when someone starts posting to their Facebook friends about what an a$s they feel some other player is being to them. That person's Facebook friends are often eager to prove what a good mafia member they are, or to demonstrate their personal skills, or are just bored, and then links start getting posted, and more and more retaliatory attacks start happening.

How many of those attackers ever stop and ask their mafia member why it all started? Unfortunately, very few, and this can lead to some messy situations. The following is a story of what can happen when people blindly jump into a fight at the behest of petty players.

Shown above is an actual conversation that took place on a Facebook wall last Friday night. The thread was discussing Vegas slots, the ones accessed from a player's Mafia Wars profile. Another player, JB, came into the discussion, but couldn't seem to figure out which slots were being discussed, although it was explained to her not once, but twice.

When JB threw her level out there, as if level has anything to do with Mafia Wars slot machine expertise, MT ignored the barb and attempted a second explanation.

JB didn't like being corrected, apparently, and then went on to question MT's length of game experience, implying that MT didn't know what she was talking about. MT remained polite during this discussion, as you can see, but as you can also see, JB got mad and blocked MT on Facebook.

After getting blocked by JB, MT posted this status message, and a couple comments down, DWB asked her what level was she?? A few comments later, MT answered DWB that she was around level 100.

Check out DWB's response! What an a$s! MT and her other friends were kind of shocked by this, and those that could take him on attacked him. Not so unjustifiable, in my opinion. Had I been strong enough, I would've taken him on too for that!

Despite his royal majesty being too good to keep sub-level 100s as Facebook friends, he neglected to remove MT from his mafia. MT took care of that and sent him packing with a sucker punch. To which, DWB responded by icing her. Kind of asinine, if you think about it, but whatever.

A little while later, MT realized that DWB was still attacking her, and had been robbing her for several minutes by the time she realized it. That's a little bit much; MT thought so, and so did her other Facebook friends, who went to her defense without being asked.

MT was fed up at that point. She had realized that this started with the slot machine conversation with JB - the wife of DWB, as it turns out. So this all boiled down to a woman who couldn't handle having her game lore corrected by a lower level player, and her husband was being a d1ck by proxy.

MT passed DWB's link to a few heavy-hitting friends of hers, and logged out for the night.

DWB didn't like the attention very much. A little less than 36 hours later, DWB posted this status message, claiming that someone had been hitting him for "3 days now". The link he posted was one of MT's primary champions, so we knew full-well that he was blatantly exaggerating the situation.

A little while later, JB demonstrated her exceptional copy/paste skills and also posted the link of MT's friend.

Back on DWB's wall, his Facebook friends were getting involved, too. As you can see, none of them stopped to question his misinformation, they just went to attacking and were bragging about sharing the link with their own friends. You have to wonder, had they known what the real cause of this conflict was, would they have bothered?

The poor dears didn't like it when MT's friend retaliated in kind, but seriously, what did they expect? You jump into a fight and call in your own dogs without even knowing what it's about, don't you think people are going to get ticked?

When they realized that MT had more than one friend, the wife immediately suggested that it was a fake account, and tells people to report them. Report them for what?? Beating you?? This is irresponsible behavior on her part, not to mention against Facebook's TOS by targeting. I happen to know that the two attackers are definitely not the same person, in fact they live on two different continents, and there's nothing at all that would suggest the conclusion that JB jumped to other than sheer maliciousness.

Then this idiotic situation snowballed even further, when this person decided to call in her clan members, over someone else's fight, without bothering to learn the facts. Something that started with someone being corrected over how slot machines work.

DWB also maliciously and falsely called for reporting and blocking.

DWB was mad enough to send this unprovoked message to MT's friend. He called her fat and ugly and said that her "tatoo" was low life. Really, DWB? Why? Because she beat you hands down and kept on coming when you lied in order to get your friends involved? I dunno, I'm kinda thinking MT's friend isn't the low life here.

A full seven days later, I found the link posted again on DWB's wall. He has, of course, earned himself a permanent spot in the rivals list of MT's friends, by this point.

He's running out of allies, too. He even came and left a comment on the blog earlier today (at least, I'm fairly certain that was good ole DWB), lying to ME about the situation. I happen to know they're not attacking lower levels. DWB is over level 1300, and he brought this business on himself. Or rather, his wife did. They both did.

We've contacted administrators of the clan members who got involved without educating themselves on the conflict; none of them wanted involvement after learning why Mr. & Mrs. B. were getting hit to begin with. He's obviously running out of places to run to if he thinks crying to me and trying to get my admins in "trouble" is going to do any good.

The moral of this long story is: don't shoot first and ask questions later (or never, like this bunch of clowns did) and then get pissed and cry foul when you get hit back. There is always more to the story, and more often than not, there's a lot of bullsh*t that would make you think twice about getting involved, had you bothered to ask. Things like this happen for even less provocation than slot machine info.

The implication is not that you shouldn't help your mafia when they ask for help. After all, that's how this situation is ultimately being resolved, due to the diligence of MT's friends coming to her aid. The problem was that DWB's mafia did the same. They didn't know why he was being attacked, and got involved in a mess between some very determined players. It just pays to learn other sides to the story before you add someone to your rivals list. 

And sometimes, just maybe, there might be a reason that your friends are getting whaled on ;)

special parts gone from free gift page

Special Parts, a part needed to build items in our Chop Shops, Weapons Depots, and Armories, has been bumped from the Free Gifts page on many accounts. This is likely due to the X-Men boosts currently being offered. Remember that you can still generate gift links for Special Parts using scripts like Linkanator or FBMWAddon.

sending Secret Stash requests

If you have noticed that you're sending mystery bags instead of secret stash requests, you're not alone.

I found this thread about it on the forums, accompanied by the above image. I believe this is the screen you see when you fail to get a secret stash, but can then send requests to your friends to help you loot a different loot item. It seems that instead of sending out the request for help, it's sending Blue Mystery bags.

This is the first I've heard of it, so I'm guessing something get screwed up since they introduced the X-Men stuff yesterday.

There's also this thread about the same problem. It sounds like this is happening to a lot of people, going by the concurring responses on these threads.

X-men FAQ is up

The X-Men FAQ is now up on the Zynga support site. It sure would have been nice had they posted this yesterday when they released the event. It contains a lot of the same blah-blah information that they always include, but there are some useful facts in it.

The event will end mid-day on Thursday, June 2nd.

Q:  What if I did not receive the event on the first day that it was released, will I be allowed any extra time to complete the event?
A:  This event is designed to be completed within a few days with standard amounts of game play.  As with most of our events, we allow extra time within the event schedule to ensure that most players will be able to maximum their time and enjoyment of the event, and collect as many rewards as possible.  Because these events are scheduled in advance, additional time can not be added to individual accounts and the event will conclude for all players at the same time.

 It also more fully addresses the timer question.

Q:  What happens if I find more than 10 of an item?
A:  When you have more than ten of any item in your account a timer will start.  This timer gives you 30 minutes to post these items to your feed so that someone can collect them.  

Q:  What will happen if the items are not posted before the timer expires?
A:  The items will be removed from your inventory if you do not post them in time.

Q:  Will i get any type of credit for the extra items that I do not post in time?
A:  No.  This is part of the challenge.  The extra items must be posted within the 30 minute time frame or they will be lost.

And something I find very confusing is this entry in the FAQ:
Q:  Are these items tradable?
A:  Yes.  Users can trade all 7 items and can collect up to 4 mastery items.
Unless I'm missing something, that makes it sound like you can have up to 4 mastery items. But all you get is one, with 4 upgrades of mastery through ruby level.

disappearing X-men loot

I thought it was interesting last night when I noticed I had more than 10 of several items, after reading that we could only have ten at one time.

As is now being widely reported, many players got very confused when their X-Men loot started disappearing! When I first started this post, I had 18 X-Men Suits, now I have 10.

It does say "Keep up to 10 of each X-Men item. Share any spares with your Mafia," and most players are speculating that there's a timer involved; after a certain period of time, the extra loot disappears. I haven't seen anything on the forums about this.

It appears a timer has been added to the items in response to the confusion. At least, I'm pretty sure that wasn't there last night. Personally, they can keep the loot. The stats are crap and I'm not going to bother gifting away the extras.