Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bake and Rise Limited Time Beg and Build Event 3/16

Poisoned Lava Cake, weapon, bronze tier [171/129]

Click the little "Ask" button to post a beg to the news feed to get some parts!

We can collect up to 45 parts per day, if I have the Zynga math correct.

Slitter, consumable part

On this build we have a choice of more health or more stamina from our builds. I will probably go for the stamina side this time. We don't get the skill point bonus until we hit Ruby, so collect up those parts!

Baker's Den, vehicle [varies]
Poisoned Lava Cake, weapon [varies]

Friday, March 15, 2013

New Secret District: Barbershop Quartet 3/15

Just like on the Round and Round Secret District this banner says we can do this again if we complete it "before 3/26/2013 11:59 PM PDT and get a chance to reset your progression and master this Secret District again"

Just like then, I am going to suggest remaining in the Bronze tier when completing the collection.

Job Completion Reward Item: 
Pole-ar Pleasure, armor, Ruby Level [252/150]

Post a beg for 2x Loot and send out Cutmaster, consumable.

Collect 10 each to get 5 attack points.
Collect 25 each to get 5 defense points.
Collect 50 each to get 5 skill points.

Stubless, weapon [119/170]
Cutter's Pride, armor [170/119]
Moon Straight Edge, vehicle [119/170]

The Jobs: Beware of Bandits and keep an eye out for a secret job.

The Boss Fight: Defeat Sonny Lester

Boss Fight Combos:

The little question mark pop-up for the boss fight is where you can post a beg to the news feed for the Cutmaster.
Reward for defeating the boss is:
Brownmobile, vehicle [varies]

Other Loot Items Dropping:

Exotic Burlesque Dancer, henchmen [178/125]

50% Off Reward Points 3/15

50 % off  Reward Points

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Warlord 23 and new fight loot 3/14

Warlord 23 Loot Items

Merlin Stratoweaver, vehicle [122/162]
Two Timer, weapon [163/123]
Thick-billed Raven, animal [124/165]
Spike Sound X1, armor [164/123]
M.A.F.I.A. Warhammer, vehicle [163/125]

Ivo Autoshot Mk II, weapon [132/173]
Przewalski's Horse, animal [174/133]
Trawler's Overalls, armor [134/173]
Eurasian Water Shrew, animal [133/175]
Rockwilde, vehicle [135/174]

New Fight Loot:

Giant Clam, animal [168/79]

An-Tweak, weapon [168/79]

SVR Blue Bolt, vehicle [78/167]

Chain Sheath, armor [78/167]

Cutting Edge Sale Event 3/14

This type of Sale Event usually has one of those 7 Day Sale Events to go along with it, so don't be surprised if suddenly there is another added event, just like during the Blaze Of Glory Sale Event and the No Strings Attached 7 Day Sale event 

The loot item levels up for every 5 items you purchase.

Why we do this: Reef Octopus, animal [varies]

Small print says: " *Offer ends on 18th March at 11:59 PM PDT. Only Items selling in the Marketplace are eligible for this reward. However, Items selling for less than 5RP, Treasure Chest Items, and Skill Point Reallocation do not count towards the prize."

On Your Mark Secret District (again) 3/14

Back in August of 2012, right after the Olympic Games opened, we got this Secret District for the first time.
Here is the complete explanation of this district: On Your Mark Secret District
Complete, with Boss Fight Combos and everything!

This time around, it will cost 27 Reward Points to play through:

Since Zynga has seen fit to begin several new items today, this one it not that high on my list, but I may come back to it for the possibility of more skill points.

Arena Happy Hour #5 8-11 AM Pacific Time 3/14

Arena Happy Hour 8-11 AM Pacific Time

Get Max XP to Stamina Ratio irrespective of your position!

En Route Moscow Operation Event 3/14

This new Operation event will help with the Fence Master Event: More Mafia Chores by at least making some operations more attractive to players.

Clicking the cute little question mark pops this up:

To collect the Gold tier Florida Panther, we must complete these operations to Gold tier also. Remember to keep your eye on that Russian Flag!

Please pay attention to the amount of Energy or Stamina that you have available before clicking on to someone else's operation. You'll want to be able to complete in a timely manner. Many players want everyone to complete within a few minutes of joining. If you will be unable to complete your part of an operation, you may want to let the owner of the operation know that so they can remove you and let someone else complete that portion. If any one part is not completed, everyone loses that work they put in to complete.


 Cafe Extreme, vehicle [114/170]
Pufferfish, animal [171/114]
Boxerproof, armor [170/113]

Breakdown, weapon [115/175]
Storekeeper, henchmen [170/114]
Japanese Giant Hornet, animal [113/171]

Stranger's Swag: Tropicar 3/14

Today's Stranger's Swag is a Tropicar, vehicle [118/181]

Collect up to 5: 3 from friends clicking on your post, and 2 more from clicking on your friends posts!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Skill Point Sale: VIP Reallocation Sale 3/13

Skill points, energy and stamina are on sale in the marketplace

For VIP players, Skill Point Reallocation is also on sale

Stranger's Swag: Poke-A-Face 3/13

Today's Stranger's Swag 

Poke-A-Face, weapon [181/119]

Collect up to 5 per day.

Collect three from your mafia clicking on your post, and two more from clicking on theirs!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Arena Loot Items 3/12

New Arena Loot released this morning!

Eyes Wide Shut, armor [119/168]
Tamandua, animal [119/169]
Side Strike, vehicle [169/120]
Airmaster, weapon [170/120]
Economist, henchmen [169/120]

For players with over 1600 Respect
Gun Metal, vehicle [171/123]
Vampire Squid, animal [124/171]
Arborist, henchmen [171/124]

***UPDATED*** Family Inheritance #3 Arena Event #10 3/12

This is just like those last two events, where everyone in your Mafia Red Tag can help to level up to the best prizes.
Grand Prize: Love Handle, weapon [235/169] Ruby Level

Don't expect to see the Leaderboards for this, since that spot is currently occupied by the Fence Master Even More Mafia Chores event

Earn those Crests to get the good loot!

I found the leaderboard! It only took me all day!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Fence Master Event: Even More Mafia Chores! 3/11

Book Keeper, henchmen, Gold level [225/175]
Global Fence Leader Reward

What I think happened: Zynga gave us a little Survey to ask us what we liked in the game the most.

Then Zynga announced: The Daily Fix: More Mafia Chores because apparently our favorite thing we do each day is all the assignments. The daily 150 Ices for Family Progression. The property, job and  helper things we do each day. I thought we had just about the right amount of chores to do. 

So here we are in mid-March with another Mafia Chores Event. Okay let's see what we have.

There are two possible loot items to collect from this event. The first is the Pygmy Raccoon, animal [150/221] for the Family Fence Board Leader

The second item is the Book Keeper, henchmen [225/175] for the Global Fence Leader. 

And here are our newest "tasks" and chores:

I'm not sure if the numbers to the right are a points scale for each task or some other thing, like how many times we should do this task or how many days we have done this task. As usual, Zynga cannot explain anything worth a hill of beans. These numbers (on the right hand column) do not change, so I am assuming they are points this task is worth.

This is what the task board looks like as you get some tasks done:

Many of these tasks do not show any progression, so I do not know how Zynga is deciding whether we did enough of those tasks.
The only one of these tasks that really surprised me was second to last, "Add members to Mafia" because, any Chimpanzee can tell you, Mafia Wars Daily Average Users are down. For this one, you *can* remove a member from your mafia and add them back. 

The Global Fence Master Rankings:

The Family Fence Master Rankings: