Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Predator Stat Cards 9/01

In the eight months plus since this new Zynga gimmick: Collectable Stat Cards post, I don't see any great changes to what they've done here.  Just out of some sick sense of curiosity I went to look at this a little more closely today. I have to say, unless someone else can convince me otherwise, this is the absolute worst crap Zynga has put out to date. There is a "chance" to loot this fancy item:

Giant Wheel, Vehicle [225/225]

My question is this: How much of a chance? Is it like the California Lottery, or the Mega Millions? Those odds are at least printed *plainly* on all of the lottery materials. This is a mess! 

Even if you bought these cards at the *magnificently* discounted rate of 3 for 42 Reward Points, to get a full set, you would spend 504 Reward Points to get enough cards to fill all 36 purple spaces!

That would be great if you got a different card every single time, and zero duplicates, but I am assuming that doesn't happen; it is *Zynga* after all. 
No Sale.

Stranger's Swag: Giant Salamander 9/01

Today's Stranger's Swag is a Giant Salamander

Animal [92/157]
Collect three from posting, and two from collecting from your mafia.

Vacay Mystery Bag 9/01

New Limited Time Vacay Mystery Bag

Just like previous Lmited Time Mystery Bags Athletes Mystery Bag , we have a collect limit of 20 per day.

The new loot item is a Double Vision, we can probably collect 3-5 of these per day. I got one.

Armor [165/123]

Other Items I got this morning were:
+5 Attack Points
+5 Energy Points
+1 Reward Point
+1 Skill Point
Other various normal Mystery Bag items, boosts & building matierials

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

*UPDATE* New Daily Take Items 8/29

Brown Sugar, weapon [160/96]

New Daily Take Items were added yesterday. These items all have *much* better stats than the Daily Take has had in a very long time.
***There is now a limit of collecting 5 Daily Takes per day.***

Nimble Suit, armor [96/160]

Kudu, animal [96/160]

Sun Deck, Vehicle [160/96]

Personal Trainer, Henchmen [160/96]

Iceboard 8/29

The new Iceboard began rolling out yesterday.  The Official Mafia Wars Blog Iceboard post shows how it is supposed to work. From what people are telling me, the rankings are all wrong so we'll watch them work the bugs out of this one.

Build Back Better 8/29

Emergency Physician, henchmen [123/197]

Announced on the Official Mafia Wars Blog Build Back Better earlier, a new fundraiser for the charity Direct Relief International 
Purchase one for $3 or 6 for $15

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

VFX Lab New Limited Time Property 8/28

Let the Begging begin! There are 15 levels to this property, and four new items to be built!

We can beg for Soundproofing Material, Galvanized Steel and Cordless Drill.
After the begging comes the building. Here are the items we will get to build.

The MoCap Camera and the Fog Machine are both Armor.

The MoCap Actor is a Henchmen and the Robotic Dinosaur is an Animal.
If you look closely you will see that the level 15 Robotic Dinosaur comes with +6 attack points. Nice!

Of course you can always buy your way into an upgrade with Reward Points.
Here we go again!