Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

17 September - FAN BLAST : Stamina Point

Friday, September 16, 2011

Delusions Of Digital Granduer

We have all experienced the relentless attacks and wall flames from a few people in this Mafia Wars game we play. We have all seen wall posts where someone or we ourselves are warned to “Back Off" or something bad is going to happen to us. Like what? My fictional health will be knocked down and I won’t be able to attack for a few rounds? I might lose 6 fictional experience points? OK, I am scared now did that help your delusion? 

The problem with some out in Mafia Wars is that they have this sense of superiority that  is a false sense of power. When you walk out of your house and ride that train or drive through that tough neighborhood, face it, your “Digital Mafia” is not going to save you. The braggadocio in this game is laughable at times. I have listened to people speak as though they are real Godfathers in some secret organization that will make other people’s lives miserable if they are “messed with”. Or how clans battle and bicker and pay homage to one another. Really? Come on now. IT’S A GAME. When I was growing up in Brooklyn we knew who the Made men were. You know what? These cats didn’t brag, they didn’t boast. When we walked by them they said hello and asked how the family was doing. If we were being chased by older kids from another neighborhood they made it their business to explain to those kids it is not healthy for them to do that in this neighborhood and let them go on their way.
I don’t mean to poke fun or to make myself seem more reasonable than the few out there that think their digital crap doesn’t stink all I am saying is that you need to step back a minute and experience your life outside of the power base the sycophants in your digital mafia have given you. We are playing a Role in a game. That is all. The power we have in the game is just that, IN THE GAME. Don’t setup your own little podcast and brag on how you’re going to take down every family out there. It’s funny, really, and disturbing that a person would assume they could induce fears from within a game and then goes ahead and announces it!  
I have seen long time friendships destroyed over a digital insult with the game. I have been back-stabbed and actually had a person think I was hunting him 24 seven to hack his account. The truth was once he back-stabbed me I blocked him and moved on with my life, no worries. Family rules and hierarchies are setup to enjoy the experience not to acquiesce to other peoples demands. So remember the next time you log on and grab the reigns of your digital empire cast off your delusions BE a real Don and show decency, respect and honor to your people. Be ruthless with those infringing on your digital domain, but always remember there is a bigger fish out there and worse real digital gangsters that can make your account do things that would make your mamma blush. Keep it in the game.
Don’t take this game so seriously either. When you do the only thing you will lose is your money trying to keep up with the bigger fish. Be patient, bide your time and one day that fish will be looking the other way and you can have your virtual revenge. Keep it light and simple. Help your friends and don’t be stingy because you think a few pixels are worth a few bucks on the black market. 

For those of you out there that will continue to act as though this game has meaning outside of its confines all I can say is they are not laughing with you…..Keep it real~BB{M}

Playing Catch-up on Mafia Wars

It's amazing how much crap Zynga has thrown at us over the last few days. I can barely keep up with everything they throw at us on a good day! I had a real life situation explode in my lap earlier this week, and haven't been able to pay much attention the past few days, looking at the game now is downright discouraging.

Wednesday we noticed Chicago was added to our travel menu. It's pretty safe to assume now that Chicago is coming soon, very soon, much sooner than the 2 more months we'd be waiting if we were going by their first estimated release date.

Traveling to Chicago will only get you this screen for the moment. Nothing much of interest there. We'll have a bootlegging operation, presumably a property of some sort. And crew - most likely reminiscent of the Brazil crew.

Yesterday we saw the introduction of another new property, the Venetian Condo, which meant, more begging. More link spamming. Fortunately, we are still able to create links for the property parts, saving us quite a bit of hassle and waiting and frustration.

Hey! Where's my Private Zoo? <-- I saw lots of questions like that in the news feed yesterday.

The answer to that question is just below your shown properties. "Select 5 properties that you would like to make active (this will appear on your property list)."

Your first thought is probably that you got Zynga'd, being limited to 5 properties. But look closer and you'll see you can change the selection of which 5 properties are showing. Do all your building, then drop down under the properties, uncheck one that's active, and make your 'hidden' property active.

After doing that, a Save Changes button will appear, and you must click that. Afterward, your 6th constructable property will show up and you can build from it as well.

Then yesterday we got another one of those Collect 7 loot drop events. They tried to make these events too fancy; they were much simpler and less intrusive when we had these types of events two years ago. The limits and disappearing loots from the new style of Collect 7 loot drop events is just annoying. I'd do my best to ignore it but it's in my face every time I go to my Mafia Wars home page.

In fact, the only thing at all noteworthy of the Henchmen Urban Agents event was this tidbit of news that we'll be getting another class of equipment called Henchmen. I'd almost bet money that comes out next week with Chicago.

Prepare yourself for Henchmen, ***coming soon, the newest item category in Mafia Wars!*** Help can be had from the most unlikely people, including the local Cab Driver, Garbage Man or Bartender. Gather these 'Urban Agents' to strengthen your Mafia and ultimately gain the Mastery item, the Cocktail Waitress, if you collect all seven.
Oh boy. Something else to keep up with. :yawn:

Now there's this that several people are noticing. Just what Battle Is On? I honestly don't know, but I'm speculating that this may be about the Family mock wars that Jeff AKA Month has been working on.

And with all of this crap hitting the game, don't you know some stuff got borked? As in, seriously, majorly borked. A bad glitch allowed you to remove members from OTHER Families, and this information was unfortunately published, likely leading to malicious actions on the part of some. The hole was quickly patched, but if you find that your Family is missing members since yesterday and you don't know why, you should definitely contact customer support ASAP.

Also, last night brought yet another nerfing to Power Packs. Now you can no longer use both an energy pack and a power pack. It's one or the other, every 8 hours. But - we again get 125% stamina from the Power Packs, rather than just 50%. I'm really sick of their retarded "experiments".

What morass will today bring? I'm sure Zynga will show us soon.