Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spectacled Bear Bundle $108 11/15

The Spectacled Bear Bundle $108

Get 2 Suri Alpaca, animal [148/220]
2 Bobsledder, vehicle [149/220]
+60 Skill Points
2 Insurance Agent, henchmen [148/220]
one Spectacled Bear, animal [238/228]

2x Global Property Build 6-7 pm Pacific Time 11/17

On The Double 2x Global Property Builds 6-7 pm Pacific Time tonight

Today's Stranger's Swag 11/17

Today's Stranger's Swag is a Baggy Vest

Armor [169/104]
Collect up to 5

Thievery Sale Event 11/17

The Thievery Sale event is much like the Royal Flush Sale Event  or Midsummer Manic Sale Event  with seven deals for seven days. 
28 Items and 28 skill points for 315 Reward Points.
Day 1 deal is a Cracker, weapon [200/140] (also gain one skill point)

Day two is 2 Monotracers T1s, vehicle [200/140] (also gain 2 skill points) 
Day three is 3 Kevlar Vests, armor [140/200] (also gain 3 skill points)
Day four is 4 Keymakers, henchmen [141/201] (also gain 4 skill points)

Day five is 5 Let It Snows, vehicle [140/200] (also gain 5 skill points)
Day six is 6 Coat Check Girls, henchmen [141/201] (also gain 6 skill points)
Day seven is 7 Red Riding Sleds, vehicle [201/141] (also gain 7 skill points)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Coming Soon Update 11/15

The Mafia Wars Event Page Coming Soon added some new images, this mushroom cloud one from 8 hours ago is yet another power up.

This post on the Mafia Wars Fan Page seems to state that the Arena is open. I haven't got it yet. I guess it will open sometime today. We'll see.

This image was posted to the Mafia Wars Fan Page 2 hours ago.

This last banner was added to the event page an hour ago

CityVille2 Cross Promotion 11/15

Lady Cop, henchmen [varies]
In case playing Mafia Wars alone is not making you feel like enough of a click monkey, there is a new cross promotion with Cityville2.

The loot item is decent. The name is right out of the 1970's. I feel like we just got done with the Farmville2 cross promotion, and the cars in Cityville2 are hypnotizing me... 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Coming Soon Event Update 11/13

Earlier Posts on the Coming Soon event page

Last night on the event page Coming Soon... <--link to event page

We are asked to guess the name of yet another Power Up.

The previous images are


There is also a video ( watch video ) on the Mafia Wars Fan page posted November 7th 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hope Amidst a Storm and Marketplace 11/12

Aid-El-Weiss, vehicle [154/210] fund raiser item for Direct Relief International $15.00

Group Sale item, Bomber Toolkit 25 RP

Barbary Lioness Bundle, $108.00 comes with 2x Icelandic Horse, 2x Splurge Sail, 60 Skill Points 2x Polo Player and a Barbary Lioness

Mega Pack, $79.00 comes with a Galah, 3x Three Shogun Crates, a Skuller, 260 Reward Points, 60 Skill Points, 500 Mafia, and 4 punches on your Reward Card

More Collectible Stat Cards

Super Spy Beg and Build Limited Time Event 11/12

This Limited Time Beg and Build event is going to be a lot like  Zombie Outbreak Beg and Build

Collect Supergene and like the last time I suggest collecting a lot of these parts before beginning to build. We cannot collect for 7 days anyway.

How do we get the Supergene

I see a total of 45 per day to collect.

Build Super Spy and/or Waterborne

How many Supergene we will need to build each level item

Parts needed each build

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Coming Soon Event Update 11/11

On November 9th the Mafia Wars Event Coming Soon page updated with this little post:

On Friday a new video was posted on the Mafia Wars Fan Page about the upcoming Arena 
( Remember this  Memento Mori )

And more was posted on the event page covered here Coming soon.. new video and...

Today's new update on the Coming Soon Event page is this:

So, the new game so far is "Guess the name of this power up"

Thank you Veteran's from Mistyfied 11/11

Army, Navy Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and all Reservists, a heart-felt thank you from everyone at Mistyfied!

Stranger's Swag 11/11

Today's Stranger's Swag is an Historian

Henchmen [169/104]