Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Get Two Builds on Global Properties for the price of one 8/3

Get Two Builds on Global Properties for the price of one!

On the Double

I clicked through to see what the deal is for me right now.

Since these items have stat rewards for me, this is an excellent deal. I purchased this for 5 Reward Points, it did *not* count for me towards the Edge Of Triumph Sale Event

Edge of Triumph Sale Event 8/3

Javelin Thrower, henchmen, stats vary

Another Sale event, and I am on a Mafia Wars spending diet. Oh well... let's see what we've got going on.

Okay so I'm all excited and it says "Buy any 25 items*" oh looky an *asterisk*! What's that about?

Scroll your eyes to the bottom to see, just as in previous "sale events" that "any" means "any item costing more than 5 Reward Points" and voila! The payout of a Javelin Thrower is pretty decent if you are willing to dump that much more cash into this game at this time.

I would think that for spending a minimum of 125 Reward Points to get the top item, it would have an equally high defense as it has attack. I guess not? Pffft. No sale here. Even with 50% off Reward Points, I'm on a serious Mafia Wars spending diet this week.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Arc Reactor (facepalm) 8/3

Yet another new limited time property Arc Reactor

More new items to build

Little stat bumps come with these items

If you are a VIP player, like I am, you probably *have* to make it to at least level 13 to be using this equipement.

There will be lots and lots of begging. Again, too many things going on at once in the game causing event fatigue and general burn-out. But don't worry! There *are* things that the Zynga Studio has yet to complete!

We got our Family Boss fight back, though the loot is almost useless, but we still do not have the third Family Property. I'm guessing we never will.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

On Your Mark New Secret District 8/2

Just in time for.... okay a little after the start of the 2012 Olympic games, the new Secret District is open.

On Your Mark

There is, of course, a collection section, which we will want as many 2X LOOT as we can get.

I enjoy this part best because of the stat gains for completing each section.
We will be collecting:
Hammer Throw, weapon [88/136]
Performance Vest, armor [135/84]
Paramdeics Van, vehicle [86/135]
Collect 10 (each) to get +5 attack points
Collect 25 (each) to get +5 defense points
Collect 50 (each) to get +5 skill points

In Free Gifts we will be sending and receiving Juice, item needed for jobs & Boss Fight

As always, at the bottom of the page is the Boss Fight: Defeat Referee Rozario

The Combos for the boss fight are:
Combo 1

Combo 2

Combo 3

Boss Fight Loot  Ear Pierced Bronze

Complete the District, Collection & Boss fight to gain a Throwing Axe

Other loot item dropping

Gold Medalist, henchmen [141/90]

I got this lovely weapon while slaying a Bandit in the Ruby Tier

Tekko, Armor [142/80]

Also for eliminating a bandit

Conjoined Twins, Vehicle [141/81]

Woodlouse, Animal [131/76]

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New VIP Loot Dropping Now 8/1

Lifeguard, henchmen [144/96]

Walrus, animal [143/95]

Turkish Mail, armor [96/143]

Stick Free, vehicle [143/96]

Acid, weapon [144/96]

Paramedic, henchmen [95/144]

Small Foot, vehicle [95/144]

Midget, weapon [95/144]

Row Your Boat, Vehicle [77/130]