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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, February 1, 2013

2x Global Property Builds 6-6:30PM Pacific Time 2/1

2 for the price of 1 Global Property Builds 6-6:30 pm Pacific Time Feb 1st

On The Double, 2x Global Property Builds for the price of one!

OPS MISSION!! yay? (The Italalian Files)

{K}  ..  I'm back after a brief interruption of real life ..YYYAYY MEE!!

With everything else being updated, someone at Zynga finally remembered the operations that we pretended didn't exist simply because the loot was outdated for many.  But yes, with the daily takes and everything else getting better numbers...anyway, I was one that forgot ops existed (blush).

The 2 week mission to complete 15 ops doesn't seem so bad at first.  The easy operations are done fast enough.  Medium operations are a bit longer and they seem to have decent return ratios for experience.

Then there's the hard operations.....yep.....

yep..the hard ones.....

Strongly suggest being careful about joining too many of these at once unless you are a serious stamina monster or E-ho.  (there are a couple more demanding than the shot above, think you get the idea)

Anyway, for each operation you post and complete takes you one step closer to getting the master item "Odd Looking Helmet" (aka Nutshell,  i woke up and first thought it was a skull in my pre-coffee state).

Post and complete just 15 of your operations and you too can have one of these!  :)

And yes, I get the impression that once the operations mission is done..many might once again forget about them for a while..I'm hoping the mission is to introduce the new operations and will be around for a while for the ones that need it.

1) only post the ones with the italian flags

2) depending on your mastery, that is the difficulty of the operation (you can't post 15 easy.
(I tried :p )

3) remove your old operations that do not have an italian flag to avoid possible confusion (guilty (blush))

Maybe with all the recent changes we will get to see Crime Sprees come back too (I still want to see updated numbers for the Laser Squirrel....because it's cute)

As far as the helper rewards, they seem decent enough for many:

2x Global Property Builds 9:15-10am Pacific Time 2/1

2x Global Property Builds 9:15-10 am Pacific Time

On The Double 2x Global Property Builds from 9:15 to 10 am Pacific Time

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Arena Happy Hour #4 1/31

Another Arena Event that I will not be participating in.

"Fight in Arena until 4 PM PST February 1st  without fear of losing respect."

Earlier Arena Related Posts:

Arena Frenzy 50 RP

Arena Happy Hour #3

Classic Crates 1/31

New Classic Crates

One crate for 12 Reward Points, three crates for 35 Reward Points

What's inside:
Common Items:
Netted, armor [150/200]
Old Pearl, weapon [200/151]
Stand-At-Ease, vehicle [150/200]

Uncommon Items:
Movie Star, henchmen [156/215]
First Drive, vehicle [215/156]
Timeless, armor [156/215]

Rare Items:
Shipped Out, vehicle [166/230]
Gypsy Vanner, animal [230/167]

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Arena Frenzy 50 RP temporary boost 1/29

When I was really new to the game I thought that all those boosts for fighting would help me a lot and a player who knew a lot more about the game explained to me that, for a moment, yes they help. She also told me that raising my personal attack and defense, and gaining better loot items would help me more in the long run and for more fights. For those of us who already do not like the Arena, this is just another one of Zynga's offer to liberate you of some cash for no long term gain in-game. If you feel the need to burn up 50 Reward Points, go for it. It says plainly that this is a temporary boost.

Purchase the Arena Power Up Pack for 50 RP and earn a limited time Stat Boost to increase your stats.

The rate at which the Zynga Chimpanzees pour this crap out to us is sometimes astonishing, considering we are still waiting on some items that are "Coming Soon" like the third Family Property...

Another one of Zynga fails and NO SALE!

Monday, January 28, 2013

***UPDATED*** Face It Secret District (Brazil) 1/28

Face It Secret District

Be sure to collect a lot of  2x Boosts and Surgical Gloves, consumables:

Collect these items to get skill points!
Size Zero, weapon [164/113]
Scrubs, armor [114/164]
Topper, vehicle [113/163]

As always, I suggest getting all of these items before moving past the bronze level of completion.

Collect 10 of each item to get 5 attack points
Collect 25 of each item to get 5 defense points
Collect 50 of each item to get 5 skill poins

Clicking the tiny question mark shows us this pop up:

This shows us the loot item for completing the jobs part of this district (Ruby level shown)

Handy,  armor [varies]

The Jobs, there will be bandits

and most likely a secret job hidden in here somewhere:

Down to the Boss Fight:

Clicking the cute little question mark will give us this pop-up:
This is the *only* place where you can post a beg for the Surgical Gloves:

Reward for defeating this boss is a Smooth Finish, weapon [varies]

Let's defeat Nurse Nicolasa with these Boss Fight Combos:

Other Loot Items Dropping

Red-tailed Amazon, animal [172/119]

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Iceboard Event: Family and Global 1/27

A new Icing Event since nothing else is going on?

Two new Loot Items for topping off the boards:

Family Iceboard Leader Reward is a Hexshot, weapon [143/214]
Global Iceboard Leaders Reward is a Hearse Majesty, vehicle [varies]

Global Iceboard

Family Iceboard