Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Get Your Free Admiral 6/9

Mafia Wars is giving all players a new Henchmen Item called Admiral. This item can be found in your Game Requests on Facebook.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Look for your Mafia Wars Requests.

Step 3: If you don't see a request from Mafia Wars click below those few where it says "See requests from others" (may have names).

Step 4: If you clicked to see more requests then use the Find (Control+F) feature in your browser. Find "Free! We're giving you a Admiral to claim what's rightfully yours " with the find feature to find the request faster.

Once you click into the request you will see this as a pop up (Please note you will see all the other pop ups also, so pay attention to which ones you are closing).

Click "Claim Your Reward" and it will show up in your inventory. It does not have any pop ups or anything to say you have claimed it. Just go check your inventory using the Search feature to speed things up. You should see this:

Bandits are from Hell

Let me be real clear about something: I HATE BANDITS.  I absolutely cannot stand them.  Now, I realise they have the capacity to be useful at certain times, and I will mention more about that, but I still hate them.  Some idiot or team of idiots at zynga decided it would be a good idea to give us one more freaking thing to deal with.  I know, the Bandits are not new, so why am I harping on them now?  Because I feel the end of Mafia Wars creeping up, and after trying to play in the newer cities with a couple of my mini accounts, I really experienced how freaking annoying these bandits can be.

I fired up a couple minis earlier, just cuz I was bored and wanted to play London with energy accounts to see how far I could get.  I didn't get far before I had bandit after bandit pop up.  Literally 3 in a row.  After 3 I was out of crew, and seeing as almost all my mafia on this mini account have quit playing mafia wars, I only got ONE click for the crew post.  I had to use other accounts to get more crew, and of course, those were also quickly used up to eliminate even more bandits.  So I gave up and logged out.

Being a veteran player, I have to wonder how these bandits impact the playing experience of young or, if they still happen, NEW accounts.  It must be somewhat challenging for younger, newer, players, or those with small mafias, to get bandits eliminated. I mean, I have gone through 7, 8, even 9 city crew quickly on many occasions. One of my fellow admins pointed out how the bandits can be useful in certain situations, and I know that.  I have utilized the XP bandit on many occasions, but on the whole, I am not sure they are really worth this small and occasional benefit.  Overall I find them annoying, and just one more detriment to the game.  Another contributing factor to the de-evolution of Mafia Wars.

If Mafia Wars is going to be saved, then Zynga has MANY radical changes that need to be made.  In my opinion, one is that zynga needs to eliminate the bandits from the game, completely.  PAC 2.0 needs to be screaming at zynga.  I hope PAC 2 is being rude, and pushy, and demanding, and relentless.

But we all need to step it up.  Customer Service ought to be inundated with constant complaints that zynga is killing the game.  Anytime you contact customer support, tell them how you feel. Ask them to pass it along to their higher ups. I always tell them the truth, that when Mafia Wars is dead, I will never play another Zynga game as long as I live.  They can kiss my ass.

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P.S. Yes, this article was updated - as it was pointed out to me, I was unfair to PAC 2.0, and I have changed the last 2 paragraphs.

Extreme Missions: 6/9

When I logged in this morning one of my Missions was completed  (finally) and this one popped up.

Fresher Blood, but Italy has been closed for months so I clicked out of the page and back to this mission and it was completed. Thanks Zynga. 

Next Mission: Still Waters

Ottoman Cuisse Group Sale Item 6/9

New Group Sale Item
Armor, 141 att/ 93 def

The prices for these items

Stranger's Swag 6/9

Today's Stranger's Swag is an Actress
Henchmen, 79 att/128 def
Post these & collect!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Cornerstone Mission Event 6/8

Event Mastery Loot Item Contractor
Henchmen, 110 Att, 179 Def

Mission #1: Light as a Feather

Dirigible, Vehicle, 142att/90def

Mission #2: Stiff as a Board
This one will take 24 hours (collect from Royal Bank 3x)

When completed we will collect the Duct, Weapon, 87att/141def

Mission #3: Built to Last
Looks like easy breezy

When completed collect a Ballistic Face Shield
Armor, 142 att/87 def

Mission #4: Anybody Home

Leech, Animal, 88 Att/141 Def

(Loot Items repeat after this mission)
Mission #5: Masons Anonymous

Mission #6:  Built to Other Specifications

Mission #7:  Anything that isn't Nailed Down

Mission #8: Burning Bridges

Mission #9: Passing the Test of Time

Thursday, June 7, 2012

New VIP Loot Dropping *NOW* 6/6

June VIP Loot
Gaucho, Henchmen, 91 att/131 def 

Basket Star, Animal, 132 att/90 def

Bionic Mask, Armor, 89 att/133 def

Chrome Teeth, Vehicle, 132 att/92 def

Orchestrangle, Weapon, 132 att/91def

Snakefish, Animal, 93 att/131 def

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pick Your Own Bundle 6/6

Pick Your Own Bundle Deal on now

Click through from the Home Banner or go to Marketplace

Choose your personal Package and get a 20% discount

Different Items have a different price

Land Ahoy Gifting Event 6/6

Collect & Send boosts to complete each collection 

Deck Chair, Wooden Oar, Ship's Wheel

Bronze, Silver & Gold Mastery

Collect these Loot Items
Holidayer (Henchmen)
Lifeboat (vehicle)
Skipper (Henchmen)

Complete all three tiers to get the Grand Prize.
Normally we are able to collect through Gold up to three times on these events.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fight List

These days, with so many quitting Mafia Wars, sometimes it appears that someone is attacking you for no reason, or that they are hitting you too often. Usually the person is playing the game just as you are, clicking on names on the fight list. They do not have anything against the player they are attacking, you’re just a target on the list and nothing more. They keep hitting because, like you, they need their daily ices. This can often take over 100 attacks to get the ice.

Due to the dwindling numbers of players, fight lists are more likely to have the same names on them more often. It’s easy logic when one thinks about it. If there’s only 1,000 playing in a city at a time, then the odds of a player being in the 20 on the fight list are greater than if 5,000 players are playing at that moment. This will not get better with the current rate that players are quitting the game.
Players attacking and being attacked by the same player can lead to conflict. “Why are you attacking me???” Sometimes, there might be a reason you are being attacked. Maybe you have been lucky enough to land on their Rivals list, or they saw that you had attacked or iced them. Perhaps your family is at war with their family. What do you do? Sometimes a friendly message to the attacker will stop the attacks, other times, it might take diplomatic help from your family. If you’re just a name on the fight list, send them a friend request, and get them into your mafia. This will keep you from appearing on their fight list.

If you have been placed on their Rivals list, and they are intent on attacking you, perhaps a common friend might ask them why, and act on your behalf. A lot of times the grudge that keeps you on the Rivals list is not worth a conflict with the common friend to the attacker, and will result in the attacker moving on.

If the attacks are due to your family being in a war with the attacker’s family, then there are 2 things to do… fight hard in the game, and look to your family’s admins to work it out with the other family. Let them know you are taking a beating, as your family members might be able to divert the attacker’s attention by attacking them. Wars can last a couple hours or go a few months. They are also the most exciting parts of the game.
As players have left Mafia Wars, it has become more a game about fighting than completing missions and projects. Names will show up more often on your “Fighters” list, as well as on the “Your Attackers” list. While getting attacked and iced is part of the game, one does want to minimize the attacks that are at them specifically, as opposed to being incidental from showing up on the random fight list.