Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

New London Mission Event 5/10-28

Part 1: Object of the Game

Part 2: Umpires Decision

Part 3: Eye on the Prize 

Part 4: Bent Rules (Big EXP payout, watch for level)
(I was able to buy 2nd war for 3rp)

Part 5: Feed the Craving

Part 6: Full Yet Empty
This can take a day and a half because of the collect from your Olympic Stadium 4 times

Part 7:  Hidden Agenda
Mostly pretty easy and quick, except declare a war 3 times.

Part 8:  Fire in the Belly

Part 9: Put the Kettle On

Part 10: Bring it to a Boil

Part 11:  Lower the Flame

Part 12: Leave to Brew

Part 13: The Table has been Laid

Part 14: Chew Don't Swallow

Mission 15: Tip Over

Mission 16: Pour Out

More to come...


  1. Are they extending the mission for those of us who lost it for days? Thanks.

    1. Be sure to put in an email through the "Support" link in-game. I had a mission go "expired" but I did get credited for it. They "fixed" too much, too fast as always... and hence the kerfuffle.