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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Still Waiting: Family Property #3: Event Fatigue July 4th

"Dear Zynga..." I have written that a number of times to customer service over the past couple of months. In *every* contact I have had with CS I asked about our Third Family Property. I got the same reply every single time. The CS agent has no information regarding that.


Since June 6th we have had more than a dozen different "events" from Land Ahoy, Midsummer Manic, Few and Proud, we have had new Limited Properties, DIY Weapons Lab, Hellish Hydraulics, we have had secret districts,  the Slammer and Lighthouse Lobbying. We have had collection events and Reward Point spend-a-thons. 

Yes, Zynga has had their design team *very* busy creating a bunch of short term events and properties and *sale* events that seemed to need us to spend Reward Points (cash cash cash to Zynga) so that we can get to the next hot loot item. Some of the loot in these "new" *events* isn't even new loot. I honestly don't know how many ways we can communicate to Zynga that we, the players, would like the Third Family Property to open. To me, this simply explains why so many players have left the game. I'm sure even more will leave, as it is becoming a *pay to play* if you want to play at the higher levels, if you want the best loot.

Just my two cents worth

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