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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Oversoul Winds Mission Event 9/10

Another exciting Mission Event

Mission #1:  Song Of Blue

Part 1: Job: "Tell The Editor The Truth" 45 times. London District 3. At Ruby level this job costs 918 Energy for me, so this part is going to take a little while (or we can *always* spend some Reward Points)
Part 2: Ask for 10 Scorps
This posts a beg to the feed. I got mine very quickly
Part 3: Loot 25  British Racing Green from fighting: This was also pretty quick

The Reward for part 1: Yuma Myotis

Animal [177/116]

Mission #2: Into The Night

Part 1: Collect from your Headquarters 3 times , can take 24 hours or spend some Reward Points
Part 2: Help in a war 4 times: help your mafia, can be quick
Part 3: Fight 120 Opponents in London, easy peasy

The Reward for completing this mission: Flexi Knee, Armor [178/117]

Mission #3: Suite Dreams

Part 1: Take out Ten Shadow King
Click the "Go Now" button, it takes you to the fight list where you will see 10 of these guys. 100 stamina per Shadow King

Part 2: Build 2 Vehicles in the Chop Shop, can take 36 hour or spend the RP to hurry it along
Part 3: Get 10 Crew Members:  Mission Crew, send out requests.
The Reward for Completing this mission:

Shackled, Weapon [117/178]

Mission #4:  East Avenue

Part 1: Rob 20 Sports Stadium in London, quick and easy
Part 2: Get Support from your mafia (more mission crew requests to send) easy, maybe not so quick
Part 3: Loot 25 Corroded Combat Knife from Job: "Arrange For Prisoner Transfers" If you click on "Go Now" it will take you directly to District 8 in Brazil. At Ruby level, this job will cost me 729 Energy per job done, so this part may take a while.

Reward for Completing:
(as always, experience gained will vary)

Dall's Porpoise, Animal [116/178]

Mission #5: Hard Line

Part 1: Ice 50 Opponents in London, pretty simple
Part 2: Collect from your Truck Shop 3 times, can take up to 24 hours, or you can spend the RP to be done sooner
Part 3: Get Support From your Mafia, 12 more Mission Crew begging
The Rewards: A Yuma Myotis and a Shackled (repeat loot)

Mission #6: Boogie Back

Part 1: Build 2 Weapons in the Weapons Depot, can take up to 36 hours if you just built, like I did, or you can purchase completion for 8 RP
Part 2: Job: Escape a Police Pursuit, 45 times clicking "Go Now" takes you directly to the job, in District 4 of Brazil. At Ruby level, this job will cost me 621 energy per click, so that's a lot of energy, or purchase completion for 23 RP
Part 3: Clear 10 Robbing Boards, clicking "Go Now" will take you to Robbing in London. Clear those boards or purchase completion for 150 RP
Reward for Completion of this mission is one Flexi-knee and one Dall's Porpoise (experience varies)

Mission #7: The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

Part1: Loot 25 Aristocrat from Jobs: Provide Insider Information on your Gang:, clicking "Go Now" will take you to the job, London, District 3. At Ruby level this job will cost me 972 energy per click. This could take some time.
Part 2: Win 120 fights in London. Pretty easy and quick
Part 3: Ask for 10 Scorps from Mafia, mine was completed when I started, but I assume it would normally post a begging post to my wall.
The Rewards: 1 Shackled and one Flexi Knee (repeat loot) and (experience varies)

Mission #8: Midnight Mirage

Part 1: Loot 35 Jitney from Robbing in Chicago

Part 2:  Win 2 Wars, should be easy and take about 16 hours, unless, of course, you pay the RP to hurry along
Part 3: Rob 45 Barracks in Brazil, lots of stamina, but pretty easy
The Rewards for Completing: 1 Dall's Porpoise and 1 Yuma Myotis (experience will vary)

Mission #9: Silver in the Harbor

Part 1: Declare a War 2 times, eight to 16 hours, easy!
Part 2: Loot 20 Gun Carriage from fights in London , also easy
Part 3: Ice 60 opponents in London, goes well with part 2.
the Reward for completion: a Silverbolt

Silverbolt, Vehicle [209/138]

Mission #10: Blink (Bonus Mission)

Part 1: Win 2 wars, going to take me 16 hours, since I just won a war.
Part 2: Loot 30 Long Shot from robbing in London, easy peasy

Part 3: Win 175  fights in London, this will be much easier than get 60 ices in London!
The Reward for completing:
1 more Silverbolt (experience will vary)

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