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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blame it on the Rain. Raven Help and Combos

The Raven, he is back in all his Milli Vanilli reject glory to haunt your achievements and dangle a pretty decent loot item, which lets face it, this is one of the cooler items with decent stats. We are currently inundated with special events, property builds and missions. Of all of them this one is the one most stamina heavy fighters want to complete, especially if you missed your chance last time around and that grayed out achievement has been haunting your dreams. So I have done some digging with the help of the {M} family of players and we have a few combos and info we would like to share with you. 

I just beat this last night. I was going about my icing of random players and all of sudden this pops up on the fight list.

When I clicked attack it opened up the Boss Fight Module for Raven and the timer had 8 hours counting down. So you have to beat him within the 8 hours after he appears. This gives you a little time to acquire the items needed if you have not already acquired them and will allow you to start amassing Armagrenade.

I didn't count or calculate how many ices it took to make him appear but I can say that I had already done the 150 ices for family progression. According to the Mafia Wars official blog it will take "many" ices because the Raven is stealthy. (With that hairdo and schnoze? Really?) Anyway, it will take quite a few. I did manage to beat him down using only these Combos: 

Here are the items you will need to acquire to help you in beating this Lip-syncing wannabe down stealing his Jacket:

  1. Rain Of Pain, this item drops from Robbing.
  2. Face Chopper, this item drops from Fighting.
  3. Nunchuk Flurry, this item drops from Jobs
  4. Armagrenade, this one is tricky,this one drops only ON ICES and ONLY within the 8 hours after the Raven appears for you.
Now as I said I was able to beat him down using only the yellow combo above, after I exhausted those I used the 50 Rains of Pain I had from robbing and delivered the "Coup de gra".  I did start off with two red combos which are here:

So this shows that he is beatable this time within the allotted time frame if you have a supply of the items you need to do so. At which time you will reach the Achievement for beating him one time, and there are 2 achievements related to this Stealthy Lip-syncing Fruitcake in Shades:

You can try to beat him down 10 times. I am not sure if you are rewarded with 10 hoodies so please add your input!

Good luck to all of you and I hope you find this useful, please feel free to comment and add anything you may have found in regards to this as I do not know if he gets harder after you beat him the first time or if there is a gauge-able way to make him appear.


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