Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Hit-List Mission Event 10/03

Chance to win a Blue Wasp, vehicle [213/142]
We have 15 days 16 hours to complete this event!

Mission #1:  Blow Your Mind

Part One: Ask for 10 Bad Omen from mafia . Posts a beg to your wall so your mafia can click away. Very easy.
Part Two: Build 2 Weapons in the Weapons Depot. Very easy, can take up to 16 hours, or you can buy completion (as usual)
Part Three: Rob 20 Barracks in Brazil. Also very easy.
The Reward! 

Motocross Helmet, armor [122/183]  Experience will vary

Mission #2: Supersonic

Part One: Take out 10 Sam Hadwick. Click "Go Now" to be taken directly to the London fight list where you will see this:
Pretty simple and easy, kill ten of this guy, spend 150 stamina.
Part Two: Collect from your Headquarters 3 times. Easy, but will take a little time, unless you want to spend the RP to complete. Takes up to 24 hours.
Part 3: Clear 5 robbing boards:  Clicking "Go Now" takes you to London to clear the 5 robbing boards, pretty easy!
The Reward for completing is one Chemical Cannon, weapon [183/122] and experience will vary

Mission #3: Drifting Along

Part 1: Loot 20 Bad Omen from Robbing in Chicago. Simple & easy, click "Go Now" travel to Chicago robbing boards and rob away!
Part 2: Job: Meet the Land Mafia to collect your take. Click "Go Now" to be taken to London District 2, "East End Story" and it is the 2nd job down the list. At ruby level this one will cost me 270 energy per click. Easy, but it's going to take some time to do this 35 times.
Part 3: Ask for 12 Bad Omen from Mafia. Easy as it posts a beg for these again.
The Reward for completing this one is a Malayan Porcupine, animal [183/122] ( experience will vary)

Mission #4: Destitute Illusions

Part 1: Get 2 Crew Members. Mission Crew Begging. (Zynga put that there?)
Part 2: Loot 25 Bad Omen from fights in London. Should be very easy.
Part 3: Collect from Truck Shop 3 times. Can take up to 24 hours if you just collected that.
The Reward for this one is an Ornate Wolf, animal [122/183] (experience will vary)

Mission #5: Hard Line

Part 1: Loot 22 Long Shot from job "Pursuade 'The Kid' to throw the Championship fight" Click "Go Now" to be taken to London District one jobs. Ruby level costs 270 energy per job, so this will be pretty easy.
Part 2: Rob 40 times in Brazil. Easy peasy.
Part 3: Help in a war 5 times. Also pretty easy if you can find 5 to get in to!
The Reward: A Motocross Helmet and a Chemical Cannon (repeat loot items/ Experience will vary)

Mission #6: Stillness In Time

Part 1: Clear 5 Robbing boards. Clicking "Go Now" will take you to the Brazil Robbing Board. Pretty easy with a little stamina.
Part 2: Win 2 Wars. This is easy, but will take 8-16 hours to complete (if you have just had a war)
Part 3: Fight 120 Opponents in London.  Easy with some stamina.
The Rewards: One Malayan Porcupine and one Ornate Wolf (experience will vary)

Mission #7: Feels Just Like It Should

 Part 1: Get Support from your Mafia. Send out 20 Mission Crew Requests.
Part 2: Ice 30 Opponents in London. Very easy.
Part 3: Declare a War 2 times. Can take up to 16 hours if you just declared a war.
The Rewards: One Ornate Wolf and One Motocross Helmet (experience will vary)

Mission #8: Time Won't Wait

Part 1: Job, "Collect Income from your establishments" clicking "Go Now"  will take you to Chicago, district 3, The Old Warehouse. Ruby level will cost me 702 energy each click, but this one will be pretty easy.
Part 2:  Acquire 20 Vehicles. This one takes us to the City Store, where we can buy 20 vehicles (Chicago) I bought 20 Decoy Vehicles (cheapest) and that was all that was needed.
Part 3:  Loot 30 Bad Omen from fights in London. Another easy one.
The Reward: One Chemical Cannon and one Malayan Porcupine (experience will vary)

Mission #9: The Final Song

Part 1: Ice 30 Opponents in London. Simple!
Part 2: Loot 25 Bad Omen from Robbing in London. Simple too!
Part 3: Loot 15 Weezle Waster from job "stuff Local Cops Pockets with Greens. Clicking "Go Now" will take you to Chicago District 3, the Old Warehouse. Ruby level this job is 756 Energy per click.
Weezle Waster, weapon [102/67]
The Rewards for completing this mission are

 one Blue Wasp,  vehicle [213/142] (experience will vary)

Mission #10 Cloud Cowboy (Bonus Mission)

Part 1: Win 150 fights in London. Pretty easy.
Part 2: Get 2 Crew members. Two mission crew, very easy.
Part 3: Build 3 vehicles in Chop Shop. Can take up to 3 days if you have already built there today.
The Reward: One Blue Wasp, vehicle [213/142] (experience will vary)

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