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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Collector's Edition Item & Collectible Stat Cards 12/11

Say Cheese, weapon [241/241] from Escapist Collectible Stat Cards

To gain a little perspective on the recent Epic Item Rush and how great are these stats on the Say Cheese in a Collectible stat card item, I looked back at Warpath Collectable Stat Cards Sept 17  the item available there was an Archer, henchmen [230/230]
I suppose if you are really into these cards, and you are getting one item for every, how ever many cards one has to buy to get this item, these numbers are good.  But they're not worth it to me to toss a bunch of cash at. 

Grey Rhea Collector's Edition Item

If you're up to spending 46 Reward Points for *one* animal, you go right on ahead. I'll be back here watching. I'm opting out of spending any more than what I do on VIP, and maybe the 2x Global Property Builds 

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