Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Limited Edition and Group Sale items 1/12

Golden Toad, animal [143/215]

Group Sale Item 25 RP: Preying Mantis, animal [varies]

New Limited Edition Items 35 RP:
Sniff-Sniff, armor [216/144]
Golden Toad, animal [143/215]
SS Strato Killer, vehicle [215/143]
Ninja Berserka, weapon [143/215]

Some new LE Items:
Grenadier, henchmen [214/142]
Black Assault Vest, armor [142/214]
Bahamian Raccoon, animal (not new) [214/141]

If you click here Limited Edition and Group Sale Items 12/31 you will see that a few items have dropped from the Limited Edition List:

Juvenile Hawk, Funky Music, Death By Jazz, Poison Pill Necklace those items are not listed any more. 

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