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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Round and Round new secret district 2/19

Round and Round secret district in London

The small print on the bottom of the banner says "Complete the Ruby Mastery before 3/3/2013 11:59 AM PST and get a chance to reset your progression and master this Secret District again". Cool! I like that!
Even though there is a chance to reset and redo the entire district on this one, I'm going to suggest again to stay in the Bronze level until completing the collections, just to save on the energy expenditure. As in all secret districts now, we have the 2x loot and a consumable, the Punchy, for this one.
I am also pretty sure we will have Bandits and a hidden job or two.

Latched on, weapon [116/167]
Bus Driver, henchmen [117/167]
Cool Down, weapon [167/116]
Collect 10 each for +5 Attack Points.
Collect 25 each for +5 Defense Points.
Collect 50 each for +5 Skill Points.

Clicking on the cute little question mark in the top right corner to get this pop-up. The Loot Item for completing the Jobs portion is the Bustling, vehicle [varies]

The Jobs:
Don't forget to send out those Punchy!
Beware of Bandits!

The Boss Fight: Defeat David Decker

Boss Fight Consumables and Loot Item: Bag-Age, armor [varies]

Boss Fight Combos:

New Loot Items dropping in this district:

Ticket Please, armor [122/175]

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