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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

***UPDATED*** Easter Eggselence Event 3/23

Great Bunny, henchmen [170/238]

This is a collection event.  Clicking the "Ask" button on this banner will post a beg to the feed.

The goal is to fill up this progress bar (holds 150 eggs) on the banner by collecting eggs,  and then "Redeem" to get the next little bunny for the collection.

Easter Egg, event consumable

Where and how to get more eggs:  "You can earn up to 175 Easter Eggs per day from Jobs, Fights, Robbing, Feeds, Gifting and the Arena."
This shows my earliest progression having collected 12 Easter Eggs from jobs.

The Collection: Hoppers Delight

We need to get a Chocolate Bunny, Cotton Bunny, Crystal Bunny, Golden Bunny, Gummy Bunny, Marble Bunny and Paper Bunny to complete this collection. 


Redeem Eggs for awesome loot items:

On the banner (up at the top of this page) is a button that says "Go Redeem". When you click on that, you get this pop-up.  These loot items must be unlocked in order. Collect the 100 Easter Eggs necessary to get the first item, the Eggzecutioner, weapon [209/150] then collect another 125 Easter Eggs to get the Egg Hunter, armor [151/212] then collect another 150 Easter Eggs to get the 3rd item, the Monster Bunny, vehicle [215/152] and then collect 200 Easter Eggs more to get the American Chinchilla, animal [153/219]

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