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Monday, March 11, 2013

Fence Master Event: Even More Mafia Chores! 3/11

Book Keeper, henchmen, Gold level [225/175]
Global Fence Leader Reward

What I think happened: Zynga gave us a little Survey to ask us what we liked in the game the most.

Then Zynga announced: The Daily Fix: More Mafia Chores because apparently our favorite thing we do each day is all the assignments. The daily 150 Ices for Family Progression. The property, job and  helper things we do each day. I thought we had just about the right amount of chores to do. 

So here we are in mid-March with another Mafia Chores Event. Okay let's see what we have.

There are two possible loot items to collect from this event. The first is the Pygmy Raccoon, animal [150/221] for the Family Fence Board Leader

The second item is the Book Keeper, henchmen [225/175] for the Global Fence Leader. 

And here are our newest "tasks" and chores:

I'm not sure if the numbers to the right are a points scale for each task or some other thing, like how many times we should do this task or how many days we have done this task. As usual, Zynga cannot explain anything worth a hill of beans. These numbers (on the right hand column) do not change, so I am assuming they are points this task is worth.

This is what the task board looks like as you get some tasks done:

Many of these tasks do not show any progression, so I do not know how Zynga is deciding whether we did enough of those tasks.
The only one of these tasks that really surprised me was second to last, "Add members to Mafia" because, any Chimpanzee can tell you, Mafia Wars Daily Average Users are down. For this one, you *can* remove a member from your mafia and add them back. 

The Global Fence Master Rankings:

The Family Fence Master Rankings:

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