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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Harmless Spiders? little more to it than that...

It seems that what appears to us as yet another annoying gifting spam event, Zynga defines as a loot drop event, as the items come from jobs and fighting, and not solely from gifting. While the explanation still brought a ::facekeyboard:: moment on my part, it was rather what I suspected. The different format of this event from the normal Collect Three Little Piggies gifting events caused Zynga to not recognize this as a "gifting event".

Irksome. But let me proceed.
They call this a loot drop event??

But this is not an event, this is a royal P.I.T.A. How many times have we complained about getting these annoying pop-ups during fights? How many ices have we lost? I've seen more than a few people complaining about it during the current Battle of the Sexes community mock war. This goes back to the first time we saw this gifting format, back at Valentine's Day. It was a dud then, and it's a dud now. It's not exciting, it's not fun.

These are nothing short of disrupting to game play. I don't care a bit about asking for spiders, of which I'm already getting too many, while in the middle of fighting, most especially during a mock war.

In the background, once we've closed the giant, annoying pop-up that we've found another frikken spider, is yet another notification of it. Of course, that doesn't mean you got two spiders, Zynga was just making sure you got the first message.

In reality, if the image immediately above were the only notification I received of a spider or special item dropping, that's fine, that's perfectly adequate, and does not interrupt game play.Be it from fighting or jobbing, how's about just a regular loot drop notification like the above image shows? I wonder how much that would lesson my level of annoyance with some of these events.

1 comment:

  1. So Zynga is nit-picking semantics: "gifting" vs "loot drop"...jeebus chris! an event is an event, overlapping one after another, non-stop. that is the whole point of the people's complaints. why are they being so thick?