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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A look back at Lucky Stash slot machine wins

Today, I was really surprised when I won a whopping 5 RPs from the Lucky Stash slot machine. It used to be, you won fairly regularly. Winning a larger amount of RPs wasn't exactly a common occurrence, but it happened often enough that I played the Bet 3 option frequently, and even bought RPs specifically to bet on the Lucky Stash once or twice. 

These days, I rarely remember to even look at the Lucky Stash to use that measly free spin daily; it's an afterthought when I do think of it. For a few months now, it's quite uncommon to win even ONE reward point, so I was surprised to land this 5 RP win today.

When I looked through my game screen shots, it was pretty obvious that mid-August through mid-October were the heyday of the Lucky Stash.

Back on August 24, I landed this win of 240 RPs.

On September 24, I made my biggest win ever, 600 RPs.

On September 26th, one of our admins won a cool 450.

And I got this win of 240 on October 15th.

After the October 15th win, there's no mention of any big wins....until this one on January 2nd. One of my comments on in the photo caption was: A measly 5 RPs, and this is the first I've won in at least a couple of months. 

Really, at this point, it seems rather a useless feature, a space-filler that Zynga thinks is pretty apparently. But who really gives a flip about it anymore? It used to be a nice feature in the game, now it's just a waste of time. Who knows, maybe they were concerned about people with gambling problems, but I doubt that. More likely, they just didn't like the fact that players were winning and actually gaining benefit from a game feature, never mind the fact that they were making money off of it.

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