Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Picture 060 Timothy Payne                                Owner/Author Of Mafia Spirit Blog  GreenSpotlight2



I Would Like To Thank Misty For Inviting Me As A Guest Writer. It Is A Great Honor To Write This Post For Mistyfied Mafia Wars.

Green Arrow FB MAFIA WARS ADDON Multi-Gifter

With the decline in the number of daily users it is becoming more important for the veteran players of Mafia Wars to help our newer and lower level brethren. The players who are just beginning to play the game are playing the game from scratch, just as we once did. These players need our assistance to help them grow and become stronger players. One way that we can help these new players advance in the game is the FB Mafia Wars Addon’s multi-gifter.


If you use the Chrome browser and need to install the addon then follow this link FB Mafia Wars Addon. You may also need to install MWAddon Chromium Extended v1.0.6 for all the features in the addon to work properly.


If you use the Firefox browser you likely will need to install Greasemonkey before you can install the addon.


If you have the FB Mafia Wars Addon already installed then you should be familiar with the ‘green arrow’ and the slide out list of features. .

Multi gifter Just hover your cursor over the ‘Multi-Gifter’ link and click to open the Multi-Gifter page.

Multi gifter 2

*note: You can only send up to 10,000 gifts per day

You now have several options that depend upon what you wish to send to your friends. On the left side you have 2 drop down menus. The top drop down menu allows you to choose from Collection, Loot, Boosts, Favorite, and to search for an item. Just note that for items to show in any list they do need to be in your inventory and the item ‘must’ be giftable.

Multi gifter 3 Collection I chose the collection option from the list on the left and now have 2 more drop down menus located on the right. I can choose from the location of the collection or I can choose a collection by name of the collection.

Multi gifter 4 Collection Multi gifter 5 Collection

Since it’s Valentine’s Day (Old collection) I chose special and Valentine’s Day from the 2 drop down boxes on the right. As you can see the items I have in my inventory for this collection are now populating the left column.

Multi gifter 6 CollectionSimply click on the name of the item in the left column you wish to gift to your friend and it now appears in the right column. 

Multi gifter 7 Collection

The second drop down menu (in the left column) allows you to find the friend you wish to send the giftable items to. The default is set to All MW Friends and is in alphabetical order. You can search for specific friends if you know their name. In the example above I searched for our dear friend Magnolia and clicked on the check box which now adds our friends name to the right column.


In the bottom row (the green numbered buttons, etc) we select how many of the item we wish to send.

Multi gifter 8 Collection Our friend is now loaded in the send queue and all we need to do is click the yellow ‘START’ button and our gift is on it’s way.

Multi gifter 9 CollectionYou will be informed that your gift has been sent. You can publish that you sent a gift to facebook or you can click the yellow ‘FINISH’ button and you are done.


Sending loot and boosts work very similarly in the FB Mafia Wars Addon multi-gifter. Explore the tools features and have fun and help out your friends.


  1. Great post, thank you Timothy!

  2. Great post Tim,Very understandable, Well done

  3. You're very welcome. It's all about the game and helping those who struggle. We want to keep all who play and make everyone's experience as good as possible.