Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

MAFIA WARS Love Kills Slowly mock war

 Mafia Wars players, heads up, there's a mock war going on over at the Love Kills Slowly Mock War page! AND, it's for a good cause. Head over to their page and check out the action, and read how you can help their cause for the Westview Boys Home. There's a $50 Mafia Wars gift card up for grabs, and also some Mafia Wars swag.
Massive Mafia Wars Mock War Charity Event - Feb 12th - Feb 14th Rain or Shine! Check out info for setting up toolbar for scoring!!

You don't want to miss this!

Save the date: Feb 12th - Feb 14th Rain or Shine!

The Love Kills Slowly Mafia Wars Mock War is a charity event to benefit Westview Boys Home in Hollis,OK. The event will take place Feb 12th – 14th on the event page on Facebook. The Mock War is free for anyone to play, however in order to be eligible to win prizes including a $50 Mafia Wars Gift Card, exclusive Mafia Wars Swag (Cigarette Case, Playing Cards, Poster, T-Shirt) or in-game loot items such as PFR, RGB, Weapon parts you need to make a small donation of $20. If you aren’t currently an UnlockedMW member, this donation also gets you a free 2 week trial to UnlockedMW so that you will be able to use UnlockedMW for the Event! The donations page is UP!!!

Wall Photos
How to play in the mock war....just set the Mock War Scoring app to auto run... and reload Mafia Wars. Important Links to here, your targets, and the donation page will be displayed on the scoring pane.
By: Love Kills Slowly Mock War

Come join our Skype Room for banter and fun during the war!

to setup the BUCKET MWLIST
you have the scoring thing loaded

if so click targets

in the link on the new page copy whats after the =

then goto the home in MW click the devil it will popup

then paste that in the hopper

hit start

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