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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


{K} ..Once again fb is changing things on the masses and ignoring the masses.  Slowly but surely, families and clans are losing their traditional fight page to the timeline disease.  With this disease, comes the death of our beloved fight pages that we defended so dearly.

With fb profiles going to the new time lines..some genius decided that pages should have this too.  With the scattered posts and the "makes no sense order" of timeline, clans and families are killing their pages en masse.  (after seeing some fight pages infected with timeline...putting the page out of it's misery is appropriate)

An infected page is a heart breaking sight to see :(

The Solution:

Clans are shifting to "open group" formats that closely resemble the traditional fight pages we are used to.  By going through the list of people that "liked" the old page, and adding them to the "new fight page" (which is actually a group), people are being transfered over in record numbers!  It's happening fast enough that fb servers sometimes have a hard time keeping up with it all and bog down!  (fb asked for it :p ).

Group page resembles the traditional fight page nicely :)

********THE PROBLEM ******** 

The problem we are going to have to get used to is email notifications for EVERYTHING in the new group. For every post, like, comment etc!  This is not an issue if you catch it right away, or managed to find the setting to turn off email notifications in all groups.  The problem is the ones that haven't turned them off, and don't catch the add right away! (being a smartass i started a thread on one groups new page that is nearing 200 comments at time of posting..sorry Ken O:)  lol )

So you can see how this can and might clog email servers everywhere (hehehe..wtg fb!)

Things to remember:
2) When added to a new fight page ..ALWAYS check the settings  (fb has a way of screwing those up to it seams)
3) Remind people to check their notifications (just courtesy).
4) Thank the group for the add..usually the add is because someone recognized you.
5) DON'T BITCH ABOUT BEING ADDED!!...the people trying to survive this timeline plague ARE NOT MIND READERS!  Simply removing yourself will suffice and has much more class with that approach.


Yes, there probably are some in the group format..... (i'm thinking.......)

1)  Comments on capo posts bump the post to the top, so evereyone can see that you read your own fight wall. :)

2) During FFA's (free for alls), mock wars etc,  the ice posts etc that people are commenting on get bumped up...this should make the wall banter more fun as it doesn't get lost in the ice posts that many of us just guess is we'll meet more great people and make a few new friends this way.

3) There might be more advantages..but right now..i got nuthin :(

So during the migration, have fun, meet new people (and ice them), and remember, eventually all the pages are going to be infected, so we're all going to struggle with this one.  :(

Happy hunting everyone :)


  1. Good article Keith ;o]Valle

  2. Awesome awesome awesome article Keith!!!

  3. What only 200...SLACKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

  4. I disagree with thanking. I should be asked personally before someone adds me to a group with out permission. Like you said, how else will I know about it in time to turn off the email settings. It's just plain rude and I will remove all from my mafia who so this.

  5. One other can now have a super cool picture that takes up the whole top of your war wall. I guess that is better than the old avatar in the left hand corner.

  6. Nice work Keith, excellent article! Thank you!!