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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March Madness...???

I think most of us are familiar with the phrase "event fatigue", right? Well I am going to try and coin a new phrase: "Discount Fatigue". Right now there is ANOTHER huge sale in the marketplace. Reward points are 50% off, and game cards are 50% off at redemption, buy 15 items and get an awesome item, blah, blah, blah - you know the drill. The appropriately named "March Madness" sale is here. From the banner:

March Madness! Make the most of this crazy offer to win a Mad Hatter or "it's off with your head". The event ends on April 2nd at 11:59PM PST.

As a moderate spender I am starting to get tired of these sales. I can't keep up. Is there going to be a huge fire sale every got-dang time something newsworthy is going on in the real world? Can we expect one for Easter? How about the beginning of the Major League Baseball Season? My best friend's second cousin is having a baby, should zynga throw a fire sale? I mean HOLY HELL, slow the crap down!!! But then of course, why should they? I guess this is when us reward point buyers go nuts - the problem is, it really is "madness" to keep doing it every other freaking week. I can afford it, but they question is: should I? How smart is it to throw tons of money at a potentially sinking ship? Making beds in a burning house?

Don't get me wrong - I still hold to my opinion that there is nothing wrong with me or you or anyone spending a little money on Mafia Wars. It's like buying yourself and a date dinner and tickets to a movie every now and then. But these constant blow out sales are losing there meaning. It's hyper-saturation. When I wake up in the morning, see a new fire sale and nervously say to myself: "damn it I gotta go get more game cards after work", it makes one reflect on such a state of mind. - {ℳ} ßrµ†µ§

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